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There is one person in this world who, no matter what, will always have your back. He is the FATHER. He remains busy all day, sometimes stays away from his family to earn for them, always fights for you but never asks for anything in return. 

Father is the man of the family. He might not express much, but you are always on his mind. He loves you more than anything. The bond is extra special with him. It is not expressed through words but by actions. Cherish and celebrate this bond every day with Ellementry. 

Father’s day is approaching. Have you planned anything yet? Celebrating just for a day can’t do justice to the person who spends his whole life happily working for us. Fathers must be celebrated every day. 

Mugs for fathers day

They are the reasons why most of you have food on your plates, shelter over your head and clothes on your body. His parenting style is significantly different from that of the mothers, but his role in your life is equally important as hers. When mothers take over to nourish the emotional side of the child, fathers take on the responsibility to make him tough and bold to face the outside world.

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The person who is dedicating his entire life to your well being deserves to be loved. Take some time out to make him feel special. And it should be just for one day. Do fun activities whenever you can. There are so many things that you can enjoy with your father, like: 

    • Take him to a brewery and spend some quality time over your favourite drink. He works hard all the time. Let him relax a little bit and have a lazy day. A refreshing glass of cool drink never goes wrong.
    • Sometimes the responsibilities make our dads drop their passion. Take him on a short trip for an adventure sport. Make him feel young and wild again. He may not say it, but he misses his old self.
    • Everybody knows men are crazy about cars and games. A good bowling session with the family is a good way to spend quality time filled with joy. It will uplift his mood.
    • What’s better than a good massage to make him relax and put all the stress away? Take him to a spa so that he can feel at peace. 

Here are few sustainable and beautiful products by Ellementry that might help you to help him in his routine: 

Knurl terracotta tumbler with wooden lid

Summer is here. Your father leaves for work every morning and works hard the entire day. Gift him this knurl terracotta tumbler that has a natural cooling property. His drink will remain cold and fresh for a long time. It is a 100% safe, nature born tumbler, specially handcrafted to blend into the modern lifestyle. 

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Sienna terracotta carafe with lid

This father’s day, surprise him with the most environmentally friendly gift. You must have heard your dad talking about the things that were used in his time. This carafe is an ode to the traditional earthen pot, which he might miss drinking water from. 

Carbon ceramic mug set of two

If your father loves coffee, then what’s better than gifting him this beautiful set of ceramic cups. The hand-marbles texture will give his morning beverage a cosmic backdrop. They are perfect for everyday use. 

Mango wood indigo coaster withstand (set of 4)

It is the habit of every father to forget his drink while reading a newspaper. Buy him this indigo coaster set. It will help him to keep his drink hot while he reads his morning paper attentively. 

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Devaysa pooja box

In most households, it is the fathers who ring the holy bell while worshipping God in the morning. This handcrafted pooja box, made from wood & brass, is an apt gifting idea. All his prerequisite for holy prayer are kept inside the box. It comes with a lid of brass which has three small compartments on the top. It is used as pooja thali. This devaysa pooja box will bring a bright and wide smile to his face. 

Sheesham wood nut bowl

If your dad is fond of having namkeen with his tea, then serve him his favourite snack in this Sheesham wood nut bowl. The bowl is even perfect to keep popcorn or nachos if he likes them while watching a movie. 

Buy these amazing gifts from ellementry and make father’s day even more special 

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