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India is known for its cultural diversity. It is the land where every festival is marked with utmost delight and passion. We have now reached that time of the year when people will throw colours at each other, celebrating Holi. It is one of the most beautiful festivals in our country.

The festival signifies the triumph of good over evil. Individuals of almost all religions, caste and creed come together to celebrate this pious event. Ellementry is one such brand that celebrates the individuality of the nation with its most unique handmade products. The items they craft are at the epitome of form and function. 

At Ellementry, we are united and active in our approach to protect the environment.  This is why machines are not our artists, artisans are. It is our artists that our artists work hard to create beautiful products that are worthy to be a part of your home. It helps you to become class apart without hurting the environment in the wake.

 This Holi - Play Natural

It is time that we come together and spread the cheer of Holi in natural ways. There are so many things that we can do to care for our health, others and our environment too. So, without further ado, let’s learn some natural and simple yet joyful ways of celebrating Holi. The listed below ideas will inspire you to spread the true essence of this beautiful festival.

Play With Natural Colours 

The first thing you can do this Holi to make it cleaner is to use natural colours. There was a time when getting natural Holi colours were a daunting task. But as more and more people are opting for it, you can easily buy them from any Holi colours seller. If you love DIY then, bring out the mortar & pestle and crush Turmeric, Heena and Chandan in it.

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You will need to invest a little time, but your hard work will get paid naturally. The natural colours you will get will be perfect for Holi celebration. There will be no harm to your skin or the environment. You can also combine the items to make different and distinctive colours. They are easy to wash off and will be gentle on your skin. You might even get a healthy glow after rubbing all those natural colours.  

Have a Fun-filled Get-To-Gether

Make your Holi more happening and fun fun-filled by organizing a panipuri party for everyone in the neighbourhood. Young and old, everyone will be delighted to be a part of such an event. This will also give you a chance to show off your stunning barware sets and serveware items. 

Drinking Glasses Metal

As people will be more focused on enjoying chaptpati panipuri, they will make less mess around. There will be fun, laughter and smiling faces all around. Keeping an eye on the kids will also become easy. Your small effort will bring about a significant change. 

Encourage People To Enjoy Dry Holi

The use of water guns and balloons lead to unnecessary clutter and a lot of water wastage. Instead, you can gather the entire family and make some savouries from scratch. It will be a great bonding time. The men of the house will also learn to use chakla belan.

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If you are making gujiyas, give one family member the duty to stir it with a ladle until golden brown. The idea of contributing to something will make everyone happy. There will be no mess around the house and only the love and aroma of freshly cooked sweets and savouries. 

Holi and Ellementry are all about spreading happiness. The festival and handmade items let you enjoy some time together with friends and family. It is vital to celebrate festivals naturally. But it is also crucial that your tableware and kitchenware items are also safe for the environment, handmade, sustainable with a proper balance of form and function. You can look for such environmentally-safe products at 

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