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You find yourself dreaming or may have finally created the closest version of your dream kitchen. Are you considering some useful hacks and ideas on kitchen storage tips? Ellementry has curated a wide variety of suggestions on how you could place and divide your cabinets, the kind of drawers you would want to have, the fixtures,  countertop and so many other aspects that go into creating an artistically and visually pleasing kitchen. 

Once the cabinets and interiors are done, we come to the part where we actually start using the kitchen and still need to improvise and decide on the kind of storage we want to use for various purposes. You'll often come across chefs and professionals who have a plethora of utensils and kitchen appliances to store and yet manage to do it in an aesthetically pleasing way. Much like the rest of your home, the kitchen décor with Ellementry items can be artfully done while ensuring that all your glassware, ceramic ware, appliances, etc. are in order. 

Some kitchen storage tips shared here are hacks that can be tweaked to incorporate into most modern-day kitchens. All these items are easily available online at Ellementry to make your beautification process much simpler and faster.

Discover the beauty of repurposed glass jars 

Remember all the take-outs that come in fancy glass bottles and jars? Repurposing them is a great way to keep a mix and match various glass jars that comes in handy while storing any kind of grains, pickles, spices, etc. The beauty of glass and ceramic ware is that they are non-reactive.  Ever wondered why all chemicals in a laboratory are stored in glass jars? Well, you know now! Ellementry has long known it and thus, offers you an amazing range of glass jars that are bound to catch your attention.

Convenient and environment-friendly

We all have our part to play in contributing to a balanced and sustainable lifestyle for the sake of our planet. We're often encouraged to recycle our waste. But even before they can be discarded with the recyclable pile, think about how various items can be repurposed. There's no better way to be economical and environmentally friendly than repurposing items from your own discarded pile of waste. 

Apart from the plethora of options glass containers have to offer, they look aesthetically pleasing and are a great way to complement the décor of most modern-day kitchens. Glass jars are easy to wash and can be easily cleaned with a soft sponge and some warm soapy water. Avoid abrasive materials to clean them and say no to slippery hands, and you'll have glass kitchenware that lasts you for a long time to come. 

For those, not so suitable for storing food can be repurposed to store kitchen flatware. Mugs, long jars, and canisters available in various designs at Ellementry are a suitable shape for storing such items.

Innovative repurposing ideas for unused furniture

We often find ourselves discarding a lot of unwanted furniture because we no longer find any use in them or they might be in bad shape. Sometimes, the interiors of your bedroom or living room undergo a change, and you find yourself wanting to discard the furniture that no longer matches the new colour scheme. Before you discard or donate it away, think about the ways in which they can be repurposed. 

Reusing wooden planks: In the case of furniture, you could DIY your old cupboard planks into nice wooden shelves or even gets a carpenter to do them for you. Wooden planks are the most common finds from discarded furniture. You could either choose to make regular shelves out of them or get them fixed in a fancier way. In this picture, a wooden plank has been repurposed as a foldable shelf which you can use in small kitchens that have space limitations. Pull down the plank for chopping your vegetables and create some additional working space and clear it out when you're no longer using it. 

Furniture on wheels: Another fancy kitchen storage tip would be to create or repurpose tables to make kitchen trolleys and rolling racks. Add some wheels to your kitchen furniture, and they'll become so much easier to manage. When you're short or space or the kind of person who likes to shake things up with a bit of change, rolling racks and trolleys offer good temporary storage as well as working space. 

Organized drawers: Still left with some more unused furniture? Imagine reusing the drawer or an old bedside table as a storage box or bin. For a more handmade touch, paint it or give it a distressed look or take it up as a decoupage project. Your drawers will get a new look and life in a different part of your home. 

For the more extra organized person in you, utilize smaller drawers and planks to divide up spaces like this. It prevents a mix-up of cutlery and makes it easier for you to find what you need. 

Handy storage tips for cabinet doors

A clever way to use up space in your cabinet doors is by hanging small items such as measuring spoons. Be mindful of how much you choose to hang because too much would make it difficult to close them. Nevertheless, this is a handy way of keeping the regular ones within reach. 

Investing in hanging racks 

Another one of these popular kitchen storage appliances is these metal racks. They can be perched against a rail or rod beneath the space of your cabinets without occupying any extra space on the countertops. 

Using the classic open shelve spaces 

When it comes to storing certain everyday kitchenware, be it the pots and pans and serving spoons or the regular dishes, bowls, and cups, there is a certain charm in being able to display your best dishes and ceramics out on the shelves. 

They also make it easy to access and store and if arranged in the right way, they can also enable in utilizing space efficiently. Moreover, what use of hiding your fancy stacks of dishes, bowls, and cups behind a cabinet? To be able to see them also adds to the beauty and décor of your kitchen

Kitchen Storage with baskets

Imagine using beautifully handwoven baskets to complement the décor of your kitchen to use as a storage unit. Very often, the lowest racks in the kitchen cabinets become hard to access. Having baskets to fit the size of your rack can help you store items in it and access it by taking it out instead of having to bend and crane yourself to have a look.  

Wooden tray usage tips

Some more takeaway items to repurpose could be the wooden trays you save from your food orders. You could also purchase newer ones that would go with the theme of your kitchen. The neutral look and appearance of the wood are well-suited to most interiors and also adds a classy touch. They could also complement other wooden items in your kitchens, such as cheese trays and chopping boards

Lastly, do not forget to add a finishing touch with finely crafted linen and napkins to complement the décor of your kitchen and ensure that it can be kept as a clean space. 

For a space that we spend so much time in and one that is an integral part of our health and lifestyle choices we make, invest the additional money, time and effort for the best returns in the long term. This effort gets reduced when websites like Ellementry offer all your essentials just a single click away. Visit to get all the essentials to you might require. The items we choose for our kitchen are choices we make for our health, our environment, and our lifestyle. To let them also add a touch of beauty makes the experience of a kitchen complete.

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