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People in our country are highly fond of different cuisines. The country’s residents have very well adopted some beautiful cultural tradition of far off settlement. High-tea is one such thing. 

It is our way of organising an intimate soiree at our place. This light supper is a British heritage that is an epitome of class and elegance worldwide. It is supposed to be served with cakes, cookies, brownies and steaming hot beverage. Ellementry has some beautiful serveware accessories for you that will illuminate your party with grace and refinement. 

Tea in India is the most-favoured drink. It is liked by the majority of individuals here and is more than a refreshment to us. Popularly known as ‘Chai”, it is our favourite excuse to come together for hours-long conversation. Deep-fried fritters and homemade snacks escalate the charm. Those who don’t like it, prefer coffee which is synonymous with stress buster. 

Brass Tea Cup

There are few rules this folklore comes with; It is to be presented in fancy and luxury serveware. You can’t go about it with the usual sets. It is a special meal, hence exceptional serving teacups and saucer set. The items which are to be offered include sweet and sugary eatables. 

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It will make a pleasing expression if you bake them at your home. The gesture would show your love and admiration towards the guests. The menu is simple and easy to make. It includes finger sandwiches, biscuits, rolls, cakes, bread etc. The purpose of this time of meal is to nourish the mind and soul after a long day at work. It used to be a popular social commotion among people of esteem class, but now it is everybody’s cup of tea. 

If you don’t have good looking tableware at your place, here are some items that will help you carry on your party with style and vogue. 

Aqua rustic ceramic teacup saucer

This aquatic tone blended with hints of earthiness will take your game to another level. The combination of colours is worth admiring. The fact that it is made from ceramic contributes its bit to nature. 

Ceramic Tea Cup Saucer

It is eco friendly and safe for your traditional sober liquor. It is appropriate to be used with the microwave, dishwasher and oven as well. It will do as you please. All it asks in return is gentle handling and care. 

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Sheesham 2-tier cake stand

If you have decided to please your friends with your baking skills, this stand is for you. Spongy chocolaty cupcakes will look more eye-pleasing sitting on one of the two tiers. It is of the best quality wood. It has enough room to showcase your creativity at best. Place it on your table and, Viola! Your decor is ready. 

Fiore ceramic cake stand with wooden base

It is a fine combination of wood and ceramic. Your dessert will shine on it. The product is a piece of attraction that no one can resist. It matches perfectly with your abode’s décor. Pair it with other parts of this collection and get a complete look. 

Ceramic Cake Stand


Ceramic mug polka dots with lid blue

This gift is for our caffeine lovers. The brew with a strong aroma will have a different effect on you in this mug. Take a sip and handle it with style. It comes with a lid that also acts as a coaster. The cup has a cute and delightful backdrop on it. It is so charming to look at that it will be your favourite chalice for all kinds of drinks. 

Fluted glass cloche with wooden stand

If you are one of those who like to do everything uniquely and extraordinarily, then this beautiful piece is made for you. The cake you will bake with so much love and affection will twinkle from this glass cloche. It will be safe and fresh inside for a considerable long time. It is the epitome of grandeur. 

All of the state-of-the-art crafts discussed above are given shape by true artists and are eco-friendly. You can have a look at more of such articles on 

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