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Lighting is a game-changer for your home. For our place, we want the best. We might even spend a lot in architecture or fancy cabinets, but lights when used to decorate the house, create a new living space.

Different lighting styles are trending. These lighting items can complement your living space, every corner and every object in the room. The mission is to wow yourself and your guests every single day.

Lighting can be warm, glamorous, illuminating, or subtle. Each is suited to a particular setting of the space and compliments the mood. For long, this had not been given much attention. Natural lighting and dull bulbs or LEDs have been used to light up our houses. However, current trends include bending the rules. New light items have come in the market to make life easier and colourful for us.

The way your food looks when the light above the dining table illuminates it to how well lit your living room looks, lighting can be helpful and glamorous. A simple setting can be transformed with the right lighting patterns. 

Ellementry provides the best lighting solutions. The products offered include kitchenware, tableware, décor, furniture, and lighting options. In terms of lighting, one can find luxurious and well-designed light items. These items can “light up” your entire house. 

Decorate your house with the help of these décor ideas and lighting items:


  • String Lights


These are perfect for when there are space constraints. These are economical and can be used in different patterns. These can be used to adorn large walls, wall mirrors, and even over the bed. These are a popular choice for a funkier look to the room. 

Using good quality light is imperative. There are a number of varieties out there. Some of them are deficient in quality, and this is very common for string lights. Using good quality lights ensures that the light is luminous, durable and safe. There is a good color range available for string lights. Using white can guarantee a more neutral and opening look. Yellows and blues ensure a warmer look.


  • Using Multiples – smaller chandeliers


This is one of the trendiest ways to add style to your décor. Smaller chandeliers, when spaced apart, can help with proper lighting and add a fuller look. This is an excellent alternative style to using one big light for the room, which may turn out to be too extensive sometimes.

The fairest use here can be in the kitchen, dining room or near windows. The hint of glimmer from these lights can elevate the way space looks. It is stylish. Based on the design, you can go over something more luxurious or something more simple. Lights with yellow hints can complement dinner settings. We also love the way the food looks with the balanced glimmer from these lights.


  • Lights with fixtures – Multipurpose


Today, multitasking has become crucial. Let's flaunt it then. These are lights with frames to hang your wine glasses. Mostly, the pattern is to hang them upside down. The glass beautifully reflects the light in the space. The lenses create a chandelier like a look with the view that illuminates and creates a luxurious look. This style is very romantic, perfect for a bar, for the living room or even the kitchen. 


  • Pendant lamps


Pendant lamps, as the name suggests, are lamps that hang from the ceiling, much like a pendant from a necklace. These have the power to light up your space and change the vibe entirely. It adds a stylish factor to the dull room. A pendant lamp can make it look luxurious. The key here is as to how minimalistic it is, and how much it can amplify the look. It is beautiful and very simplistic.

The pendant lamps from Elementary are eco-friendly handcrafted lights. Our wooden pendant lamps can add a classy look to the room. Their metal lamps are strategically placed to brighten up the look of the room. They can be the jewel to your home.


  • DIYs – Do It Yourself


DIYs are fast catching up. These can be quirky and cost-effective. This is the perfect way to bring out your talented side. The do it yourself lighting items can be fashioned out of teapots and old plastic bottles, shreds of glass, some paper and glitter! Mason jars are often used as the glass glistens the light perfectly. 


  • Dimmer lights


Dimmer lights are fast catching up. You can use them in the bedroom or the living room. Dimmers help to adjust the brightness of the light. It is at the desire of the person, based on mood and the setting. These make the room look dynamic.


Nothing beats the good old table lamp. It is classy and comfortable for the eyes. There is nothing complicated here; it is simple and effective. A table lamp is best in the bedroom, where one might sit and read. Table lamps are also best kept in the study for better look and usage.

The table lamps from Elementary are handmade and promise an excellent home décor experience. The colours are subtle and warm. Our terracotta lamp boasts of charm. Our ceramic lamp is classy and friendly to look at.  

The way your living space looks makes the difference. It regulates your mood and also defines you when your guests pay a visit. To decorate your house, lights are the most cost-effective ways. These put your creativity to the test. Lighting also impacts productivity: the right lighting, the proper working attitude. And you have your ideas now. Let’s see how you paint your northern lights now! Check out Ellementry for more.

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