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Throwing an amazing cocktail party at your home bar can be the best way to entertain your guests. Ice buckets are mandatory accessories to possess in your home bar to treat them right by catering to their needs. Home bar concept is an engaging idea due to the liberty it gives to invite your favourite people to your place at your privacy to treat them well with all-party essentials. 

The striking element of any party is wines and beers. Having enough of them is important before you send an invite call to the contacts on your phone. Apart from cocktail glasses, jiggers, and, mixers, you would need ice buckets without any excuse to organise parties smoothly. The primary need of having ice buckets is to keep the ice in handy to serve it quickly or mix it with the cocktails for the guests rather than running here and there continues to fill the ice, which gives an uninterested bar experience for the guests as their requirements get delayed. This can agitate the guests as it drops their spirits in sipping and enjoying every bit of the wine.

The Mandatory Need Of Ice Buckets In Home Bar

The reasons to have ice buckets is to welcome your guests with some cool and rejuvenated drinks as no one would prefer warm drinks in a night. Serve the guests with as much amount of ice as possible to help them savour a heart-melting drink. Besides, ice buckets are useful in adding ice to the drinks with the help of tongs. Make sure you place the ice buckets below the table or in your kitchen with a scoop inside that helps in the easy withdrawing of ice for the guests. Scoops also avoid spillage of ice that keeps the bar area clean and tidy. 

This can also preserve the ice from any kind of pollutants to help you serve it for the party that may prolong for some more time surprisingly. Keeping the ice buckets in a reachable distance to help the guests to blend their drinks with the desired amount of ice spontaneously. 

Ice buckets come in impressive designs these days that adds a style element to your dining table in your home parties. Every drink demands the right amount of ice to deliver that unmatched taste. Without ice, the drinks can be boring for the guests. That is why ice buckets with a large amount of ice make sense to be added to any party be it at your home or a bar. Ice buckets can be customized in different sizes based on your requirements or the area where the party is being organized.

Ice buckets can be stored in your home kitchen to chill your wine or refresh your drink. They come in different sizes to fulfil your needs for your party be it indoor or outdoor. Ice adds a great vigour to the drink by becoming a part of the drink. If you want to treat your guests well, then serve more ice being the host of the party. Nothing more than ice can excite the guests. Let them enjoy a cool beverage and get their party moods on with their taps banging on the floor.

Explore Ice Buckets at Ellementry

Ellementry helps you in casting a successful party with a range of barware products to fulfil your party needs by allowing to pampering the guests with their particular needs at the table. We have all the required accessories for your home bar of which ice bucket plays a vital role. Our ice buckets are artistically handcrafted that make reliable products, which you can buy from our store. 

Experience the innovation with unique ice buckets designed with craftsmanship that also make great decors for your home party. You can never go out of style with timeless ice buckets from our store. Our elegant collections are sure to delight you and, we provide customization to add some initials that can make impressive return gifts to your guests at the party. Simply add the vibrant ice buckets to your party table to grab the attention of the guests in keeping them elated about joining your party. 

If you are planning to move your ice buckets in and around during the party, choose ice tubs with stands for easy portability also to avoid spilling of the ice. 


Choose Your Ice Bucket Based On Your Needs

Ice buckets are spacious tubs to store ice in large amount to keep it handy for the guests. There are three types of products we bring to you in the aim of making an astonishing party at Ellementry. We have matt silver ice buckets in both large and small size that can be customised according to the ice cube needs of your party. We do provide quality glossy silver ice buckets with a metal plating that reduces the condensation of ice. The bucket comes with a handle that helps in carrying the ice gracefully. 

If you are organising a small party or the home bar party, then choose ice buckets without lids, as it is okay. But, for large events and parties at the bar, choose ice buckets with lids to prevent melting of the ice and, to prevent the ice from any external pests at an outdoor party. 

Enjoy a luscious drink with our stainless steel ice buckets that are proved food safe as per international standards. Apart from this, we are working towards providing ceramic, glass, and, wooden ice buckets in different colours and designs based on your requirements.

Types Of Ice Bins

Wooden tubs with steel lining are best that compliment well for modern home decors. Glass ice bins are bit delicate and, can be used for champagne buckets. Double-walled metal ice buckets are best in suiting homes with any décor. Finally, stainless steel buckets are the sensible option to store ice for a long time due to their innate ability to prevent condensation of ice on the outside of the bucket. Stainless steel buckets add a classic effect to the bar and much preferred by the people.

And yes, you can get it readily at Ellementry as we sell only quality products aimed at the well-being of our customers. 


Serve drinks in your home with modern ice buckets from our store to experience an engaging party tonight at your home. Our ice buckets are eye-catchy and, serve their purpose well at the same time add so much charm to your home. Have this accessory for sure to embrace a seamless party experience.

Treat the guests with a warm gesture by attending to their needs on time. After all, they are the heroes of your party and, keeping them entertained throughout the party is your main responsibility. Buy stunning ice buckets that are a true masterpiece crafted with grace to run a fabulous party.  Go a step ahead in meeting the expectations of the guests by serving ice only in sanitized buckets. Maintain a high decorum in providing a healthy bar environment for the guests to let them enjoy a satisfying party at the end of the day. 

On that note, make sure to buy some gorgeous ice buckets to win your guests. You can check out the collection at Ellementry for best options.

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