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India is a land of rich cultural heritage. We are well known for our diversity and also for various traditional approaches that bring the best out of each individual. Our food, culture, nature, and wellbeing intertwine effortlessly. Eating and serving food is not a form of art or a way to meet bodily necessities.


It is a way of building better health. Earthen pots and copper vessels, used to store and serve food, have scientific properties. The Indian culinary heritage is not just the concoction of spices, condiments, and nutrition on a platter. It is traditional wisdom that leads to holistic wellbeing and ecological balance. 


However, a large number of people have strayed away from this approach. Due to foreign cultural influence, we are fast moving towards things that aren’t good for our health and wellbeing. Poor diet, unhealthy life choices, diseases and more are all results of it.


Learning from the wisdom of past


All across the globe, the significance of eating healthy and consciously is being realized by people. This is leading to the consumption of organic food, zero wastage and use of earthen pots.


People are once again learning from the wisdom of the past. They have started investing in cookware and serve ware that is environmentally friendly. The use of sustainable materials is also becoming a way of living. 


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As there is no longer the need to go into the market for sustainable and eco-friendly dinnerware, buyers are popularly purchasing such products online from If you also wish to learn from the past wisdom and make your health a priority, listed below are some products that should become a part of your kitchen. 


White Marble Mortar & Pestle

The right mix of herbs, spices and roots can do wonders for your food. You should not just add them in their original form. When condiments are crushed properly, they emit aroma and the right flavours.


You will need a mortar and pestle to bring out the true essences of roots and spices. Doing it in a mortar and pestle marble is vital. As marble is a natural stone, it will not alter the flavour of crushed spices. It will only enhance it. The product is sustainable, handcrafted, food-safe and leads to cultural revival.


Brown Mango Wood Roti Box

Ellementry roti box is handcrafted, and it is 100% food safe. It perfectly meets form and function. Every roti coming out of this box will be a true delight for your taste buds. It will also help in keeping your health better. 


Terracotta Water Bottle With Sphere Stopper

A dining table served with delicious food is everyone’s dream. But such a table is incomplete without one thing. That is, a drinking water bottle. It is advised to drink water 30 minutes before or after the meal but water on the dinner table is a must.


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Water stored in the terracotta water bottle is much safer to consume. Being in direct contact with a natural element, the nutrients in the water always augment. 100% nature-born, sustainable and food-safe drinkware, it is handcrafted for your lifestyle and health. 


Oval Natural Terracotta Curd Setter

Indian meals are incomplete without curd. It is necessary for better digestion of food. Curd also keeps the body temperature low. If you are making curd at home, you will need to keep it in a container to properly set it in. You can use several utensils for this purpose.


But the curd setter that sets in the terracotta bowl has a different taste altogether. It makes the perfect breeding ground for good bacteria required for making the curd. The container will soak an access amount of water. The natural properties of terracotta also get passed on to the curd, making it more nutritional. 


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The products mentioned above are a way of learning from the past. A way to revive our cultural heritage! You will be able to take your health on a good path when you add these to your kitchen. has all these products that are 100% environmentally friendly and handmade. Sustainable products will lead to a cultural revival in your home. It is a great time to set a good example for the coming generation and lead a healthier life. 


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