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The modular kitchen provides a great alternative to give your kitchen a new look. It gives you an ensemble of ready-made baskets, cabinets, racks, bins that are easy to carry around, detachable and replaceable. A modular kitchen is more comfortable to disassemble, which is an advantage in case you are shifting places. There are an array of layout plans to choose from, and you can also customize it according to your preference.

Modular kitchens are a new favourite among homemakers due to the appealing aesthetics and functionality they provide. They are easier to disassemble, which is an advantage in case you are shifting places. However, this modern marvel is incomplete without the right selection of cabinets and kitchen baskets. Unlike traditional kitchen units, you can select and pick the types of baskets required to be placed in the modular kitchen, the kind of finishing you seek and the style of units needed.

Baskets have been a part of our heritage, and they can fit easily in the vast array of layouts offered by modular kitchens. Their construction and variety have made baskets desirable as decorations in primitive as well as modern culture. Baskets are the other name for storage. Kitchen baskets are always present on the list of items required for the kitchen as they help to organize and declutter the kitchen. Based on its purpose, baskets of different styles, as well as sizes, are present in the market.

The baskets come in varied styles fitted with the kitchen cabinet and are available in different shapes to fulfil your purpose. Modern-day kitchens are all about organisation and what makes these kitchens look organized is what goes inside the cabinets rather than the outside. A clutter-free kitchen is dependent upon picking the right kind of baskets. To optimize your activities in the kitchen here is a list of essential baskets you can install. Ellementry helps you plan a proper kitchen by offering your best products that are food safe and hand made with environmentally friendly components.

  1. Cutlery baskets - The tray comes with sections to hold different types of cutlery which ranges from forks to spoons and dessert knives. This tray is preferably installed right below where you cook. It is built of a material to prevent corrosion due to wet cutlery.
  2. Corners baskets - As corners occupy a fair amount of space in the kitchen, they must be properly utilized. The corner baskets can be used to place big utensils which are seldom used. They can be used to store potatoes or onions and Ellementry offers them in round or square shapes.
  3. Partition baskets - Comprising different sections, it is where you can place dinner sets and tea sets. It has a mix of partitions along with a regular partition.
  4. Pull-out baskets - These baskets are designed to hold different types of bottles like oil, ketchup and pickle. The design is such that it prevents the breakage of the bottles. It also ensures that the bottles have the designated space in the kitchen.
  5. Garbage basket - It is ideally placed underneath the sink. The baskets are generally attached to the door to let you dispose of any waste easily. The baskets are available in varying lengths ranging from 6 to 10 inches.
  6. Plain baskets - These types of baskets can be used to place various pans and utensils and can even be stacked. For more of your utensils, you can install more than one basket in the kitchen.
  7. Flour basket - It is designed to carry heavy weights and can house the flour container, which is an essential part of Indian homes. The basket can withstand the weight of the flour container and can be easily pulled out and tucked in without hassle.
  8. Tall and Narrow baskets - They allow you to store bottled items. The fixture can be used to place bottles upright while preventing them from falling and breaking easily.
  9. Door mounted baskets - Baskets can be installed on cabinet doors to enhance the storage capacity of your kitchen. It can be used to store a variety of items ranging from food clippers to disposable garbage bags.
  10. Turntable baskets - These baskets have a 270-degree turntable and are installed at the corner spaces. They can swivel out, so you do not stretch far to pick out items from the cabinet.
  11. Slide and pull out baskets - The slide and pull system can be used to make use of any dead corners. The basket can be pulled out while the rails installed at the bottom remain unseen.
  12. Multi-tier baskets - Kitchens may suffer from a lack of space. With a multi-tier basket, the bottom tier can have a place for stacking plates whereas the top level can have a cutlery organizer.
  13. Vegetable Basket - Vegetable baskets provide you with the space to keep all the fresh items you’ve bought. Certain items like potatoes and onions are kept best when out of the fridge. Keeping the vegetables in the basket rather than in a haphazard manner on the top of the counter, makes the area look neat and clean. You can choose from a variety of material which comprises a basket such as a wicker or rattan.
  14. Kitchen Pantry pullout unit - The pantry units are available in different variations. Pantry units make it easier for you to reach the items which are kept at the back of the cabinet. This makes it easier to pull out all the items from the behind to front. These cabinets are tall in nature so it is advised to keep a small ladder or stool handy to access the top racks.

Benefits of kitchen baskets

  1. Maintaining Hygiene – Modern day kitchens are designed to help you maintain that clutter-free and clean look. Usage of baskets ensures that your kitchen looks well arranged and hygienic, keeping in mind it is the place where food is made. Cleaning the kitchen also requires less effort as compared with the traditional kitchen. As products from Ellementry are sustainable, they are good for the people as well as for the environment.
  2. Managing space - Baskets help you manage every inch of the kitchen and can be placed depending on your purpose and to make it convenient for you to access veggies, spices or everyday items. These units from Ellementry can be shifted or shuffled with ease and makes every corner of the space accessible.
  3. Utilisation of space - Every corner of the kitchen can be utilized with the use of baskets and other modular kitchen items like racks, holders and bins. The design of the items allows for maximisation of space.
  4. Pocket-friendly - As compared to getting a traditional kitchen being constructed where a workman is hired to put every item in place, these baskets in the kitchen makes it easy on the pocket.

In the end, it’s all about one’s preferences as accessories like baskets can on one side add to the cost of building the kitchen while on the other side can make working in the kitchen a hassle-free process. The dimensions of the kitchen will also influence the number of accessories one can include. When there isn’t enough space, one might choose a tall pantry unit while one can install multi-tiered baskets to arrange all the kitchen items. The metal baskets from Ellementry also allow the display of your goods by saving space, thus helping in organizing your kitchen.

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