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Gifting table accessories to a friend is a unique idea when it comes to gifting, very few people can think about it. Usually, people gift kitchen accessories when it comes to gift something for home decor. Today, we will help you with minimal table accessories which is one of the best gifting ideas.  You can gift these items at a house warming event too. Visit Ellementry to check out these minimal items.

Bottle Stopper

We all have a cork, stopper or a lid with the bottles we use in our homes but they may not look very delightful as very few industries are innovative enough to think about an attractive bottle stopper. But a beautiful bottle stopper can add a tinge of spark to your bottle and can make it look very elegant. If you want to see how beautiful it can look, you can check out some on our Ellementry website. 

Think about a sparkling green bottle stopper on the top of your transparent bottle. You can also make it look more amazing by storing a green drink in it. 

These bottle stoppers are the perfect gift to carry to any party. The best part of these bottle stoppers is that you can recycle your everyday glass bottles with them and can you these bottles for special occasions. Bottle stoppers are one of a good option if you are looking for table accessories as a gift. It is a minimal table accessory but good enough to impress someone. 

Napkin Ring

The napkin ring is another one of the minimal table accessories. It is a perfect table accessory to gift your friends because it is very uncommon. Very few people know about it and use them. It can enlighten a boring table. At Ellementry, we offer a wide range of napkin rings. Check out our mango napkin ring bird set of 2 natural. It is small yet it stands out. It is perfect for your table decor. It’s pocket-friendly too. Its intricate bird design makes it an attractive table accessory to gift someone. 

Spoon Rest

We often face this problem of resting our tablespoons after use. We usually leave them inside the pot while serving. But the real problem comes when we need to cover the pot and tablespoons cannot be left inside the pot. To solve this small issue, we have the spoon rests in the market which are small and very convenient to use. They are one of the best table accessories to gift when you are looking for minimal table accessories. 

Dispenser Stand

These days people use stylish water dispensers as a show stopper for their party. You can gift a dispenser stand which will give support to the dispenser and can also be used in many ways. A triangular lightweight wooden stand for the dispenser will look glamorous. It can also be used for placing the cake or sandwiches when you are not using it as a dispenser stand. It is a multipurpose minimal table accessory. 

Toothpick Holder

Toothpicks are no longer used from the same plastic bottle in which they come. An artistic toothpick holder can be house to your toothpicks as well as can make your table look much better. Just imagine a black masala toothpick holder on your table cover with a white cloth. It will look very prominent in the center of the table. It is a unique piece of art that can handle your toothpicks too. You can buy our best seller on our website. It is an impressive table accessory to gift your friend.  


Nobody likes his table or table cloth to be spoiled by heat. The marks from the heat are not easy to remove. To protect the table from it, everyone needs a trivet. The trivet is the one that can stand the countless tests of fire. A brass trivet is highly recommended. It is an essential thing for the table but it is hardly thought about when it comes to gifting. So if you are looking for the minimal table accessories that are unusual but essential items to gift your friends, this is for you. 

Cutlery Stand

If I’ll ask you which table accessory gets the most attention on the table, your answer will be a cutlery stand. This the most essential item of the table and every table is incomplete without it. If you think your friend would be happy to have an elegant cutlery nest for her table, then you should choose such table accessories as a gift. Check out some of the best and artistic cutlery stands on Ellementry.

Tissue Holder

Tissue holders are also one of the required table accessories especially when you have a dinner or lunch party at home. These tissue holders come in ceramic, metal, and wooden designs. They look graceful on any kind of table. It looks perfect with a table cloth beneath and a flowerpot by its side. Add some printed tissue to it and you are good to go. It can be gifted on any occasion and this makes it a good option in the list of table accessories to gift. 

Tea Bag Rest

Who thought about a few years ago that even a tea bag can be rested in a stylish way? But nowadays it’s all about style. Buy some beautiful tea bag rest and do not put a burden on your saucer anymore. These tea bags holder are compact and can also be used to rest your sugar spoon. They are a thoughtful gift and very few people can think of gifting such a unique piece of requirement. They are just perfect minimal table accessories. You can also club them with a set of 2 mugs or a set of cups if you are looking to gift something big. 

These were some of the minimal table accessories to gift. We hope this guide will help you to buy a perfect gift for your loved one! Visit Ellementry today to buy these products and to impress your friends with your choice.

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