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Have you been longing for a nice looking garden for a very long time but failed to plan the garden decor properly? Here we are. We will provide you with some awesome plans to spice up your outdoor decor instantly. Garden is an area inside your home where you can have a refreshing feeling whenever you sit. It is also a place where you can organize small get together for your guests. That is why some people really want to have a garden and design it in a unique way. Garden decor can give people the utmost pleasure in between monotonous life. Here we are giving you some unique way possible to decorate your garden as per your desire so that the outdoor decor can be spectacular in nature and the place becomes bliss.  

  1. Give a desirable shape

Shape: Oval, Triangle, Round or Oblong

Choose your shape wisely. A garden may not be of rectangular shape and you can go with the shape of your choice like oval, round, triangle, etc. Even oblong shapes are there in the trend and are quite popular because of their abstractness. But you should define it well to make your garden decor much more desirable. And this way you can have a clear vast area in front of your eyes where you can start your gardening or get together. 

  1. Do not expand the flowerbeds

Flowerbeds: Different colours and 1 metre only

After choosing the shape, the next thing to do is to keep a border. But a mere brick structure cannot be an ideal border of a garden. Instead, choose some cute flower beds which will look nice as well as making the border of your garden more prominent. An ideal border can be of around 1 meter or so and you should not expand it beyond that. You can use flower beds of a different colour to add variation. It will give a bit quirky look and your guests will feel the freshness. 

  1. Colouring is the key

Colours: Grey, white, black and silver

You have to choose the colour and the tone of the pavement for outdoor decor very carefully. It can change the whole game of garden décor. If you are fond of French design idea then you can always choose a white or grey coloured stone pattern to design the pavement. Or if you want to have a minimalistic design in your garden, then you can choose silver or black paving stones too. So always try to choose the colour according to your interest and desire for your garden decor. Always ask yourself what kind of vibe you want to create for your get together and change colour as per that. 

  1. Match the stone with flowers

Match: Colour matching with flowers

When you choose your paving stone colour, you should always keep in mind the type of flowers you have. It is a very good idea if your colour coordinates the blooms with the stones. For example, black or silver coloured stones look good with some bright colours like red and yellow. And the white or grey coloured stone goes well with white or purple coloured flowers. So you should always coordinate it properly so that the colour combination can be a soothing garden decor for you and your guests. 

  1. Plant what you want

Plants: Different types of plants

Before starting the decoration in the garden you should do proper research about different types of plants and make a list accordingly, to succeed in proper outdoor decor. Sometimes we approach so many plants that are really tough to take care of but look really refreshing. In that case, it is not always a good idea to have such plants in the garden because you might have guests when plants don’t bloom. you should also focus on the variety of plants so that it looks different when you look at your garden decor. Otherwise, if it is just a stretch of the same type of plants throughout the space. It will look monotonous to your guests.

  1. Use the items seasonality wisely

Seasonality: Choose seasonal decoration items

Whenever you choose a flower and decoration items you should check out the seasonality of it. You can choose some options for a bonfire in the winter or a small fountain in the summertime. If you choose usual decor items then also you should think of some nice idea to make them look trendy so that it can enhance your garden decor throughout the year. Some items such as tea-light, candles, boxes for dining table, etc can be used in all seasons. You must check out these essentials on Ellementry. 

  1. Plan the sitting area well

Space: Sitting and walking space should be comfortable

All of us love to sit in the garden and enjoy the beauty around us. But you have to be very careful about planning the sitting arrangement. The tables and chairs should be kept in such a way that everyone can sit comfortably and also work around the place properly. You can put the wood peg table from Ellementry in your garden for your guests. It will enhance the beauty of your garden and your guests will be impressed a lot.

  1. Put boundaries properly

Boundary: Different types of fences

Even if you have a very small size garden, you should choose a beautiful looking fence for that. It will enhance the look of your outdoor decor even more. You can choose the same type element for the whole fencing or you can choose different types of fences to make it a bit quirky. 

  1. Pay heed to ornamentation

Ornaments: Small water area or waterfalls

Ornamentation of your garden is very important to create an awesome garden decor and to draw the attention of your friends in the get-together. So if you incorporate some small waterfall showpieces in an empty space, it will be very helpful.  

  1. Set up a room

Room: A nice room for gathering.

Garden rooms are quite famous these days for beautiful garden decor. There are some people who love to do some group activities in them or have their meal in the surrounding of the greenery. A nice looking garden room can make the entire decor much more attractive. You can use several wall art essentials from Ellementry to make it look much more beautiful. 

  1. Use nice lights

Lights: Nice looking lamps or fairy lights

If your guests are coming in the night time, you can choose some nice looking fairy lights or lamps for your garden. You can choose pendant lamps from Ellementry which are really attractive and trendy. You can put fairy lights around the fence and around some trees of the garden. Such kind of setting works perfectly for a romantic mood or a calming vibe. Photographers also love such a setting because of the nice picture that they can click in a good light. 

  1. Set up the food counter well

Food counter: Fascinating table.

Having a proper food counter in the garden is very important for a get-together. And if you want to set up your garden according to that, then you must focus on this aspect. You can choose Blue wood and metal side table from Ellementry for a makeshift drink place and it will add a whole different beauty in your garden for a party.

  1. Playing space for kids

For the kids: Play area and outdoor toys

Garden is one of the most favourite places for the kids and that is why you should save some space in your garden to get kids to play. Kids also get quite bored sometimes in any family gatherings. You can put some outdoor toys and games to enhance the garden decor. So this is the technique by which you can satisfy everyone including kids.

This is how you can decorate your garden for any kind of get-together. This works for a birthday party, anniversary celebration, Christmas celebration and much more. Depending on the occasion, you can tweak the decor a little bit. It is really important to be updated with the trend and decor garden area in the most charming way to impress your guests. You can visit Ellementry and buy many decor essentials to add charm to your garden space.

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