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Life is unpredictable. It is full of twist and turns. You never know what surprise is waiting for you at the next turn. This unpredictability is what excites us to get up every morning and begin our day with something positive and productive. 

We do it for ourselves, for our mental peace. These twists and turns are what make our life a happy and thrilling journey. Just like all other journeys, the sustainability journey is also personal. Embellish this journey with handcrafted and modern kitchenware by Ellementry. 

This journey is all about steering your action to reduce the carbon footprint and working to rectify our past wrong actions. You must do it in a way that inspires others who are around you. In return, you will have a much simpler, healthier and happier life. 

Responsible green living is not as difficult as it sounds. It is not complicated either. Any new journey feels tiresome and impossible in the beginning, but at last, you get a hold of it. Start your sustainable journey from where you are i.e. your home. Take tiny steps, do your best. Over time a sustainable lifestyle will become your new normal. 

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If you are thinking about where to start your journey, then here are some tips that you can get your journey started. 

    • To kickstart your green lifestyle, begin with kicking out non-biodegradable items from your house. These have been affecting our nature for so many years. It’s time that you abandon them for real. Replace them with materials that have no impact on the planet.
    • Green lifestyle is not just about decorating your home with eco-friendly products. You must consume organic edible items. Your diet should make your body as well as nature healthy. Co-habitation must always be on your mind. Swap your meat intake with vegetable-based products.
    • Dress yourself in clothes that are made from nature-friendly materials like khadi, cotton etc. Not only they both are sustainable, but they are easier on your skin too. Moreover, wearing khadi clothes make you close to your culture and traditions.

Bring home only environmentally sound decor items that are made from material like terracotta, ecomix. Equip your kitchen with cookwares that are not only fancy but also made from non-polluting ingredients like ceramic.

Here are some beautiful aids from Ellementry that will give you the right start:2 

Eclipse ceramic coffee mug set of 2

Start your first beverage of the morning in these nature-friendly eclipse ceramic mugs. Spend quality time with your loved ones over a cup of coffee in these beautiful pieces. Both of them are 100% food safe and handcrafted by real artists. The cups are microwave, dishwashers and oven friendly. All you have to do is handle them gently and with utmost care. 

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Terracotta bottle with wooden lid

Summer is here. Your refrigerator must be full of bottles that are made from toxic chemical and material. It is neither good for your health nor your surroundings. They pollute land and does not degrade into the soil for many years. Get yourself this terracotta bottle with a wooden lid to drink healthy water from healthy containers.

terracotta bottle

The bottle is handmade and an eco-friendly product. The natural process of evaporative cooling keeps the water naturally cool to quench your thirst. Its physical appearance is stylish and cool to carry. 

Blue linen napkin set of 6

Keep food spills at bay with this Blue Linen napkin set of six. The napkins are very elegant and will uplift your table set up effortlessly. They have a delicate stitch of contrasting colour on a blue base. Replace your paper napkin with these linen napkins.

blue napkin set of 6

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Teravak embossed planter (short)

You cannot think of a sustainable journey with plants. Plant a sapling in this embossed planter and fill your home’s ambience with a lively spirit. They add the element of happiness, positivity, and prosperity. Plants in the house bring vitality and improve the state of mind. The terracotta planter comes with a drip tray that prevents watermark on the floor or your stand. 

Starting your green journey can be a big, small step in your life. It is personal as everything is up to you and your circumstances. As long as you are working towards the betterment of nature, you are doing your part to impact and support the green movement. Do it with Ellementry with pride and a wide smile. 

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