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Drinking water for staying hydrated all day long shows a habit of a health freak. All those who work in a corporate system have to spend most of their time on the desk in front of the computer. Heavy workload restricts them to go for a break for drinking water but many people try to find out a way to keep themselves hydrated. Most of the people kept a plastic water bottle on their desk and refilled it regularly. But we all know that plastic water bottles are not good for long term reuse. BPA is the main manufacturing component and its reuse can affect the health of a person badly. So it is recommended to keep water in a carafe to stay hydrated in a healthy way. A carafe made of glass can be a great alternative to plastic water bottles. You can check out these on Ellementry.

Water in a plastic bottle poses different health issues while water in a carafe has a positive impact on health. Plastic bottles or tumblers are durable in terms of their manufacturing components but they are not just perfect for health. Office desks or bedside tables need to be decorated well with some jars, glass of water and carafes. These are not only decoratives but are useful elements that are needed for a healthy hydrated body. There are many debates over the issue of whether the water in glass carafe is good for health or not.

Chemical-free water

Plastic bottles are manufactured with certain components that can harm the health of a person. BPA is the main compound that leaches into the water kept in a plastic bottle for long hours. BPA is responsible for hormonal imbalance and influences health badly. Glass carafe is produced with natural components and has no chemical components in their basic formula. When the water in a carafe is used for drinking all day it remains healthy and does not cause any hormonal imbalance. Glass carafe is best for drinking chemical-free water. Buy a glass carafe from Ellementry for your office desk or your bedside table to use it all day or all night long. 

Temperature resistant

The glass carafe is made of natural compounds and has no impact on variation in temperature. Many people prefer to have warm water instead of cold or regular water. It is known that glass cannot be heated but some types of glass like borosil glass can be heated for long and do not leach any kind of chemical into the water kept. Water in a carafe can be heated as per need but water in a plastic bottle can not be heated every time. The reason why the water in plastic can not be heated is that it leaches chemicals every time it is heated into the fluid kept in it. So it's best to have water in a carafe and now buy carafe from Ellementry for hot or cold water of your choice. 

Best for longer life

Plastic bottles can be kept for long but over time, these leaches chemicals into the water. While when water is kept in glass carafe it remains free from such components. It is recommended to have water in a carafe throughout the day. Buy a glass carafe from Ellementry if you want to have durable reusable water-storing utensils in your house and on the office desk.  

Best for retaining taste

Most people complain that when water is kept overnight in a plastic bottle start smelling and there is a change in taste of water as well. The change in taste only found in the fluids and food kept in plastic bottles. But glass material does not alter the taste of food and also does not produce any smell. It is better to drink water from a carafe which is made up of glass and can maintain the taste of water. So if you want to have water without any change in its taste you can buy a carafe from Ellementry. 

Glass Carafe for your bedside table

Staying hydrated all day long means you must keep water on your bedside table to start your day with a sip of water. It is recommended by health experts and doctors that just after waking up we all must have a glass of water. So it is best to drink water kept in a glass carafe to keep the body hydrated after 8 hours of sleep. Water should not be kept in plastic bottles to avoid chemical leaching into the water. Buy a glass carafe from Ellementry and set up your bedside table. This will also add beauty to the decor of your room. 

New desk decor

Office desks are piled up with a number of files and papers. Sometimes when we get tired of work we need something refreshing that soothes our minds and freshens up the mind. The best thing that can work as both decor and an element for freshness is a colourful glass carafe. When you have a sip of cold water in a carafe all your stress gone away and it’s colourful glass lit up your mood. It’s time to give your desk a trendy decor with stylish desk items, so buy an amber glass carafe from Ellementry which offers a variety of them. 

Water on the desk needs to be pure and safe to retain good health. Work is equally important to that of health and habit of drinking at least 12 glass of water a day is best for all. Buy a glass carafe from Ellementry and stay healthy with hectic work life. It is healthier and safer to drink from a glass carafe than from a plastic bottle.

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