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Home Decor in recent years has become a great deal in our lives. Gone are the times when home decor was only about filling our houses with furniture. Nowadays, we tend to focus on things that go with the wall paintings, curtains that are complimenting the furniture and wall. Kitchen, though at times we ignore, is a major part of home decor. The cabinets along with other fittings hold importance. While we are talking about the kitchen,  how can we not talk about our favorite-Tea sets? Tea sets are of great interest to every tea lover. Holding a new cup of tea is bliss and surely enhances the taste. There are so many varieties of tea sets available in the market. No doubt ceramic or glass tea sets are aesthetically very beautiful. These types never go out of fashion and thus remains a classic. If you don't have one such set already do give Ellementry a look. They have a lot to offer when it comes to kitchen decor and special teacups and kettles made of ceramic or glass. Now one thing we must not avoid is the proper cleaning of ceramic and glass tea sets. Even the idea of a dirty or damaged tea set makes tea lovers cringe. Their durable nature depends largely on proper cleaning. Who would anyway want to do away with the hygiene of utensils we serve our beverages in? You don't want to embarrass yourself in front of friends and relatives by serving them in stinky tea sets. Kitchen hygiene is very important and cleaning them with water might not be enough. Ceramic and glass tea sets demand deep cleaning every once in a while. Buy some beautiful ceramic and glass tea sets and keep them in good condition with proper cleaning to enhance your kitchen game.

Now that we have dragged your focus here's a guide on how to clean ceramic or glass tea sets. Don't you want to show off those pretty tea sets in front of your friends? Don’t you worry! With very few steps you can keep your tea set safe. The process includes before, while and after using tea sets. Hold on for a minute before we look at steps to avoid any damage to tea sets.

Have a look at Grey metal tea set by Ellementry.

This particular set acts as an all-rounder in your kitchen. It works perfectly for different occasions because of the subtle color and appearance. Serve tea to your guests at small house gatherings or mark a statement in front of your colleagues at a formal meeting. This product also serves the purpose of utility gifts to your friends and relatives. This is a great saver when it comes to formal gatherings too. Impress your head by giving them this compact tea set.

  1. Clean hand- The first thing you should make sure of is to not place dirty hands on the tea set. Touching tea sets with dirty hands would leave dabbing prints on the set and looks very tacky after drying up. Secondly, avoid wearing any jewellery like bangles or rings as they might place a scratch mark on the tea set and these scratches are permanent damage. We are sure, you do not want to damage your favorite tea set because of a minor negligence. Also, keep in mind to handle the tea set with utmost delicacy and do not let it slip away. It involves basic cleaning tips but just to remind you to make sure to hold the tea set with both hands and not use soapy hands.
  2. Cleaning product- Cleaning ceramic or glass tea set with normal tap water might not be enough. These tea sets are very delicate and are embodied with beautiful colors and designs. So, the idea is to pour lukewarm water into a bowl with light soap. Now rinse your tea set nicely into the mixture and rub it gently with your hands and wash them off with normal water. Don't use harsh soap or rubbing pads as they would rub off the color and shine. Try using cup cleaning soft pads or brushes with bristles for better cleaning experience. This simple technique protects your tea set from permanent marks and smell. It also prevents colors from fading off early.
  3. Storage of tea sets- Now that you are done with the cleaning part let's talk about storing the ceramic and glass tea set. Before putting the tea set back in the cabinet make sure to dry them off nicely. Keeping tea sets in open areas is a big NO. What is the whole point of cleaning with so much care when you are going to keep it in an open area which is prone to dust? Try to store the tea set in a closed cabinet or a kitchen trolley with covers. This not only protects the tea set from dust but also the possibility of falling and breaking. Keep the area dry as the wet area might leave patches on these.
  4. Usage care- How basic this might sound we at times ignore the ground rules of using ceramic or glass tea sets. There are a few sub-points to this aspect.

* Don't put the tea set in direct contact with heat as it is very harmful and might break instantly causing damage to the tea set and the person using it.

* Secondly, use a kettle to pour tea into the cup to minimize the heat pressure.

* Next habit we need to follow is using coasters and tray for simple hygiene.

* Don't put too much pressure on the handle of your delicate tea sets to avoid breakage.

How to remove stubborn stains from your tea set?

In case you are struggling with removing the stain of hand patches or dried beverages, we have a small home remedy that will help you get back the beauty of your tea set. The ingredients that you will need is a teaspoon of baking soda and lukewarm water. Make a mixture of the ingredients(choose the consistency suiting your need) and put it on the stained area and gently scrub with a soft pad and leave it for 2-3mins and rinse with water. Pat dry the tea set and set it aside till the water dries off completely before putting it in the cabinet. However, there might not be a solution for removing permanent stains like age-old tea spots or scratches placed during the wash.

Keep these little tricks in mind and take care of your pretty tea sets. Visit Ellementry today to buy home items.

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