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Are you amongst those who only love spending money on food and never on its cookware? On the contrary, there might be some of you foodies who swear by their culinary skills and for them, spending money on their cookware is of primary importance. Then some believe that expensive cookware is the go-to strategy for cooking exceptional food. Sure gadgets and cookware are an integral part of cooking. Still, the fact that expensive cookware would vouch for a unique skill is somewhat debatable. 

While creating a dramatic yet sensible make-over to your kitchen, cookware usually takes a backseat amidst the buzz of the interiors. It becomes challenging to decide which pot to opt for, from a range of prices. Another legitimate question will be if all this research is worth spending money? After all, a pot simply sits on the stove and warms your food, right?  Well, not quite. Ellementry has curated a few pointers that might help simplify your need to spend your hard-earned money wisely.

A pot in time saves the effort.

One of the views states that more expensive pots and pans get more brownie points over the cheap ones. Cheap pans, to hold its cost together is usually made of one metal. In contrast, the higher quality ones are often a combination of several minerals smelt for the best effect. Choosing the accurate pot is quite a task with traditional views clashing with a more modern outlook. Whatever the choice may be, Ellementry has got everything stocked up for you.

Heating things up

Expensive pots and pans have the added benefit of looking great with high performance. They have a lot going on for them. It is perhaps this reason and a more technical argument that expensive pots and pans are super heat conductors that cook your food at high speed, giving you an additional benefit. Websites like Ellementry has an amazing collection of all the options for you to analyze effectively.

For example, while sautéing the basics, you would immediately figure the right time and the one spot where things could go awry. A pan that poses as a good conductor heats up in no time and can help you pull the plug and cool faster, almost immediately to avoid burning. 

Value for money

Generally, it is assumed that the more expensive a pan, the higher it's quality of construction. This could mean a lot of money for people making their first purchase. The dilemma gets worse for people who purchase their kitchen wares from an investment point of view. A decently priced pot or pan (read as relatively expensive) could last for years. At the same time, an economic one could burn out with scratches and frequently broken handles. Longevity then can help you sift your options before you plunge to make that expense. Is it worth spending money you ask; we at Ellementry say most definitely! 

Accessories and handles

The hunt for the best sauté pan is always on for most food lovers. An old wife's tale is that the appropriate pan should cause serious head injury on being brought down against someone's skull. The logic is that it is the substance of the pan that creates a dent on the surface; then it isn't all that sturdy. A well-constructed handle often takes care of this. It takes away the weight of a heavy pan, making it easy for one to handle.

Then there's a bit on handles. High-quality ones (i.e. read as expensive) are those that aren't just stronger, but also tend to be heatproof. But you might have an issue in finding one supermarket that showers you with all these options, well, you have got it at home in the form of Ellementry online.

Do you really need so many of them?

Cheaper varieties of pots and pans often double up in numbers. While this may be a handy option, they could well pick up eating into your kitchen space. Also, purchasing such sets could add up to your purchase bills as well. 

A lot of casseroles add to this disadvantage. If you are a frequent baker, it would be a better idea to invest in a little less expensive cookware, like a single casserole dish. If you tend to warm up your food often then a good high-end casserole dish should be good to go with. Ellementry believes that stacking up several pots is a rather expensive affair, not to mention the space that they unnecessarily occupy. 

Are all expensive pots really that good?

This is a pertinent question on every shopaholic's list. The idea behind your purchase should most definitely be functionality. While comparing other pans can be a good idea, looking into your most often cooked dishes could also help you decide on your purchase.  Every pot needs a different kind of handling, and your research for the best match at Ellementry should also lead you to the way in which you treat them.

We at Ellementry understand that choosing the best ones out of so many options can at times be intimidating. Therefore, we have a list of options with features justifying the reasons for their segregation. Visit to fulfil your demands with the least efforts.

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