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We all have got that one friend who is an avid tea drinker and for whom at least one cup of tea is compulsory to keep going on. Tea has been referred to be the magic concoction for centuries aiding the ones who are tired of the ones suffering from cold. The tea industry has evolved since the beginning of times, with a humungous variation in the types of varieties offered. With the growth in the tea industry, the accessories to use along with it have also evolved with beautiful and durable tea sets to decorate your dining area. This article will talk about the various types of tea sets you can experience with and places where you get such tea sets to buy. You can buy these tea sets on Ellementry as they are available in a variety.

What is a tea set?

A tea set is a set of various teaware and other related accessories which are a part of the tea regime that usually play a role in serving tea.

Tea sets- A history:

In a nutshell,

  • Tea came into being by infusing the water from boiling tea leaves along with an addition of additional spices like ginger, pepper or orange.
  • Till around 700 tea sets just comprised of a tumbler with intricately carved prints and a jug to pour the tea
  • But, after the concept of tea reached the West, the use of creamer came into being along with a separate sugar serving.
  • With time, these smaller versions of tea sets took a much larger form with certain tea sets containing up to a variation of 43 pieces.
  • That is when porcelain gained popularity, and more and more tea sets were made using porcelain.
  • During the 1800s, high tea came into the system of drinking tea during the late afternoon, along with some savouries and desserts. This was the time when the teapot or Kettle became known.

What does a tea set consist of?

A usual tea set experience is made by adding the following items in a tea set

  • Teapot or Kettle
  • A milk jug or creamer
  • Mugs
  • A sugar pot
  • Hot water
  • Teabags
  • Teacups and saucers accordingly
  • Lemon slices
  • Scones and cookies as a complimentary
  • Small spoon or teaspoon or stirrer

Let's take a look at how you can use tea sets to decorate your dining area to make our dining are elegant and spunky at the same time.


  • The traditional way:


Elegant tea sets are something that always has conquered the most noticeable corner of the dining hall. Attractive tea sets, the ones made from china, ceramics, etc.  they can make any dining table look spectacular. Especially the white ones can really enhance the setting giving your dining table a grand finish. You can check out brass, ceramic tea sets on Ellementry.


  • Teacups as candle handles:


Teacups can serve as successful candle holders that look cute and, at the same time, make a setting into a cosy environment. Now, you don't have to worry about candlelight dinners as a romantic setting can be formed instantly using old teacups. The acutely printed teacup is even better for this purpose.


  • Saucers as decorative wall pieces:


Saucers can be put on the walls and can act as a delightful; add to your dining table space. The various saucers designed with cute prints can be hung on the wall making a backdrop of a different vibrant collection of saucers.


  • Milk Jar or creamer as a cardholder:


Milk pitchers or creamers can make a perfect holder for cards to make any dinner time game enjoyable. These pitchers can be put in the middle of the table with players all around enjoying a good hand of poker.


  • Teapot as centrepiece flower vase:


Teapots, because of its elegant and delicate appearance, can act as centrepieces for the table as they can hold beautiful flowers, creating another level of aesthetic beauty. The teapot or Kettle, because of its depth, acts as a perfect holder to gorgeous vibrant colours alleviating the dining set by several notches.


  • Saucers as high tea delectable set


This is one of the most in-trend things that have taken the decoration of the dining table using tea sets t a whole new level. It involves various size saucers to be stacked together on a pole by creating a hold in the middle. This setting can act as a high-tea gastronomical serve and perfect tableware to create a trendy look to your dining tables.


  • Old saucers to be used as tea coasters


Your old elegant tea sets that are so hard for you to throw out can be used under a different role other than serving. They can be used as coasters for the newer teacups or coffee mugs. All you have to do it is to upturn the saucer and create a quirky design on it and place it on the table. The ceramic and porcelain allow smooth movement of these saucers cum coasters on the dining table. This will give a very classy yet trendy look and goes well with a subtle background and plain dining covers, preferably of mild colour.


  • Hanging teacups as flower pots:


Hanging the teacups and kettles with a rope near the dining table is one of the classiest yet sophisticated ideas. Succulent indoor plants can be placed inside, which will not only purify the air but also act as a brilliant addition to the dining table area.

If you are looking for tea sets to buy, there are various places online as well as physical stores to purchase elegant tea sets. But the collection online, along with great deals, makes it very convenient to own some of the rarest tableware. Ellementry is one of the places online that you can use to browse and shop some of the most fashionable, delicate, and elegant tea sets. Our tea sets come with a complete set of teapot, cup, and a sugar pitcher and is a great addition to enhance your  'tea time' experience. Visit today.

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