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It is a catchphrase that - anything can happen over a cup of coffee. We say coffee is great for making everything refreshing, possible. A good conversation over a hot coffee with friends, family and colleagues combined with a soulful conversation - may be just what you need to keep going with full vigour for the rest of the day or even the week. But more than coffee, the conversation that we have, holds the magic.

Mindfulness has enjoyed a tremendous surge in popularity in the past decade, both in the popular press and psychotherapy literature. The ancient method has moved from a hidden Buddhist idea founded about 2600 years ago to mainstream psychotherapy practices today. It is something to imbibe for a healthy lifestyle.

Ellementry as a brand puts a great emphasis on sustainable and healthy living. The one-stop platform provides a range of food-safe and eco-friendly products. To add to the innovation quotient, it has many products with a fusion of different kinds of materials like a fusion of natural wood and non-corrosive ceramic.

Hot coffee in an eco-friendly tumbler may be just what you need to include in your kitchenware items. The Ellementry products are also handcrafted and hence unique. The combination of earthy products with a healthy lifestyle ensures sustainability and good health in the longer term.

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Ellementry provides a range of sustainable kitchenware items with coffee carafe.

Aria breakfast set

This is a highlight of the kitchenware set for breakfast. It is artistically designed and consists of one eco-friendly, sustainable coffee mug with a lid, breakfast plate and cereal bowl.

It makes you perfectly equipped for your morning breakfast. The designs made on this set provide a natural look due to the leaves of eucalyptus. The kitchenware items are distinctly earthy. They also are unique as they are hand-painted by Artisans.

Ellementry coffee mugs

These coffee mugs are a union of ceramic and wood. It is a coffee tumbler with a wooden lid to give your breakfast a dash of freshness. Its green colour serves as a fitting backdrop for your smoothies, shakes and last but not least, some hot coffee. The mug is also multipurpose as the wooden lid may be used as a coaster.

Ellementry products come to the rescue of your household in the times when everyone is switching healthier lifestyles. 

A healthy lifestyle also entails Yoga and different forms of meditation and practising mindfulness:

Today, we hear about words like immunity and mindfulness, more than ever. In this ever-growing, fast-paced world – thinking about a good conversation is almost a luxury.

We know if we have good immunity, we would be safe from illnesses and lifestyle diseases. A healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour, so we are aware of the criticality of immunity. But mindfulness is still remote to many of us.

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Mindfulness is a fundamental human ability to be fully aware of where we are and what we are doing and not overly reactive or bewildered by things going on around us.

Being mindful of what we are doing, not only increases our focus and quality of the work but also makes us aware of the energy that we create - mapped to the activity. Hence we should also be mindful of kitchenware products that we are using.

On the other hand, meditation is vital for our healthy inner-self as eating good food just as practising mindfulness is for our body. Several meditation techniques range from simply focusing on your breath to ancient guided meditations like Ho'oponopono from the Mayan civilization.

Taking some time out to meditate while doing activities consciously seemed to be good ingredients for a healthy living of a household.

Lastly, Yoga is an ascetic discipline - a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.

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These conventional domains also treat meditation and mindfulness as two core mantras for happy living. We know that smell and memory are interrelated. 

A vivid yet pleasant fragrance tends to remind us of good memories of get-togethers and conversations - especially over a cup of great, refreshing coffee. Now, when we talk about mindfulness, it may be defined as practising consciousness and awareness in all our actions.

However, defining the state of mindfulness can be hardly described in few words. While mindfulness is something we all instinctively possess, it is more readily available to us when we exercise it daily – with each action that we perform in every state of mind.

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