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Gone are those days when notice boards were restricted to places like schools and offices. Every place of management requires a good notice board and the same applies to our houses, especially our kitchens. They are essential for reminders, menu, list of groceries etc. There is a wide variety of notice boards available in the market and to make it easier, you can check out a variety of kitchen notice boards on our Ellementry website. After all, how can we forget to serve you with an essential thing for your kitchen decor


  • Blackboard: Earlier blackboards were restricted to classrooms but in 2020 you can bring them to your kitchen. After all the old is gold. They look very beautiful on a light-colored wall. The wooden frame around it makes it a perfect match for the kitchen, especially if you have wooden cabinets in the kitchen. You can write your daily quotes or any kind of reminders on it. It gives a retro look to your kitchen decor. Such kind of kitchen notice boards may take you down to the memory lane and will make you live your childhood once again. If you are looking for a kitchen notice board like this, you can visit our Ellemetry website.  
  • White Board: Whiteboard with a thick wooden border can act as a multi-purpose board for you. It is a nice kitchen notice board and can add spark to your kitchen decor if you have white color kitchen especially white cabinets. You can use different color markers on it or can stick a post-it on it. It will definitely look great. Such boards are easily available in any stationery shop. 
  • Two-in-one white and pinboard: Well, such boards look amazing having both the features of a pinboard and white writing board. One side you can write your list of things and another side you can pin your important reminders like bills to pay, official notices, party invitations, etc. The dual color board looks beautiful on any background. It is the most organized kitchen notice board for kitchen decor. 
  • Two-in-one blackboard and pinboard: Write on the top all your messages and pin below your reminders. You can again check out such boards on our Ellementry website. Our brown mango wood notice board with cutlery pinboard is the perfect kitchen notice board for kitchen decor. You can hang it horizontally or vertically and let your memos and messages do the talking. 
  • Black pinboards: These kinds of pinboards require letters that come along and with the help of these alphabetical letters, you can write what you want to write. Usually, these are used in restaurants for putting up the menu but you can use such kitchen notice boards for your kitchen when you have a party at home. You can put up a menu for your party or a welcoming quote for the guests. 
  • Personalized cork notice board: This Personalized cork notice board comes with your family name on the top. It is usually made to order. It is one of the gorgeous kitchen notice boards and is used to display invitation cards, postcards, letters, and children’s artwork. 
  • Kitchen board with key stand: It is a multipurpose board that comes with organizer and key stand. As it comes with the shelf, you can place a vase or any other small decorative item on it. You can hang your keys and it’s a great reminder because as you will pick your car keys from there, you can see the list of things you need to buy. It adds grace to your kitchen due to its artistic look. 
  • Wooden board: There can be nothing more satisfying than creating something of your choice. Take a wooden plank or a basic wooden board or an old cutting board in your house. Add a layer of sponge to it and stick to it. Take a piece of cloth of your choice. Try some floral or fruit prints which look bright and colorful. Cover this wooden plank with that cloth. And here is your kitchen notice board ready. You can either stick your reminders or just pin them.  

These are some of the kitchen notice boards to buy this year and decorate your kitchen with them. You can also ensure that the products that you use are sustainable and handcrafted by experts. Notice boards often don’t get the attention that they need. People forget to invest time in them without realizing that they can be great, not just for the organization but decor too. Your kitchen definitely needs a notice board where you can write the grocery list, message for someone entering the kitchen in your absence, recipes, reminders, etc. It will make your life sorted. You can checkout amazing and robust kitchen notice boards on Ellementry to make your life simpler and kitchen walls attractive. 

Have a happy kitchen decor!

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