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When your home is in the making, or you are refurbishing, walls are the main focus centre. You have so many things that you can do with it to create a statement. There are distinctive colours to choose from, installing a mural or adding texture to it. Sadly, not a lot of people think much about the walls. 

When the making or refurbishing work is going on, they choose a nice colour, and that’s about it. The house, when painted fresh, looks attractive and mesmerizing. But when all the furniture, accent pieces and more are in their place, that’s when the walls start looking incomplete. 

Many keep pondering over the thought that why space looks like something is missing, but only a few could see the answer to that solution. If you are also dealing with the dilemma and don’t know what should be your next move, Ellementry is here to the rescue. From living room walls to the kitchen, the brand has the solution to your woes. To make the area look complete, more stylish and artistic, wall art is what you need. 

Gold wall art


This simple yet effective addition can do a lot to space. When choosing the right products and items, the place starts to appear fresh and encapsulating. Your empty walls are filled with possibilities. 

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Stark and bare, it will make you feel something is amiss. This is why it makes complete sense to invest in art decor that brings out your personality and taste. In the wake, it also amps up space. Before we put forward some best decor items, let us learn why wall art is a necessity. 

A Dash of Colour

If you have been currently finding it hard to select the most appropriate colour to paint your home, then there is a simple way out. You can choose a solid background shade and embellish the wall with different arts to provide an instant colour palette. If there is already a beautiful hue that you have applied, take the appeal of the space a notch higher by adding one artistic piece. 

A Form of Expression

Your house can speak a thousand words about who you are, what your personality is like and more with the addition of wall art. Go vintage or invest in contemporary as your home is your canvas. 

Express your likes and what you believe in. You can also use a notice board in the kitchen area to note down important information or pass a vibrant or motivating message to all the family members in a silent way. 

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A Finishing Element

As pointed out earlier, many times the room looks incomplete even when you have added the best furniture and decor pieces. It happens because the walls are bare and devoid of any artistic personality. 

To make the area appear personalized, you can do that without adding clutter through wall art. A subtle and stylish piece will bind the entire area as one complete entity. 

A Motivating Art

How often it happens that you come home after a long day at work, all exhausted and sometimes even disappointed? Meetings can go wrong, a deal might not break as you expect it to, you might miss a bus or more. 

All these things can drain your positivity for a while. But when you have notice board decoration on your walls, with a positive or loving message scrawled over it, the positive vibe will come right back in. 

Listed below are some wall arts my ellementry that will give your space a whole new appeal. 

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Copper Metal Wall Art

Starting with the kitchen, if the walls are stark and you wish to put it to better use, copper metal wall art. Its apple shape will appeal to you, and the base is broad enough to hold kitchen essentials, food items and more. You can choose a few more in different shapes and sizes to give the cookhouse a new identity. 

Rustic Gold Metal Wall Art

Are you searching for something for the living room? Maybe, a piece that is subtle enough to create focus but not too bold to destroy the feel of the entire area? Well, then you will love adding rustic gold metal wall art to either your living room or bedroom. It is classy and beautiful, a perfect addition to any home. If you are a millennial soul or someone, who prefers antique design, this art piece will meet all requirements. 

When interior designing a home, wall art will always play a vital role. Make sure you do not devoid it of the art it deserves. Log on to and pick the pieces that best suit your needs and personality. 

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