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Parties or family gatherings are the best times when each member comes along and have some moments with their loved ones. Having family dinners and events helps in bringing everyone at one table for food and fun, to create beautiful memories and moments that can be cherished forever. 

While organizing a big event the first trouble that affects the excitement is how do we decorate a table for our event? But there is no need to panic about this because there are plenty of ideas that can ease up the decoration of a table. 

Large table for food

At the time of a big family event, you would be in need of a huge table so that each member of the family can have a suitable space. Select a large table from the store of your house and align it in a diagonal setup of the dining area. The diagonal setup will help in accommodating more people. Now decorate the table with the best of your decors like candles, flowers, napkins, and antiques.

Theme for the dinner table

It is best to have some theme for the event like some movie-based theme, color theme or cartoon based theme. The decoration can become convenient with a particular theme. For instance, for decorating the table with craft theme, use old craft material from the kids' room for making flowers and covering up the plates with some funky picture and origami.

Antiquate the table

Decorating a table with the old fashioned items can bring a smile on the faces of many in the family. Each family has some heritage that they received from their grandparents and other elders in the family. So, a family event is the best time to decorate a table with those heirlooms and gifts. Decorate a table with dinner sets, flower vases and silver cutlery sets from family heirlooms. This decor idea will lit up the mood of everyone. And, this is the best way to thank them for their love and presence at the event. You can check out some antique items at Ellementry and add a very vintage look to you table. 

Flowers in a row

Natural decor for any event can be done with the flowers. Decorating dinner table with flowers is an old traditional way, but placing special flowers in front of each member of the family with their names on the plates will give a different lookout. Put a single flower with the napkin on each plate on the diner specifying the name of the person. This can bring a sweet smile on their faces. It is a unique way of expressing your gratitude for their presence and availability. If natural flowers are not available due to some reason, you can also use paper flowers.

Brighten up the table with candles

Candles bring flair to the table and it brings sparkle in the surroundings as well as in the lives of your family. Candles can be used in decoration in several ways like candelabrum can be placed on the table with different color candles. Or theme-based candles can also be placed throughout the table making it a beautiful decor. Put some tea-light holders that provide beautiful and colorful long-lasting candles on the tables. Ellementry offers a wide range of t-light holders that can brighten up the table of your event and make your evening worth remembering. 

The aroma on the table

A place where people are having a good time must have a good fragrance too. The center of the party place is the table with food that is fragrancing the whole place but sometimes this results in a mix-up of various smells. So, add some aroma that soothes the surroundings and freshen up the mood of everybody in the event. Set up the table with aromatic candles and flowers. There are different wax-filled jars offered by Ellementry which can spread soothing aroma in your party. 

Drinks in the corner

Having drinks and food at the same table sometime causes inappropriate arrangements for the dining table. So in recent trends, cocktails and mocktails are served on a separate table which can be named something like “Party Bar”. This bar will give a unique look to your party. The bar table must-have bottles filled with drinks and the old trash bottles can be used for lighting and decorating. By using old bottles for table decoration, add multiple colors to the bar area.  Decorate the bar table with pots and boxes filled with nuts and dry fruits. Boxes from the Ellementry can bring a trendy look to the bar table.

Sweets in a royal platter

The final serving on the table of a big family event is sweet. These can be served at the same table where dinner was served, but having a separate table for sweets is in trend. Decorate a dessert table in one corner of the room and serve a variety of sweets in beautiful chinawares and silver platters. This is a true combination of a traditional and trendy way of decorating a table for desserts. 

Special table for kids

Kids are special members of any family and they are a joy to any event or gathering. Serving kids on a different table is highly appreciated as they can have fun in their own way. Decorating a table for kids at the party is a different fun element. Add some funky melamine dishes for serving and put candies and jellies instead of flowers in the pots for the kids. Sweets with cartoons can be placed on the table for decoration. Add some boxes from Ellementry with nuts, chocolates, and candies as return gifts for the kids with their names on them on the table.

All these ideas work well for decorating tables for big family events and also for small family gatherings. Decorating a place for an event is a big task but having some fusion of traditional and trendy ideas might help. Implement these ideas and make beautiful memories from the event and capture them forever. You can check decorative items on Ellementry.

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