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One of the oldest fabrics to be crafted in the history of mankind, linen has been a paradigm of sustainable living for ages. Honed by experience and expertise that traces back to the dawn of human civilisation, the painstaking art of weaving linen has been passed down to us through several millennia. Fresh, lightweight and absorbent, linen is the ideal fabric for placemats in homes that uphold the values of sustainable living. Biodegradable and eco-friendly, linen placemats embody the perfect amalgamation of traditional knowledge and contemporary necessities.

Linen placemats are available on Ellementry in a variety of designs, each one as unique as the others by dint of the labour of love that has shaped them. Practical and aesthetic, the plain and undecorated placemats are best suited for homes that reflect the minimalistic elegance of those who inhabit it. Lightly textured, the uneven surface of plain linen placemats bear testament to the human labour that has been involved in its production, which makes each and every piece one of a kind. A happy fusion of grace and practicality, these placemats celebrate the long tradition of weavers who have been engaged in the vocation of crafting the fabric out of the renewable resources of nature. Catering to senses as well as sensibilities, these linen placemats are appropriate for quiet dinners with family, where the deeper emotional bonds between individuals are celebrated through mutual support and unconditional love.

Woven out of flax fibres, linen placemats offered at Ellementry are not only decorative but also food-safe. A viable alternative to its cotton and jute alternatives, these linen placemats are recyclable by nature, thereby making the best use of the finite resources of the earth. For those who wish to introduce minute decorative elements in the décor of their dining rooms, linen placemats often come with very intricate borders woven around their edges. The artistry involved in the weaving of these placemats is evident in the narrow borders that are often woven around these white or ivory pieces that are at once delicate and durable. Rooted in tradition, these dainty placemats are often decorated with embroidered borders, carefully handcrafted by artists who believe in the value of human labour. 

Beautiful as well as meaningful, monogrammed placemats are a complement to contemporary homes that cherish the intimacy of a personal touch in articles of everyday life. Amidst the din and bustle of life in the 21st century, these personalised placemats serve as a thoughtful reminder to one of the most essential things in life: family. Signifying the deep bond that exists between family members, these monogrammed placemats serve as tangible elements in a household that represent the love and affection that makes a home. 

Symbolic of deep-rooted family values, the minimalist linen placemats are often associated with the Victorian ages. However, for those who harbour a taste for the baroque, embellished linen placemats provide an eco-friendly alternative to other artificial fabrics and toxic colours. Heavily embroidered placemats impart grace to otherwise unadorned dining rooms and often serve as decorative centre-pieces while preventing the spillage of food. These sophisticated pieces may be used at parties among friends and family, where the gaiety of the décor would contribute to the mirth of the occasion. Contributing positively towards a greener future, linen has a lower water footprint than cotton and is thus less likely to disturb the equilibrium of nature. Providing a relatively eco-friendly alternative to cotton and jute placemats, these placemats available easily at websites like Ellementry mark a deep concern for the environment.

Usually available in different shades of white or ivory, colourful linen placemats are an unconventional choice for individuals who wish to add an element of a quirk in their daily lives. Linen placemats dyed in organic colours may transform any nondescript dining room into a kitschy space where the whole family can bond over shared meals and shared interests. Bold and individualistic, coloured linen placemats come in simplistic designs that do not distract from the aesthetic hues of the pieces. Placed within a kitschy environment, these placemats are a welcome addition to creating spaces that do not adhere to the usual rules. Idle afternoons spent over a book and a cup of coffee are often made special by these handcrafted placemats that display a perfect blend of aesthetic whimsy and utilitarianism.  

Linen placemats have a few utilitarian benefits along with its beauty and minimum environmental impact. Quick to dry and highly absorbent, linen is the best fabric for articles that may require frequent washing. Easy to wash and to maintain, the linen placemats are a blessing to those who feel uncomfortable using placemats that stain easily. For people who suffer from allergic reactions to synthetic fibres, linen serves as a skin-friendly alternative, that does not irritate their skin. Since linen is also compostable, the linen placemats may be easily cut into small pieces and mixed into compost by way of recycling. 

Timeless and sophisticated, linen placemats are a charming addition to the dinner tables of any household. Available in a wide array of exquisite designs at Ellementry, there are several charming pieces that cater to the discerning tastes of the conscientious individual who wishes to ensure a safe future for their loved ones, as well as the generations that are yet to come. Visit to grab some latest and beautiful designs in these placemats.

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