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Kitchenware and serveware are essential items to be bought for making a home functional which is very important, especially as these items need to make and serve meals in the household. Some of these items can be very useful and also can be great décor pieces around the house. One of the best examples of this is the trays which are useful and also very beautiful items to keep in the dining room or the kitchen area. It is important to know how to present a tray in a beautiful manner as there are different types of trays that can be bought online that are elegant and work well with different decors and tableware of the room. You can check out trays available on Ellementry as they are modern and stylish.

Types of Material Used to Make Trays

Trays are flat containers with raised rims and no lids and generally used to carry food and drinks from one place to another. We at Ellementry website offer customers a large variety of trays made by using different materials online. Trays are carried from one place to another or laid out on the table beautifully and effectively. Wooden trays, glass trays, plastic trays, and trays made of different types of metals can be attractive and can be used to serve for everyday dinners as well as for parties. Trays are also made by using silver, gold, pewter and many other expensive yet beautiful materials. Precious metals are also used to make trays in elite homes all over the world.

Different Types of Trays

Trays of Different Shapes

There are trays available in different shapes and sizes but the basic shapes that are common in trays include rectangular and square shapes. Horizontal rectangles are the perfect shapes for trays as they are easy to carry and can hold plates of different sizes. These are the trays to buy and some of the other choices include round trays as well as oval trays which are also popular to carry desserts and drinks. 

Compartment Trays

Compartment trays are trays that have separate compartments in the tray to keep different types of food products on the tray. These trays are often used for keeping condiments and side dishes on a serving table. These compartment trays are used to serve chocolates and candies and also used as serving dishes. These plates or trays useful for children, with high rims, make eating a meal easier for children.

Appetizer & Fruit Platter

Trays are not just carried around by the staff or hosts but are also used as platters and serving dishes, especially for appetizers and fruits. It is a great idea to present a tray beautifully with an assortment of snacks and appetizer items especially for different types of theme parties. Fruits, fried snacks, canapés, and cheese can all be served on such a tray platter.  

Beverage Serving Trays

There are different types of trays available online with top kitchenware websites like Ellementry.  Beverage trays are usually just like regular trays but need to be sturdy to hold the drinks without dropping the glasses. Tea and coffee mugs, soft drink bottles, alcohol bottles and different types of cocktail and mocktail glasses are all usually carried and served on these beverage trays.

Everyday Casual Serving Trays

There are many causal trays available for regular everyday use at home and also these trays are extensively used in cafeterias and fast-food restaurants. These trays are usually made by using stainless steel and plastic. These trays are usually lightweight and easy to use as they are used regularly for everyday use. Fast food restaurants usually present a tray of food to the customers and the trays are then carried to the restaurant table and this is especially effective for fast food joints selling burgers and fries and other types of fast food products.

How to Present the Trays in a Beautiful Manner

Designer Vegetable Platter

Nowadays, eating vegetables has become very popular. Many types of vegetarian side dishes are made and also raw or boiled vegetables are usually decoratively placed on platters and trays. Salad vegetables are decorated effectively and one requires large trays for such salads. Designer vegetable platters or crudités platter are a fancy vegetable platter generally used in many parties.

Designer Fruit Platter

Large glass or transparent trays are beautifully used to create a wonderful designer fruit platter with chocolate sauce or other sweet treats. Ellementry is a great online shopping website that offers different types of trays for colourful fruit platters. Fruits are very popular for parties as fruits are a healthy dessert and can also be placed very well on trays in parties. These trays can include strawberries, mangoes, raspberries, grapes, watermelons, and many other fruits. Thus presenting a tray full of colourful, delicious and healthy fruit attractively makes it tempting for the guest.

Cheese and Wine Tray Platters

Large rustic wooden trays are usually used to make cheese and wine platters for parties. Trays which are cheese boards with fruit and wine accompaniments are usually served in brunch parties and cheeses look fantastic. Wooden trays can be bought online as they are beautiful and add to the décor for dining rooms and dinner parties.

Beautiful Chips & Dips Tray

Trays can be presented beautifully as there are many varieties of trays that can be used for chips and dips that are popular for events, house parties as well as for large parties. Different types of chips can be placed on a large tray with bowls of dip on the tray for the guests at parties. Usually, round trays are used for chips and dips and compartment trays are trays to buy online for chips and dips platters. There are trays with inbuilt bowls which are also great to present chips and dips effectively.

Beautiful Tiered Trays

Beautifully presented tiered tray stands are available online and kitchenware stores and these stands can be used to present trays in a tiered fashion. These are perfect for cookies, pastries and mini sandwiches at tea parties and are used in elite restaurants to serve tea or coffee accompaniments all over the world. These tiered trays are perfect for buffets, wedding showers, brunches, lunch parties and various types of parties.

Decorative Stylish Service Trays

To present a tray superbly, it is important to use decorative trays that have a stylish design and look. These trays can be easily available on top serve ware websites like Ellementry and we make the dinner party or event a success. Trays with carved edges, silverware trays with artistic designs, and trays with beautiful handles are all a great choice for trays that can be presented fabulously. While hosting at a party, present a tray with creative decoration, it helps make the party stylish and enjoyable.


Trays are usually used by staff to serve meals and are also used to present meals in buffets and at parties. These trays have to be presented in a beautiful manner so that they work well with the event and add charm to the party. There are many types of trays available online and it is important to buy different types of trays for varieties of food that need to be served at various events. Visit Ellementry today to buy the most trendy trays.

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