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Serving salad requires precision because the soft berries or peas in the mixture could burst while transferring the salad from the bowl. To avoid the splashing and mixing of liquid from the fruits and vegetables, you need the right tools to help you with the servings. So, which equipment can come to your rescue?


Unless you're a professional, who has mastered the technique of lifting salads using the traditional spoon and forks, you are like the majority of us. We struggle to serve salad without messing it up or spilling the juices all over the table. Salad sets were created just to help people like us.


There are multiple ways to use a salad set. You can use it like the professionals at high-end restaurants or by holding the spoon and fork in a convenient position. There are no rules. It's only a matter of your convenience.

However, if you use the salad set in haste, you might miss out on the product's comfort and utility. The serving forks in the salad sets are designed keeping different salad recipes in mind. Use them right. It will help you to serve the salad smartly.



What does a salad set comprise?


It consists of a pair of serving utensils. They form the 'flatware.' Just as the name says, flatware consists of relatively flat items. They come in the family of crockeries like saucers, spoons, and forks. As you see in the sections below, salad sets are made of materials that are easy to use and wash. The varying designs of the forks help in ease of transfer of vegetables from the bowl to your plate.

One serving spoon and a serving fork make a complete salad set. Whether you use it with your regular utensils or a unique salad bowl, the choice is yours. These serving flatware products are manufactured with the intent of lifting three spoons of salad from the bowl. All you need to do is lift and serve. That's how easy your job is.

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Salad set by Ellementry


Ellementry manufactures flatware that holds your salad without dropping any bit. The manufacturing units guarantee the production of the top sellers with their expert artisans who value tradition and art. When you hold these salad sets, you hold a product that took months to prepare. This meticulous preparation included designing these sets and concluded with their final packaging. Naturally, they carry the aura of a rich Indian history that used different materials to create flatware that would last for decades and more.


While displaying the company's core values and beliefs, these salad sets are the perfect addition to your table, right next to the salad bowl. From sturdy fabricated metal spoons to fitting fork designs, Ellementry has them all for the different recipes. However, be cautious while storing and using flatware. To ensure its longevity and to maintain its shine, take care of the steps mentioned in the list below. They are not just steps, but a routine that your salad sets must follow.



How to correctly use a salad set?


At Ellementry, we value the techniques to handle our utensils like a professional. When you know how to use them, you can spread the knowledge to the people around you. You could show off your expertise. Nothing then stops you from being the star at the dinner. So brace yourself for a learning adventure and buckle your mind to focus, as you begin this journey of learning and growth.

Correctly using salad set



    • Before first use: The right way to use your salad set is to wash them before the first use. Use a mild detergent and water to clean the dust off the flatware. Double-check that the detergent does not have lemon or any similar strong acid as it can change the colour of your utensil. Towel dry the washed utensils and keep them in cabinets. Keeping them in sunlight reduces the life of your salad set.


    • The right way to use it: Position the serving spoon and fork from your salad set between your thumb and middle finger. Use a firm grip, clamp them together over a considerable section of your salad and release it over your plate. When you've taken the desired portion of the salad on your plate, keep the salad set on the serving rest. Instead of leaving the serving spoon and fork over the salad bowl, it is wiser to keep them near the bowl, when not in use.


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Different types of forks are used for varying purposes



    • The fork in this salad isn't like the usual forks, as you might have noticed. The right name for these forks in today's world is 'sporks' because they look like the combination of spoon and fork. To use them, hold the spork in between the little pieces of broccoli or berries in your salad and carefully drop them over your plate. The spoon in the salad set helps collect the salad that couldn't be held with the spork.


    • The idea behind these sporks is the convenience of holding fruit-shaped cuts of the vegetables in the salad, as shown in the image. Without letting the pieces fall, the spork holds multiple avocados and slices of any fruit over your salad.


    • The colour of these forks is the main highlight. The beaded separator that connects the handle of the serving spoon and fork adds a new dimension to your tableware. Apart from that, it's useful in holding any type of salads, including the ones that have quinoa and zucchini in them. This makes them an all-rounder on every dining table.



Combine salad set with salad bowl: You can either choose to mix and match the colour of your bowl with the salad sets or, if you're bold enough, contrast the gold-finished salad sets with wooden salad bowls. No matter the combination, it will look perfect with any salad bowl be it transparent or colour coated.




    • To wash it: The mirror finish shine of the salad set can be maintained for years if you wash it using the right detergent. The detergent shouldn't be strong or very mild. Many recipes of salads have dressings that are made using oils. If you use a detergent that's too mild, it won't remove the oil. Bacteria may thrive on such oil and reduce the life of the flatware. Hygiene poses another problem. So, use a detergent that has a minimal acid and wash the salad set with lukewarm water. Towel dry or leave it under sunlight to dry before the next use.


    • When you store them: A couple of tips in terms of storing the salad sets are mentioned in the list below:


Keep them in a cold and dry atmosphere that is free from dust.

You can either store them inside the cabinet or over an open shelf. Just make sure that it is dusted every second day, when not in use.


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