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Dear Mothers,

Your contribution to everybody’s life is beyond compare. The selfless act of love and care is what makes each person indebted to you for their whole life. You only give and ask nothing in return.

The job you perform every day, irrespective of your health and physical condition, makes it invaluable. It is like no other job in the world and it is never done. The fact that your entire selfless act goes unappreciated is overwhelming. You take your role very seriously.

While you pray, guide and serve us with a smile, a day for you should be marked with celebration. This mother’s day, Ellementry, an exclusive brand of handcrafted and aesthetically designed kitchenware items, wants to reach out to all the moms to remind them how loved and appreciated they are.

Kitchen Decor for Mothers day Gifts

 You are remarkable. By the responsibility of raising, holding, tending wounds and encouraging children to indulge in new activities, you are the example of strength and courage. The self-sacrificing character shows the generation how to survive in this world with fierce yet gentle power.

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The epitome of dedication and compassion is the most important human being in everyone’s life. No one else cares for the kids like Maa. The highly responsible woman, popularly known as Mumma, plays a huge role in building a society.

Her upbringing, values, and morals mould a person’s attitude. She is an entire support system of a family. Without this precious gift of God, life would be dark and gloomy.

The fact that one day is meant for these wonderful women is so unfair. They should be celebrated and cherished every day. It wouldn’t take much of your efforts and money. Her heart smiles with your little gestures of care and love. If you do not want to do anything at all, just tell her “I love you”. The smile will not leave her face for the entire day.

Following the social commotion, here are some unique products from ellementry that will make her day.

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Terracotta baking dish

Terracotta Baking Dish

What is better than giving her something she will use and remember for a long time? 

This bakeware dish will give her cooking skills a style and elegance. Terracotta allows the heat to evenly distribute all over the surface and edges, giving you a finely cooked meal. 

It will fit perfectly well in her kitchen and will give a distinguished look to her cookware collection. The bowl has multi-purpose. After preparing, you can place it directly from the table and serve from it. It will lighten her burden of cleaning extra serving dishes. 

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Waffle blue kitchen apron

Show that you care for her. Save her extra energy and time that gets wasted in removing stubborn stains of oil and curry from her clothes. Get her this beautiful pinafore. 

It will not only restrain all types of spots but will also save her from burns. It is made from cotton. After every wash, the material will get stiff and bright. She will cherish your present for life. 

Kitchen warrior glove & potholder (Black)

These will invoke the real baker in her. Both of these items will complete her bakeware attire. They will provide a perfect hold of hot oven accessories with a firm grip. The colour and design are the added reasons as to why you must have these at your place. 

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Upper crust ceramic tart dish

Mother’s day is a day to celebrate the most precious human. Mark it with something sweet. Gift her this dish. These round fluted sides make it perfect for quiches and other side servings. 

These are some of the suggestions you can surprise her from. Other than offering her something precious, here are some other things that you can do. 

    • Give her a break. Relieve her from her duties. Let her rest and enjoy. Plan the entire day's meal of her choice. Handle the entire household chore for a day. Honour your mom by serving her favourite recipes. 
    • Reassure her with your words. 
    • Offer her something made from hand. Do everything she loves for the entire 24 hours. 

She never asks for anything in return. Mammas might not say it but feels tired too. If not handling all, lend a helping hand to her any time you get time. She is precious. Make her every day beautiful with Ellementry. 

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