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You have been gaining tons of popularity on Instagram for your authentic food blogging page. Now, the past year, you have visited tons of places and blogging pictures of food. Recently, one restaurant you went to presented their classic dishes on a Lazy Susan.

The food served on the Lazy looked stylish and resembled art like features. What's more? The picture you uploaded got you a healthy amount of likes and shares. On that note, you decided to buy a lazy Susan for your home.

This way, you can use the item, as well as click Instagram-friendly pictures. Which can work in favour of your food blogging.

On that note, today, we are going to discuss a few tips to help you decorate your Lazy Susan for Instagram.

Are you Ready?

Let’s Begin:


  •  Turn it into a Spice Cabinet 


Food photography necessarily does not just need to be about food. You can get very creative with food photography. For example, if you invest in Lazy Susan you can use it to photograph spices and condiments.

Spices are the true heart and soul of India, and there are so many spices that give the right texture and flavour to dishes. So, this time, why don’t give your spices some attention via the Lazy Susan.

What you can do is take small 20 containers and add some regular day used spices in these. You can add oregano, thyme, basil, haldi, cayenne powder, chili powder, and others in the small jar, and place these jars artfully on your Lazy Susan.

Now, keep this Lazy Susan in a fancy table, and you can add stray branches of flowers on the table and click the image.

Once you do, go for a double exposure effect and blur the surroundings. You can also make the surroundings completely balck for a more authentic effect. 

This will make the image look stunning, and you can also get recognition for performing food photography. Not to mention, this is one of the best ways to spend your time during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Now, just ensure to buy a good quality Lazy Susan. You canlazy go for a small to a mid-sized one. Just make sure to buy it from an authentic online store. For a good photography, you can use a teak wooden Lazy Susan

This one is ribbed, very authentic and is made of 100% natural wood. You can get this type of Lazy Susan from any online website, for example, Ellementry.


  • Cup Cake Decoration


Everyone loves cupcakes. These are small, delicious and can be customized any way you like. So, if you have a baker or two in your family who just has the knack of creating aesthetically appealing cupcakes, it's time to team up with that person.

You can request that person to bake you an assortment of cupcakes. You can make ones with chocolate and vanilla frosting, ones with Choco chips and sprinkles and one’s with jelly in them. 

This way, your cupcakes will have variety and flavour and will even look good when arranged.

Now, for decorating this, take your cupcakes and arrange then in a circular motion on the Lazy Susan. For example, take the jelly filed cupcakes and create a small layer in the lazy Susan. Now, in the next layer add the Choco chip ones and in the final layer add the ones with the frosting.

This way the layout of the lazy Susan will look very good and you can easily get the shot you need for Instagram.

On that note, ensure to follow Instagram posting guidelines, and post the image at the right time. Make sure to add minimal edits and make the image look clean and crisp. Additionally, make sure to use the right hashtags, so that your image can explore and get you those quintessential likes.


  • Liquor Collection


A rare and a unique way to use your Lazy Susan is for decorating your wine collection. Let's say you have a few of the fanciest bottles of booze at home, which are begging for attention.

So, why, don’t you use these and decorate the lazy Susan. Simply, take a few bottles of your most potent liquor and place these bottles artfully on your lazy Susan. You can then, keep this lazy Susan in your home bar, and click a few invigorating images.

For the liquor, you can keep bottles of whisky, rum, vodka, tequila, gin and other liquor like Scotch, and Wine. Now, place these bottles on the Lazy Susan and keep the setting in a well-lit place.

Now, click the images and post these on Instagram with the right captions and soon, you will see a flood of likes on your social media profile.


  • Go Crazy with Filters and Editing Tools


When you are bored at home and there is nothing to do in the times of quarantine, photography is one of the easiest ways out. Thus, if you really want to take out of the world photography, you need to exploit some of the editing tools.

Let's say you made a great baked pasta and kept it on the Lazy Susan and clicked a few good images. Now, that is great news, but while the picture is stunning, it is not enough to drag out a ‘wow’ reaction from your followers.

Well, do not worry, and don’t let a good picture go to waste. You can easily use some of the editing tools for bringing life into this picture.

Simply, use a tool like Snapseed to bring life into this picture. You can add new filters, change the background and make it a little edgy for your Insta followers.

 With a few creative touches, chances are your image will look flamboyant and stylish enough to get a lot of attention on Instagram.


  • Add it to Your Table


Lastly, suppose you are hosting a birthday dinner for your family. Now, you have set up a beautiful table with flower, décor and artfully made food. Well, to make this table look elegant and stylish, you can serve some of your food in the Lazy Susan.

However, suppose you are adding dessert on a Lazy Susan with the plates, all ready with the savouries, you might want to picture this. Therefore, why don’t you click this setup for your social media.

Just ensure that everything arranged on the table is artful and showcases beauty and aesthetics. This way, you can post a cool caption with this image and get a lot of likes.

Well, now that you know how to decorate your Lazy Susan for the Instagram, why don’t you try these tips out. You can buy this lazy Susan from any reputed online store. However, if you are looking for an example, we suggest Ellementry.

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