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A table setting is more than just a functional arrangement of plates, cutlery, and glasses. If you love hosting dinner parties, brunches, or even casual get-together, you know how important it is to set a beautiful and inviting table for your guests. It is also an expression of your personal style, creativity, and hospitality. A well-designed table setting can elevate your dining experience, impress your guests, and create a memorable occasion.

But how do you achieve a stunning table setting without spending a fortune on matching sets of kitchenware and serveware? The answer is simple: mix and match! By combining different elements of color, texture, shape, and material, you can create a unique and harmonious look that reflects your taste and personality.

Here are some tips on how to mix and match your kitchenware and serveware for a stunning table setting:

Start with a base

Choose a tablecloth, runner, or placemat that sets the tone for your table setting. You can opt for a solid color, a pattern, or a texture that complements your theme or mood.  Add some personality and fun to your table setting by mixing different patterns and prints. For example, you can use a lienzo runner to add some colors and spark to your table. You can also mix different styles of patterns and prints, such as vintage with modern, or ethnic with minimalist.

Setting Table with a Runner Cloth

Layer with plates

Plates are the main attraction of your table setting, so choose them wisely. You can mix and match different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to create contrast and interest. The motive is to create contrast and harmony on your table by mixing different textures and materials. For instance, use a rustic reef collection, then layer it with fiore ceramic dinner plate and a gold metal bowl for some shine and sophistication. 2 

Add some accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches that make your table setting complete. You can use napkins, napkin rings, coasters, trivets, salt and pepper shakers, and other items to add some flair and functionality to your table. Opting for a laimai trivet set to protect your table from hot dishes, or a laimai leaf pattern cheese board to serve some appetizers can never go wrong. You can further enhance the setting with a subtle placement of candles in candle holders such as gaiyo or frangipani.

Unveil your serveware

Serveware is the star of the show when it comes to serving your food. You can mix and match different types of serveware, such as platters, bowls, casseroles, pitchers, and trays, to display your dishes in style. You can also use different materials, such as glass, wood, metal, or ceramic, to create some variety and texture. To elaborate, use clove or  alami glass cloche to keep your bread fresh and warm, or a brass pan to cook or serve your main course. You can also layer different shapes and sizes of baking dishes and bowls to create height and dimension on your table such as the sienna terracotta baking dish.

Glass Cloche for Cake and Desserts

Enjoy your table setting

The most important thing is to have fun with your table setting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of kitchenware and serveware until you find the ones that suit your taste and occasion. Remember that there are no rules when it comes to mixing and matching; only guidelines and preferences. The goal is to create a table setting that makes you happy and proud.

Mixing and matching your kitchenware and serveware is a great way to showcase your creativity and personality. We hope this blog helps you in creating a stunning table setting that will wow your guests and make your dining experience more enjoyable. Happy mixing!

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