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Do you keep your tabletop empty? Do you believe that table is the least noticeable furniture item? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then it is time to change that outlook by embellishing your furniture stand with table decor items


The table is a vital part of a home. It is placed in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms and even in outdoor spaces. It is utilized to put food items, drinks, books and more. But do not be under the impression that no one notices your table. The moment guests enter a space, they look around at each and everything.


Your empty tabletop is also something that will be visible to their eye. This is why you must decorate it with classic and stylish decor pieces. Traditional or fusion décor items will enhance the appeal of the entire space. Listed below are some handpicked top table décor items to help you out in your endeavour. 


Liven up your table with these decor items




Are you a plant lover? Then you would love to bring some of them indoors as well. Get creative with your planting techniques by opting for an assortment of planters from Ellementry.


The pots and even the motifs on them are handmade that add a whole new level of style. The exquisite work done by the gifted craftsmen can elevate your home Decor. You can place any plant of your choice in it. The planter's subtle beauty will spread the magic. As it will be at the top of the table, your plants will not go unnoticed. 




A large table lined with minikin décor items can create a stunning look. You will find several options in this category online. So you can choose a décor item that perfectly fits your needs. Stick to the traditional options or opt for the fusion, the minikin will spread its charm the moment you place it on the table.  

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Candle Holder

Make your home hum the notes of nature with a wooden candle holder. Ellementry is the perfect place to shop for this item. The candle stand is hand-painted. So no two objects will be the same. The candle holders you see on the website are an expression of love for Mother Nature. Also, the material does not come at the cost of the environment. Be certain that the products you are picking are sustainable and environmentally friendly.  

Glass Votive & Bowls 

Wish to add mood lighting in an alluring way? The best way to do that is by adding glass votive and bowls to your desired tables. They will look perfect when placed on bedside tables. You can light it up when sipping wine in the middle of the night. The dinnerware is another fantastic place for these décor items. Light them up when the guests come and they will love the ambience created by wax filled glass votive and bowls. 

Home decorative from ellementry


Texture Metal Platter 

A textured metal plate is an amazing way of decorating your table and also adding a purpose. You can place freshly cut fruits, candies, bakery items and more on it. Add a few more pieces to craft your unique look. It is a refreshing addition for homes and offices that are frequently visited. The serving platter will work nicely as a décor item. Nibbles and snacks on the platter will make any guest happy. 

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Glass Bowl 

For big tables, a glass bowl is an ideal décor item. It can suit your needs perfectly well as the bowls come in an assortment of sizes, colours and patterns. Fruit lovers can opt for a bigger one to place different types of fruits without compromising on the décor needs. A small glass bowl will be perfect for a myriad of things. You can also leave it empty and use it as a signature piece. 

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Blue Ombre Decorative Glass-Enamel Bowl 

If you want your home to look well decorated and high on style, then a blue ombre decorative glass-enamel bowl is a good option. You can either add it to your dining table or the table placed in the living room. 

Its classic and sophisticated handmade design will capture the hearts of the people. The fusion of glass and enamel is sure to become a point of discussion. Being sustainable and handmade, it will effortlessly meet form and function. 

Now that you have some remarkable table décor ideas at your hand, it's time to have a look at those online. Buy these stunning pieces that are an epitome of exclusivity from Ellementry. Every item is handcrafted by our gifted craftsmen. From fusion to contemporary, you will find all the table decor items with us. 

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