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A gift table is an important part of every party, whether it is a birthday, a wedding or a shower. Your guests have made an effort to travel to celebrate your birthday party and most of them will bring a present. This small space is an important consideration as your guests should not be left confused about where to leave the presents. Placed at a location that is prominent is the best way, near the cake display or guest tables.

While you can see the internet flooding with exorbitant displays of birthday party gift tables, you might get unsure when it comes to realistic home celebrations. Here are some things that you must keep in mind when you set up a gift table.

  1.     Do not skip it

Irrespective of the size of the party or age of the host, you cannot do without a gift table. Even if you have invited a handful of guests, they will need a well-identified place to put the gifts.

  1.     Understand the basics

A gift table can sometimes be the same as a cake table. It is nothing but a table well draped in linen and topped with some accessories. You can add something for solely decorative purposes. For a kid’s birthday party, pick up some balloons and confetti to start with. However, if the birthday party is for an adult, you consider something like this tinsel blue wax filled glass bowl from Ellementry.

  1.     Decide the location

The gift table should be placed in a way that it is easy for the guests to find but not too close to the entrance and exit, especially if it is a large gathering at your birthday party. That way, it can be an easy target for theft.

  1.     Add a fun element

You can be as creative as you want to be when you set up a gift table. Consider placing a candy bar if most of your guests are kids. You can also have a card for the guests to write down their wishes, especially if it is a milestone birthday.

  1.     Do not forget to take your gifts home

This sounds like a no brainer but this often happens in a large birthday party especially if you assigned someone to move your gifts. Hence, it is all the more important to set up a gift table where it can be easily seen, remember, out of sight means out of mind? It is hence suggested to line up a designated transport to move the gifts to your residence.


The gift table should be well decorated but remember not to go overboard. Use a table runner that matches the theme, use flower arrangements or customized decorations. You can find some table linen of your choice on Ellementry.

Here are some tips that come in handy when you set up a gift table:

  1.     Use printed backdrops

There are a myriad of predesigned backdrops available to match with your theme and décor. There are many companies that also customise the backdrops with text of your choice. You can, however, easily find one for kid’s birthday parties and milestone birthdays.

  1.     Get some giant balloons

A mix of large size helium balloons can help you create a stylish backdrop for your gift table. You can arrange some of them in a row or use them in clusters. Go wild with your imagination and let the guests admire your creativity.

  1.     Don’t forget the regular balloons

Especially if it is a kid’s birthday party, balloons form an integral part of the décor. You can create a wall of balloons behind the table or decorate the table with free-flowing balloons. Remember to keep enough space for the guests to keep gifts. If you are throwing a birthday party for a kid, you can use multi-colored balloons or ones with their favorite cartoon printed on it. However, if it is an adult’s birthday, you would want a more sophisticated look like silvers and golds or an ombre effect.

  1.     Paper flowers

You can use decorative paper flowers as a backdrop. Experiment with different shapes and sizes here. These flowers can be reused later on. However, keep in mind that these flowers don’t come in cheap, so if you are low on budget, use them in small flower arrangements or a nice display in the center of the wall.

When it comes to setting up a gift table, the key is to not go overboard. The table should not look so packed that people find it hard to take things off.

  1.     Think of a theme

Decide if you want to color coordinate your table with the rest of the party or go with a particular theme. This will help you decide the accessories and décor of the table. Some popular and easy to do themes for a birthday party can be neon colours, pirates, superheroes, circus, jungle etc.

  1.     Incorporate a focal point

While the gift table should not be overloaded with things and have enough space for the gifts, it is a good idea to have a centre piece to enhance the look of the table. A well-sized candle stands, a flower arrangement or a nice vase can go a long way to accentuate the gift table.

Here is a vama vase-ecomix vase from Ellementry that is worth a consideration if you are looking for a simple yet sophisticated look. While it is a great looking centrepiece, it is also eco-friendly and made with materials like paper, chalk powder and glue. The pattern makes it look great even without flowers.

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