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Your cookhouse is one of the fundamental, or to put it into simpler words, most important component of the home. Its function is invaluable. Therefore, you are liable to keep it the way it deserves to be. 

While the kitchen essential remains the same for everyone, certain items would be of primary importance for an Indian kitchen. 

Also, look around you. Everything is smart, even your phones. Don’t you think it’s time to make your food-cooking place smart too? Do it with Ellementry, an exclusive brand for some of the amazingly handcrafted kitchenware items. 

Kitchen essentials


So what do you think makes your cookery corner a smart one? 

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Yes, what you are thinking is right, but only partially. Fancy and the latest pieces of equipment, undoubtedly, make it modish, but the most prominent thing is the essentials. A modern cooking house is always well-equipped with all kinds of tool, utensils and appliances. 

From as small as a peeler to as big as a dishwasher, it has it all. But, having all the technological apparatus could be quite overwhelming for the pocket and your monthly budget. 

There is still a way to make your favourite place ahead of everyone's. If not expensive hardware, you can go for a budget-friendly cookware set. 

Brands like Ellementry give you a wide choice of all kinds of kitchenware products. 

Indian cooking involves all kinds of action. Roasting, grilling, frying, chopping, dicing, baking and, whatnot. A dish is announced tasty only when it has an optimum amount of spices and vegetable finely chopped and cooked. 

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Essentials include a masala box, mortar and pestle, tongs, spatulas and utensils of all sizes. All of these play a prime role in the whole cooking process. 

Here are some of the items that you might prefer to have at your place. 

White marble mortar & pestle

Each one of us likes to savour Indian cuisine. Each dish has a taste of its own and it always leaves us wanting for more. The secret lies in the ingredients. 

In most of the parts of India, spices are freshly grounded at home in mortar and pestle. This piece of art handcrafted from marble is a must-have in your kitchen. Crushing spices and herbs would be so much fun with it. 

In teak wooden chakla belan with stand 

Our food is incomplete without round and fluffy chapattis. This wooden chakla belan is designed to give you the pleasure of perfectly round rotis. It is an ode to our Indian tradition. 

This rolling pin and wooden board will help our beginner cooks to put their daily struggle to rest. It comes with a stand too. So anytime when you are not using them, your pin wouldn’t roll down from the counter. 

Hemisphere ceramic jar with wooden lid

Along with advance, make your kitchen stylish too. Break the monotony and give your storage jars a new shape. Raise your standard and place them on your countertop to invite free compliments from every visitor. Use them to store cookies, pulses or anything you like. 

Eggshell metal potato storage bin with wooden lid 

You sure do not want your potatoes rolling all over the place. Store them in this beautiful storage bin. It is a stunner and will add distinguished elegance. Be ready to answer everyone who asks about it. It will take your stocking game to another level. 

Egg Shell Metal Storage Jar


Mango spatula slotted natural

Drain out all that unwanted oil from your favourite pakoras and puris with this mango wood spatula. It has a long handle to give you a firm and complete grip.

It is extremely lightweight which ensures effortless handling. You can get spatulas of all shape and sizes for all purposes on 

Celestial brass tablespoon 

Delicious food has to be eaten with good cutlery. This set of 4 celestial brass tablespoons are perfect for daily as well as for party purpose. A feeling of royalty will take over your table and mind whilst eating. 

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The best feature about these is that they are made from brass which is known for its anti-bacterial properties. They are healthy, durable and 100% safe for your food.

All of these come at very affordable prices at Ellementry. Each one of them is 100% safe for food and is environment friendly. Just like you, even your kitchen deserves a makeover once in a while. 

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