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How often do we go out of the way with our ideas and thoughts? Living life and doing things on a set pattern has always been a safe option. The fun comes only when we step our foot in a different boat. Thinking out of the box and confined lines have its charm and in today's time don't we all wish to stand out and for that our work needs to stand out. Sounds like a life lesson? Let's take it lightly. We are only discussing our ideas with home decor. We have taken a step ahead with mix-matched wall paintings, curtains, cushions but are behind when it comes to doing the same with utensils at our home. Mix matching teacups and saucers may not sound appealing but have their own magic. While we have a dozen sets of teacups and saucers at home we don't really go on for picking one cup and saucer from each set and serving them together on a tray. What is the whole point of having a set then? Let's think about it with a different approach. Wouldn't it be fun to mix match our teacups and saucers? Picking up different designs, colors, patterns and forming a small new set. If anything this would give our creative thinking a push. It might appear to us whether it is a good idea or not? This is exactly how new inventions are made. Give it a try and check Ellementry for a mix-matched set of teacups and saucers. Let your mind control the colors and patterns that you want to see on a tray. Also, this keeps on happening that we don't find exactly what we are looking for and this is where mix-matching different sets help you get there. Mix-matching brings some color into and new life to your kitchen. You can find ideas that are perfect for tea in coffee gatherings at home or in your workplace.

Well, it's not easy to form a new set. You may like yourself some basic idea on mix-matching. Playing with designs, colors and patterns sounds interesting but a little knowledge about the way would make the set look even better. You don't need to take up a course or a degree to do that. Just a little ground knowledge and a push to your creative mind. Worry not because we are here to help you with the same.

  1. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the way colors go with each other. Mix-matching teacups and saucers with the same color will not look appealing. Contrasting colors, on the other hand, goes well. For instance- Pick up an Indigo blue teacup with a white saucer or same colored teacup and saucer with another pastel green teacup and saucer. See how the colors compliment each other and look better than your regular tea set. You can also experiment with different pastel colors as they go very well together. Form your custom-designed pastel teacup and saucer set. Pastel colors are easy to match and have an aesthetic beauty attached to it.
  2. Secondly, if you are looking forward to mix-matching designs. What you should work on is the design that doesn't look inappropriate when placed together. What you can do is place floral cups with a different type of floral cups. To make it clear, place a pretty small floral printed teacup and saucer with another set of big flowers printed on the set. A mix-match of horizontal, vertical stripes and graphics elements also forms a beautiful teacup and saucer set.
  3. Solid colored teacups and saucers are the easiest and simplest way of mix-matching. We need not mention how solid colors have been a classic. You can pick different dark-colored teacups and saucers or a different light-colored one. To give you an idea go from bright yellow with greens. To make something even varied pick a dark yellow teacup and match it with a grey teacup and saucer. Form your vintage set with a brown, pastel green, pink and grey color.
  4. To give your set a formal look while still mix-matching them. Focus on mixing block prints or other geometrical prints together rather than experimenting on mixing a lot of colors together. If you are on for some safe option as mentioned above solid colors are classic and work for different types of occasions.
  5. Mix-matching should be done keeping in mind the event. A bright-colored set won't go with an office meeting but works very well at a party of small get-togethers. Gone are the days where a simple set of white teacup and saucer used to work. Being a good host includes using utensils that suits the occasion.

If you are still not sure how to mix-match teacups and saucers don't be disheartened. These are available in the market or you can easily buy teacups and saucers on Ellementry.

Blue meadow ceramic teacup saucer is a set of beautiful teacup and saucer. The colour does not fade away on washing. You can go through other sets available on the website. Flaunt it in front of your friends and neighbors and let them wonder about your mix-matching ideas. Are you wondering whether or not mix-matching is a good idea? Give these brief pointers a read.

Why mix-matching teacups and saucers are a good idea

Good for huge gatherings- Go back to the time when you had more than 20 relatives at your place and you were struggling with finding an identical set of cups and saucers. Mix-matching teacups and saucers are a great save from embarrassment in such situations. All you need to do is have a ground idea of what goes well together. Mix-matching saves you and makes a great deal when put on the table as it draws everybody's attention.

Feels fresh and new- Not just that it saves times but also impresses your guest. Serving your guests every time in the same set of cups gets boring after a while and mix-matching helps you get rid of it. Grab some teacups and saucers from Ellementry and place them together on a tray for a different experience.

Pocket-friendly- Not every time you are willing to buy a new set of cups and saucers as it might make a hole in your pocket. But can't afford to repeat the same set in front of your guests. Worry not because you can form a new set with what you already have at home without giving out any money. See how mix-matching teacups and saucers are pocket-friendly.


* Don't go on mixing teacups and saucers of different sizes.

*Mix-matching looks better with teacups and saucers of the same texture and form.

*Colors, designs, and patterns are very important and need to look at carefully.

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