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Most of us consume cheese daily. The obsession with cheese is ancient, and humans have always looked at cheese as an expensive luxury product. While typically, we only consume some popular cheeses like Cheddar, Parmesan, Gouda and cream cheese, there are thousands of varieties of cheese. Some of these are extremely rare and hence, expensive.


People who can afford to indulge in buying and eating these rare and semi-rare cheeses, often end up investing in cheese tools and sets. Owning a cheese set can be associated with abundant life and a high standard of living. Hence, if you are making more than enough and want to spend a little extra to up your status, starting a cheese hobby might be a good option.


There are thousands of different kinds of cheeses to choose from and making cheese boards and cheese platters is also becoming very popular.



Why are cheese boards and platters becoming popular?


Instagram is the fanciest social media platform with the most beautiful pictures getting the most likes. Food photography has always gained the attention of people, but with Instagram, more people are encouraged to post photos of their food. Both amateur and professional food photographs rake in thousands of likes. Among these food photographs, one category is gaining traction of late.


Cheeseboards and cheese platters have become such a massive trend on Instagram that the term "cheese board influencer" is now used to describe an influencer who posts pretty pictures of cheese boards on Instagram and the Internet. The popularity of cheese boards on Instagram can be related to the fact that the young working people associate these gorgeous food pictures with values of domesticity and tranquillity.


Many are taking cheese boards as a way of entertaining guests. It is a simple party snack and very easy to put together. It also allows people to express their artistic side by decorating the cheeseboard. It can be relaxing to do it just for oneself too. We all deserve to be pampered sometimes.

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What goes on a cheese board?


A cheese board is the simplest thing where several delicious bite-sized foods are arranged together for people to enjoy. It can have sweet, savoury, crunchy elements and accompaniments. The main focus is the cheese, and many types of cheeses like cheddar, fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan, blue cheese, Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Romano, Swiss cheese, etc. Meats like salami and smoked salmon usually add the savoury element. Caviar and salmon roe are expensive additions to cheese boards. For the crunch, nuts, crackers and biscuits are added. The sweet is in the form of honey, chocolates and other desserts. Fruits are also added to cheeseboards to add freshness.


Berries like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, grapes, figs, oranges, grapefruits, pomegranates, and currants are some popular fruits added to cheese boards. Accompaniments like pickles, olives, and peppers complement both meats and cheeses. Wine is the best drink to accompany this luscious and luxurious experience.


These have to be decoratively set on a board, and the snack for the party is ready! Several websites and shops now sell cheese sets to help people get started with making cheese boards to make it easier.



What is a cheese set?


Green Marble Cheese Set

A cheese set is a pre-assembled set consisting of a cheese serving board and different cheese knives and serving tools. Sometimes they come with complimentary samples of cheeses. After buying a cheese set, you can look upon the Internet for guides on how to assemble a cheese board or watch videos on YouTube and Instagram. offers some authentic wooden cheese boards that can be easily purchased online.



Here are some things that a cheese board consists of along with their functions:



    • A serving board or small serving trays: This is where all the items are to be arranged.


    • Narrow blade knife: These are used for cutting through hard and medium cheeses.


    • Parmesan knife: This is used to break large chunks of Parmesan. It is used to wedge into a line and break the chunks apart.


    • Wide blade knife: This is used to spread soft cheeses like cream cheese.


    • Prong knife: Prong knives are usually used to pick up and transfer medium and soft cheeses.


    • Chisel knife: This is used to cut and transfer crumbly and hard cheeses like blue cheese and Romano.


    • Wire: This sharp wire with handles on each end is used to cut neat and uniform pieces from hard cheeses like cheddar. A wire is used for cutting soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert which crumble under the pressure of a knife.


    • Cheese grater: They are used to grate cheese on top of crackers and meats.


    • Plane: This is mostly used for shavings.


    • Stilton spoon: This tool is used to scoop rather than cut. Stilton cheese is usually scooped starting from the middle.


    • Gorgonzola knife: This is used for spreading thick cheeses like blue cheese and gorgonzola. The blade is thicker than that of a spreading knife.


    • Two-handed knife: This is used to cut very large blocks, often a whole wheel of cheese. Two handles give it more control, and the pressure can be applied better to cut large blocks of hard cheeses.


    • Grille: This is a unique and traditional tool that is used to get shavings from Swiss cheese, particularly Tête de Moine cheese. The spike is inserted into the middle of the cheese wheel, and the handle is rotated around the wheel to shave off thin ribbons of cheese. This works with medium-hard cheeses not very hard cheeses like Parmesan.



How can one owning a cheese set increase their status?


We all want to show others that we are successful and living well. Our psyche works in a way that we want to show the best aspects of our lives to people. Classy lifestyles are no longer the monopoly of royal people alone. As young people are getting employed, they are actively choosing their lifestyle. Instagram plays a massive role in influencing people and making them desire certain things in life.


The lifestyle of most young professionals is centred around friends, family, and career. Food plays a crucial part in this lifestyle because people get together over food and drinks. Whether it is dinner parties or Sunday brunches, simple indulgences like a cheese board can heighten the atmosphere's visual pleasure. Also, no one has to spend hours in the kitchen away from the party, and people can enjoy the bite-sized food.

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Cheeseboards have attained the status of being an indicator of good taste and social status. Many are gaining inspiration from Instagram and taking to this idea to entertain guests. It is a hassle-free option for people who shy away from cooking but still want to entertain guests.


Everyone should consider getting on board with the trend of cheeseboards. And cheese sets are so easily available that everyone can own one. It reflects a comfortable lifestyle, which is something everyone aspires to have. Showing off your cheese sets and cheese boards will certainly get you admiration, and Instagram likes!

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