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A spoon is an essential kitchen tool used while cooking, serving, and eating food. Many different kinds of spoons are available at Ellementry to serve food, salads or desserts. Although the typical household may not differentiate between each one of them, they boast different functionalities in restaurants all over the world. Knowing this variation between other utensils and their specific functions can prevent you from embarrassment when presented with such a wide array of choices. Tablespoons or serving spoons, in particular, have many different uses at the dining table. There are even different designs of spoons for both salt and sugar.



Types of serving spoons



    • Tablespoon



A tablespoon is a widely used category of the spoon which works quite well in cooking, serving meals and taking medicinal preparations. Oval or rounded tablespoons have larger scoops as well as scope. It is similar to an ordinary serving spoon having a long handle with a comfortable grip, made especially for serving meals over a distance. Tablespoons may come with a decorative or temperature-proof handle. Since they are mainly used for serving, there are only a couple of tablespoons for an entire set of cutlery. They also boast a unique history. Before the 1700s, Europeans traditionally purchased and brought their utensils to the dining table. They used to carry them around in a similar way as we carry the smartphones in our pockets these days. The quality of the spoon depicted a person's wealth as well as social standing. From here, the famous phrase "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" came into existence.




    • Common serving spoon



The standard serving spoon is ideal for serving fruits, salads and other supplies found at the dining table. It is deep and round-shaped to quickly take up the food with a long handle for easy serving across small distances. Serving sets at Ellementry are available in metal or silver and are easy to serve food across the table.




    • Salt Spoon


It is a miniature spoon with a short handle and an oval-shaped bowl. It is usually paired with a salt cellar at the dining table. The salt spoon is precisely used to sprinkle a little amount of salt onto the food without coming into contact with it.



    • Sugar spoon


The sugar spoon has a slightly larger dimension in comparison to the salt spoon with a small handle, and a bowl-shaped design moulded like a seashell. A sugar bowl often accompanies the sugar spoon. It is mainly used for scooping sugar into the drinks and desserts without coming in contact with the food.



    • Dessert spoons


When you want to save the best for the dessert, Ellementry is the best choice. It offers dessert spoons having a shiny and smooth touch. This gives dessert eating a good experience.



    • Ice Cream spoons



The ice cream spoons at Ellementry are the best and can be used to serve all kinds of sweets. Masai Brass Ice cream spoon set of 4 will decorate your dinner table.




    • Salad spoon



As the name implies, the salad spoons are suitable for salads and the In teak salad spoon from Ellementry is a hit due to its handy shape and size.

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Importance of measurement in cooking


Serving Spoon


A tablespoon can specifically hold up to three teaspoons and is perfect for dishing out food items at the dining table in a hassle-free manner. Originally, tablespoons had only soup eating and dessert applications, but now, they have also fallen to the wayside of mouth-sized spoons. Tablespoons and teaspoons have quite similar-sounding names. But mixing them up while cooking could be troublesome.


If you are planning to bake a cake, having precise measuring tools will be just as crucial for you as having bakeware or a recipe. While many people consider baking to be a creative skill, it would be just perfect to name it an edible form of chemical science. It would be best if you were careful with the measurement of ingredients and hence the Copper metal measuring spoons from Ellementry need to be used. These enamel-based spoons give precise measurements while baking and since they are made of stainless steel, easy to maintain.

Conversions between Measurements


- 3 Teaspoons

- 1 Tablespoon

- 16 Tablespoons

- 1 cup

- 4 cups

- 1 quart

- 4 quarts

- 1 gallon



    • Liquid measure



The liquid is measured as a unit of volume. A metric tablespoon is precisely equal to 15 mL.




    • Dry Measure



For dry ingredients, if a recipe requires a level tablespoon, it is measured by filling the tablespoon and scraping the level. On the other hand, a heaped or rounded spoonful will not be levelled off, and there will be a heap above the spoon. The exact amount of heaped tablespoon depends on the shape as well as the physical properties of the ingredient being measured. If the recipe does not specify rounded or level tablespoons, then a level tablespoon is generally used.


In cooking, tablespoons and teaspoons are some of the frequently used measurement units. You will find them in almost all recipes, regardless of how they are made and where they come from. They are employed in both metric as well as imperial systems.


If you are learning how to cook or have the passion for enhancing your culinary skills, then knowing the above-listed conversions between the necessary measurements would be very useful. It will save you valuable time and make the entire process of doubling or halving any recipe much easier. Knowing the difference between tablespoon and teaspoon will help your journey towards attaining the utmost satisfaction in cooking and becoming a skilful home chef. Antique designs of tablespoons can be a beautiful addition to any formal or casual table setting.

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Whether you will be using the tablespoons for a casual dinner, formal dinner party or an afternoon tea party, there are innumerable varieties of designs available in the market. Some decorative table spoon designs will be ideal for a more simple setting. The unique and formal antique designs have an eye-catching ornate handle. While setting the table for multiple courses of meals, you need to set the tablespoons above the plate with the dessert fork, just parallel to the table's edge and the handles pointing towards the hands to pick them up. Choose the range of spoons from Ellementry to give you an ultimate cooking and dining experience.


There are no right or wrong choices when you are choosing decorative tablespoons. All decorative tablespoons come with their specific unique beauty. For those who desire to own the best of both formal as well as casual, buying two or more tablespoons will be the best option. For the dear ones in your life who have the firm belief that enjoyment of life coincides with savouring great meals and sharing a passion for cooking, these decorative tablespoons will prove to be the perfect gift.

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