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You have been using your kitchen for a very long time. It must be well-equipped with all the utensils and appliances that you need to cook and serve food. However, we still miss out on a few essential products. 

It is because we think that certain items are unnecessary. However, there are many items that you need to make your kitchenette a more practical space to work in. With Ellementry, you can shop some of the best kitchenware that is handcrafted and sustainable. 

Chop & Crush Cutting Board With Mortar

Do you often struggle to select a plate on which you can cut fruits, vegetables and more? If yes, then it is time to switch from your conventional practices and use this beautiful and multi-use chop & crush cutting board with mortar.


Wooden Chopping Board

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Cutting and crushing are an indispensable part of your cooking space. This board will ensure that you have a designated base to do this task. It is also perfect for a kitchenette, eliminating the need of keeping a separate mortar and pestle. 

Wood Roti Box

Every Indian household is incomplete without a roti box. As chapatti is a vital part of our meals, storing it aptly to maintain the freshness is essential. With this particular wood roti box, you can enhance the way your cooking space looks. It is also ideal to be placed on the dinner table. 

Sous Chef Multi Utility Platter

People today are more in favour of restaurant-style meals. As a result, they are keen to prepare such meals themselves. The recipes make it all look like a piece of cake but assembling all the ingredients in one place can be daunting. 

When you have this sous chef multi-utility platter by your side, excelling any instructions will become easier. You can chop the items on the cutting board and place them in the empty columns. There is also space to add condiments that you will require while preparing the meal. 

However, its use is not limited to the kitchen. You can also use this product as a fruit serving platter and even snacks. Use the smaller sections to add sauces and make it the highlight of your party. 

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Allora Glass Jar

Jars are an extremely convenient item. They are used to store all kinds of things, right from tea & coffee to cereal and pulses. The ones used for pulses can work without a spoon but not the ones that store your sugar, tea, and more. 

Allora glass jar is perfect for such a purpose. It is translucent; making it easier to know what each container holds. The hand-carved wooden lid and spoon add to its beauty. You can keep it on the shelf or kitchen platform without compromising on the style of your cooking space. 

Kitchen Warrior Glove & Potholder 

If you are someone who loves to bake, then you must be having an assortment of bakeware items lined neatly in your cookhouse. Baking is an art, and the result is always delicious. 

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However, often it happens that the baker scalds its fingers while taking out the baking pan from the oven. This is why it is a must to have a glove & potholder to save you from such situations. The beautiful mittens will protect your hand from getting burned while offering you a firm grip. 

Brown Wood Shelf

If you have been in a space that is bare of shelves, then you know what a mess that space can be in. So, if you want to add more space in your cookhouse, add a beautiful shelf or multiple of it. Walls are the best to de-clutter the area. You can move the utensils and jars on the shelves. A wooden ridge will perfectly suit your cookhouse, whether contemporary or traditional. 


Brown Wood Shelf


Celestial Brass Table Spoon Set Of 4

Indulge in a super luxurious experience and feel like royalty with a celestial brass tablespoon set of 4. It is a great item to be used when you are entertaining guests. The antique gold colour on brass material makes dinner time highly lavish. Furthermore, brass is antimicrobial, so any germs on the spoon will get killed rapidly, leaving you less to worry about. 

Add these products to your cooking space and see how it revolutionizes your culinary practices. Every item will be worth your investment. 

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