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If you are someone who loves hosting mocktail parties and dinners at your home or even a first-timer, you need to bring your A-game when it comes to matching your kitchen and dinnerware. Hosting many people in your home and making sure they are well fed is a huge responsibility, and it is natural to not give too much attention to your kitchenware or tableware.

But there is quite an interesting fact that you must not miss and that is that cutlery and its colour decides the mood and the appetite of the person. So, you see it is imperative for a host `to call people to eat the food and spark up the news of being one of the best in town!

People not only talk about food but the cutlery is almost a deciding factor whether they went agog on your party or not and come again to be a regular on the list of talk-about-their-mocktail-party-and-we-arrive! Bring the alloy of different versions of your table and kitchenware to make people ballad your party.

It's not very difficult to successfully match your kitchenware with the tableware. All you have to do is follow some simple steps to pull off the perfect dinner or mocktail party.

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Fail-safe Tips to Match Your Kitchenware with Tableware for a Mocktail Party 

Establish a Consistent Color Palette to Start With: 

One of the first things that must be decided upon is a consistent colour palette that would reflect across your kitchenware and the tableware. In this way, you will experiment with a wide range of shapes and patterns that would match the overall design. When you commit to keeping a consistent palette for your mocktail or dinner parties, it automatically allows you to include the right shades and create an eclectic mix of kitchen and tableware. For instance, you choose the colour palette blue or indigo. In this way, you will be able to include blue coloured dinnerware and kitchen and tableware. 

Choose One Material for all Your Kitchen or Tableware: 

In case you are unable to establish a singular colour code, go for the next best thing – one material. It can either be wood, glass, or ceramic. Many households these days opt for wooden or ceramic kitchenware and tableware for sustainability and food safety. So, if you happen to include wooden, ceramic, or glass kitchenware and tableware, lay it out for your next mocktail party. It will create uniformity and look aesthetically beautiful and bring the delight and blaze up the table to make people devour the fantastic food at the table. Ellementry's high-quality kitchenware and tableware must be your go-to options! 

Play with the Patterns:

If you have successfully established a distinct pattern or colour across your kitchenware and tableware, don't be afraid to experiment with patterns. Mix and match patterns give your table setting and your kitchenware a whimsical and eclectic look when placed together on the table for your mocktail parties. Please don't hold back when it comes to choosing the patterns. Be bold and let your imagination flow. If you are going for natural textures of wood for your kitchenware, opt for floral patterns on wood for your tableware. As long as there is uniformity in colour or material, the kitchen and tableware will make for a visually appealing sight despite the different patterns. 

Bring in Different Shapes and Textures Together: 

Not only textures, but you can also mix and match different textures and shapes for your next mocktail party. Try placing oval and square plates alternatively create an interesting contrast. Again, you can try to place plates with smooth and scalloped edges next to each other or use textured or painted designs to set the table along with the kitchenware. This will help in breaking the monotony of the kitchenware and give a carnal touch to the surroundings. The shapes and colours are the most striking things of all and therefore easily noticeable. It will provide easy insight into the great casket of fashion and elegance you own and your personality.

Different Shapes and Textures Mocktail Party


Mix and match kitchen and tableware: 

Mocktail parties are not one of those official formal occasions where everything has to follow a perfect order. You can mix and match the kitchenware with the tableware to create a visual of contrast. For instance, if you own terracotta kitchenware and ceramic or metal tableware, set them out in style on the table. The setting will set a tone of contrast and make the food and mocktails look more enticing. It will help carve out the blends of the party and caper into the art of the modern sense of fashion coupled with food. 

Put Out Flatware and Stemware for the Mocktail Party:

If you mix bold patterns or bright colours, try to keep the flatware in the neutral shade to ground the table. Try to mix and match the flatware's size and shape to compliment the dinnerware if you are doing the same for the latter. Now that your flatware is sorted let's see how you can set out the stemware. Stemware plays a significant role in mocktail parties as they are the centre of attraction of the evening. Bring out all shapes and designs of stemware that you own to mix and match your tableware and kitchenware. 

Now that you have some essential pointers up your sleeve for matching the kitchen and tableware for your next mocktail party try to use these tips as much as possible. Remember that there is no hard and fast rule that you have to match your dinnerware with the kitchen and tableware. Mixing and matching creates a unique combination for the whole table and helps you and your guests spend a lovely evening in each other's company. Ellementry will help with just that! Visit our website - to find the perfect kitchenware and tableware for your next mocktail party!

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