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Rolling pins are the staple Indian kitchen item that we associate so many memories with. Childhood memories of our mothers rolling out perfectly shaped round chapatis in no time using this one wooden piece are something of wonder still to many of us. And if mothers had to come down after us threatening to beat us with any of the kitchen utensils, the classic Indian "belan" was definitely one of them. 

To understand how to use a rolling pin requires practise and skill. The classic barrel-shaped wooden rolling pins are available in a variety of designs at Ellementry. Each of these shapes has a different feel to it when you use them and often, they are used to roll out different kinds of dough. Although rolling pins are associated as an Indian kitchen tool for chapatis, cuisines all over the world use some sort of rolling pin to roll out dough for food items such as pasta, pizza, pie crust, Udon noodles and much more. 

Knowing the Materials

In order to know how to use a rolling pin, you need to have a good understanding of the types of wood used for creating a rolling pin and how each shape and size make a difference to the kind of dough you can roll out. Wooden rolling pins available at Ellementry can be made of maple, walnut, teak, cherry etc. 

Traditional rolling pins come with handles on either side of the barrels. The handles enable you to curl your fingers around them,  which then give enough leverage to roll out the dough smoothly. For rolling out Indian chapatis, these rolling pins with a narrow barrel and lightweight work best. 

The bakers' rolling pin resembles a barrel without handles while the French rolling pin is also another classic but also comes without handles whose both ends are more tapered. Most bakers feel comfortable with these shapes with its large barrels that require fewer rotations to flatten out the thick dough. French rolling pins with a thinner diameter are efficient in rolling out pies and cookies with the precise thickness. 

In addition to the Indian belan comes the chakla in a set. Made of the same wood, the disc-shaped wooden structure with a stand on the bottom surface is usually used to roll out the chapatti on. While some prefer to use the chakla for rolling out their chapatti or other Indian bread, a clean working area on the kitchen slab also works for some as it gives more room for rolling out bigger doughs. 

Using the Right Amount of Dry Dough

One of the most fundamental skills for rolling out dough is to know how to sufficiently flour the surface of the dough. This is necessary to prevent dough from sticking to the pin and helps you to even out the dough effectively and efficiently. For some kinds of Indian bread, one must use oil instead of dry dough to roll out the dough evenly. The oil prevents the dough from sticking but will also seep into the wooden surfaces of rolling pins. Those made of other materials like marble turn out to be a better choice if you don't want the oil to seep in. 

Caring for your Rolling Pins

Rolling pins being made of wood need to be cleaned and specifically cared for. These are not tools you should put in the dishwasher or leave in the sink soaking up water for long hours. Too much water can damage the handle joints and cause the barrel to crack or become warped over a period of time. The best way to clean them is to immediately rinse them in water and wipe dry with a damp paper towel or cloth. It's best not to use soap or any abrasives on the wood as they can seep into the grains and the smell would also be soaked in. Another handy trick for cleaning up the sticky dough off the surface is to use any soft scraper to scrape off any extra bits of dough before rinsing it in water. 

Embossed Rolling Pinsf

For all the bakers out there, the designer rolling pins also available at Ellementry are a great invention and addition to the list of the types of rolling pins available. If you know how to use a rolling pin, the designer one won't feel much different. They're a perfect addition to your kitchen toolset if you love baking cookies. The impressions left through the carvings on embossed rolling pins can help you roll out perfect home-made designed cookies. 

Modern Rolling Pins

Many manufacturers at Ellementry have come up with modified versions and materials of rolling pins that are ergonomically designed for serving as more efficient roti makers. 

Just like marble or granite slabs on the kitchen serve as a great surface to work on, the marble chakla belan shapes out great roti without allowing the dough to stick. Since marble as a material has a cooling effect, it can also work great for rolling out pastry dough which needs to be kept cool. Refrigerating a marble rolling pin before using makes working with pastry dough easier and keeps the dough cold. Cleaning is easy with mild soap, and this fusion of traditional and modern design makes it a great item to have in one's kitchen.

Another variety of the rolling pin comes with a refillable barrel. These are usually filled with hot or cold water depending on the temperature requirement of the dough that needs to be rolled out for better results. 

In a time when most products are mass-produced, it is difficult to find a finely handcrafted item, let alone something like a kitchen tool. Few manufacturers come up with the excellent quality handcrafted wooden rolling pins that speak of its incredible craftsmanship and more. There may be several innovations in the traditional design and material of rolling pins today, but the idea of wood for a rolling pin is something we will always associate with. Teak wood products make for some tremendous wooden kitchen tools that when cared and maintained, can last you for generations to come. Most importantly, most natural products are crafted to ensure they are food safe and help in promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious living. Ellementry offers you a whole range of these products. Visit to get a hold on the rolling pin of your choice.

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