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Whether you are planning to host an important dinner party or just trying to revamp your dining table setting, a napkin is an essential element of a table set up. Whether you are trying to impress your in-laws or make an impression on your boss, whether it’s a buffet brunch or a casual lunch with your friends, a detail as small as a napkin for dining table can do wonders.

We all know, half of the fun of being a host to a lunch or dinner party or any get together is decoration. Being a host, you have the privilege to pick the colour and theme of the setting and enjoy experimenting with décor and table settings. You can play with ideas and napkins for the dining table, it can be an easy way to bring a spark to an otherwise boring table setting. You must check out napkins for the dining table on Ellementry.

Why must you use a napkin?

A napkin can bring colour to your table, can be used to place menus and place cards besides having the basic use of taking care of spills. Napkins come in various forms and sizes. The material may also vary. Something as simple and elegant as these natural fringe cotton napkins from Ellementry can be versatile and used for a myriad of themes.

One quick and easy way to use napkins to enhance your table set up is to arrange napkins in elegant folds.  While these folds may look beautiful and complicated, do not let that intimidate you. Folding a napkin for the dining table in creative ways is easier than you think. Make sure your napkins are well starched, ironed and have a crisp and clean finish to them. This is important so that your napkin stays upright and holds its shape. Here are some easy napkin folds to start with:

  1.     Folded flat

This is one of the most commonly used as well as easy fold to get you started. Fold the napkin in half lengthwise and fold in half again to get an even square. Now place the square in the centre of the plate. To make it look a little more elegant, fold the same in 1/4th to give it a diamond shape. You can also choose to fold and arrange napkin in a rectangle shape.

  1.     Rolled with flatware

Another simple yet stylish way to use a napkin, this is often used when you are serving a buffet. Fold the napkin in half and place your cutlery on top near the right corner. Now roll the napkin along with the cutlery towards the left until the cutlery is completely packed in the napkin. Tie a ribbon in contrasting colours or stick a small bow to give the look of a decorative pouch.

  1.     Use napkin rings

Napkin rings beside giving a sophisticated look, also help in personalizing the napkins to be identified by the guest for use between several meals. These are however simply an extra piece of decoration today in casual table settings, often in celebrations. To use the same, fold your napkin in a square and pass through the ring. You can alternatively also roll the napkin in a rectangle or cylindrical shape and slip through the ring. Set the ring in the centre of the plate. You can buy these napkin rings on Ellementry.

  1.     Rose fold

Planning a date night with your beloved? Why not give your table a touch of romance with this beautiful rose fold and woo your partner? Take a red napkin and fold it into a long and thin roll. Now hold the left side corner to make a right angle and begin twisting the cloth into a rose. Flip the napkin over and tuck the loose ends on the back. Place the rose in the centre of the plate. 

  1.     Watermelon fold

Quick to make and fun to look at, this is an ideal way to arrange napkin for the summer brunch or a picnic theme. Red and green coloured disposable napkins are an ideal option here. Simply layer the red over the green napkin and fold them into a triangle shape. Use a black marker to draw little seeds and that’s it! Isn’t it so easy? 

  1.     Bow tie fold

Bow ties and cute and fun. There is hardly anyone who is not fond of bow ties. They introduce playfulness to the table setting and ideal for any theme. These are also a good option to use in a baby boy’s birthday party or a little man theme shower. To make this fold, spread the napkin on a flat surface. Fold opposite ends so they meet right at the centre. Fold the same again horizontally to form a ribbon-like shape. Now fold the short ends again to meet at the centre. Tie up the middle with a matching ribbon and stick it at the back. Voila, you are done! 

  1.     Angled Pocket napkin fold

Now, this is an easy peasy fold even if you haven’t folded a napkin ever in your life. Begin with a square napkin and make a three-way fold to create an angled pocket. Tuck in a sprig of thyme, your printed menu, cutlery or a welcome note!

  1.     Wrapped fold

This is another simple and elegant fold to try. Fold your napkin in thirds and wrap it around your dinner plate. Tuck the corners underneath and you are done. Put a sprig of dried herb or some artificial greens to make it more lively.

  1. Easter bunny napkin fold

While some magicians pull out rabbits from hats, others take them out from the linen closet. Whip up some magic and bring some Easter joy to your dining table. Fold your napkin into one third. Fold the lower corner to meet at the centre. This will create a paper plane shape. Now flip the napkin over ensuring the seams are facing the table. Now fold the edges in the centre. Keep a decorative egg on a pointed tip, tie a ribbon around the edges and enjoy the appreciation!

To sum it up

Now that you know about these folds, don’t you think they are easy and fun to try? What more napkin folds do you know of? How many of these have you tried? Do comment below and let us know! You must visit Ellementry to buy some of the coolest napkins for your table.

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