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Dish Towel is the reason why your cutlery shines in the kitchen! 

  If cleanliness is in your genes and you are also one of those cleanliness freaks, then you for a fact know the importance of a Dish Towel. Imagine, you have ‘Bone China’ dinner set at your place. You usually use it for special guests. However, after a few times, it does not provide the same fresh look, like it used to. This is extremely disheartening for most people as they know that food only stands out if it is served in the right and clean dishes.

To keep the dishes fresh for long, here are some significant uses of an Offbeat Dish Towel. I hope this will help you give your kitchen a better look.


  • We found Dish Towel everywhere:

Dish Towel comes handy regardless of whether you do your dishes yourself or place them in the dishwasher. It is extremely useful while the dishes are in the sink or post-wash to dry the dishes. We do not know any kitchen in the world that does not need a Dish Towel. From five stars to small cafes across the globe use it. You have a plethora of guests come over? Why worry, wash and dry your wine glasses and bone china dishes with the same. You are in a hurry; here comes the Dish Towel. Get them easily online at Ellementry.


  • Do you have the right kind of Dish Towel? 

The basic thing that a Dish Towel does make your job easier in the kitchen by letting you dry the dishes as quickly as possible. However, if the quality of an Offbeat Dish Towel is not worth its price, then you will have a hard time cleaning up your dishes. Truly, it will take you endless rounds to dry the dishes thoroughly.  How to save yourself from such a hassle? Simple, do not go for anything cheap and common. Invest in an Offbeat Dish Towel at Ellementry that can absorb maximum moisture and can dry the dishes in a go.


  • How to save your dishes from lint?

Even if your Dish Towel absorbs the water quickly, this does not mean the quality is top-notch. Are you sure it does not leave any lint balls on your dried up dishes? If yes, then all your efforts and time are just a big waste. Imagine you have company over and from your end; you are delivering the best of everything - the best cutlery, best food, the best music, and best atmosphere. However, your dishes and glasses have lint on it. Trust us; we know the embarrassment! 


  • Is it a mop or a dish towel? 

A cheap Dish Towel has a thin fabric and often leaves lint balls on dishes. You indeed saved your money; however, was it worth it? After some time, you will find your dish towel looking like a mop. You will frequently need another set of dishtowels. We guess, perhaps, you did not think it through before investing in it. 


  • What size should you pick?


Another question that we think you should give stress upon before buying a Dish Towel is the size. Now, most of you might be thinking, how does it matter? Well, to begin with, let us talk about the number of dishes you do in a day. Our guess, plenty! Do you expect a small Dish Towel to do the job perfectly for an entire day?

If with the quality, the size of the Dish Towel is also apt; your job in the kitchen will get a lot easier. As it can be used multiple times to dry up the dishes; various layers can be formed, and different corners of the same can be used to dry up different kinds of utensils. However, finding such quality in a cheap product is unusual. For better results, go for an offbeat Dish Towel.

We at Ellementry know how to give a Dish Towel the kitchen artistry it needs.  We ensure the fabric is offbeat, the size is appropriate, the design is flawless, and it can be used multiple times for various dishes without leaving any lint balls. Your kitchen is your happy place and to enhance your bliss we provide unique Dish Towel that complements well with everything. 

Apart from drying the dishes up, you can use a Dish Towel for various other purposes in the kitchen. It is the most versatile item that you will easily find in any kitchen regardless of the type, space, and design. All you need to remember is that keep the towels separate for every purpose.


  • Ready to soak up any liquid: 

Absorbing any liquid is the main characteristic of a dishtowel. From cleaning any liquid spills to drying up the utensils, it can do the job perfectly. Just think for a minute; during an accidental spill, on what item does your hand go on first? Without fail a Dish Towel, right! It can also be used for cleaning up the cutting board and the sticky stains that appear on the kitchen countertop while cooking. You will be astounded if you do not find a professional chef in his kitchen with a few numbers of dish towels around him. 


  • The best alternative for a kitchen towel: 


Washing hands is a must whilst in the kitchen, and what can you use to do that apart for a kitchen towel? Well, Dish Towel is a towel, right! Apart from doing the dishes, it can be an excellent item to soak water and moisture from your hands. Place it near the sink or hang it on the handle of your kitchen door. You will always have a clean and dry piece of cloth to wipe off your hands with. Pick up the best quality dishtowels from a variety of options available at Ellementry.


  • It saves you from burning: 

All the baking, frying, pouring, etc. are a part of every kitchen and whilst performing these tasks, a lot of things can go out of hands; especially, while dealing with hot dishes. Well, it is here where you will need a cloth or a towel to make things easier for you. Dish Towel can be the best thing that can save you from burning yourself while dealing with hot dishes. You might have potholders or oven mittens in your kitchen. However, are you sure you will always be able to find these right on time? We guess we all know the answer! 

The right size of dish towels will act as the best alternative for potholders and oven mitts. All you need to do is fold them into layers and ensure you have a strong grip while holding any hot utensil, baking, or pouring any hot meal into a container.  


  • Green isn’t enough for healthy living:

Chemicals on your vegetables and fruits can be harmful if not washed off properly. To do this task right, washing sometimes is just not enough. You also need to wipe them off with a clean cloth. And what better than a Dish Towel can perform this task well! 

A Dish Towel is a petite item of the kitchen yet an extremely important one. If you want your dishes, kitchen, and hands to look amazing, all you need to do is place a quality, right size Dish Towel in the kitchen. Visit for some amazing options for dish towels. We wish you a happy, safe, and clean cooking! 

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