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In exactly how many ways have you tried eating your food? Undoubtedly many. But, have you ever tried a one-bowl meal? It is a golden entry into the food world. The usage of a bowl is no more restricted to soup and cereals. One can eat an entire meal in it. 

These days you can put all sorts of items in it, from poached eggs to yummy smoothies. The Chinese have been using this technique of savouring the dishes for centuries now. It has now gotten popular in the entire region. Try it for yourself using the beautiful handcrafted and sustainable bowls of Ellementry. 

The bowls are the ideal container for Asian dishes, but it has gain popularity among Americans now. This craze started with the ‘wellness bowl.’ Thanks to social media. The concept became viral, and everyone started uploading pictures and videos of their bowl meals. The advantage of a bowl meal is that all the ingredients are visible, and it has all the nutritional bases covered. 

A bowl meal is so beloved that they are sometimes used for recipes that call for a plate. Unlike food served on a plate, a bowl meal saves you from all the extra work of cutting. It is a one hand job, leaving the other hand free to turn over book’s pages you like to read while eating. 

A one-bowl meal is now a fashion statement. There are few etiquettes of eating from a bowl. It is way better than the old western cuisine of plates and cutlery set. The appeal of the bowl is emotional rather than rational. 

Do you remember your time at grandma’s house during vacation? Remember how she used to serve a bowl of her special soup. Slurping from it gave a wonderful feeling. 

Consider your one-bowl meal your comfort food. It is free from the hassle of handling multiple cutleries. There is no need to serve first and eat later. Bowl meals are perfect and can be enjoyed even while snuggling in the blanket. Put some rice, pour over some lentil soup with curd, and one bowl meal is ready. 

There are so many benefits like 

    • Dishes are easy to clean
    • It provides the same nutritional value as a normal dinner served on a plate.
    • You eat in a limited amount
    • You can create one unique dish with inspiration from almost all cuisines.

Here are some beautiful bowls for you to try one bowl food right away: 

Amber love ceramic pasta serving bowl

Indians are fond of dal chawal. A meal is not a meal without them. Are you one of those who like to eat it in a bowl? You can try if you don’t. It tastes much better. Mix both in this amber ceramic pasta serving bowl. Top it with onion, homemade pickle, and ghee. It is simple to make and is rich in fibre and multiple vitamins, including A, D and E. 

Amber Lover Ceramic Pasta Bowl

The serveware is made from ceramic, nature-friendly material. The vibrant yellow colour will make you more excited to eat from it.

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Aqua rustic ceramic serving bowl

Do you love to have fruits, nuts, and seeds in your breakfast? Instead of putting them in spate bowls, put them together in this aqua rustic ceramic serving bowl. When you eat from a bowl, your appetite gets satisfied conveniently. The possibility of eating extra also eliminates. What more do you need to stay fit? 

Aqua Rustic Ceramic Serving Bowl

This aqua rustic bowl has a calming blue colour. Your beginning of the day will be soft and light. Bring this bowl home from Ellementry and start your morning with a cheerful and easy mood by using this aqua rustic ceramic bowl. 

Aqua rustic ceramic soup bowl

You must have seen those videos of people slurping and gulping hot ramen. Why don’t you try making one for yourself at home? Make sure you eat just in Japanese style. 

This aqua rustic soup bowl will help you get that authentic Japanese cuisine to feel. It is perfect for piping-hot preparation and soups. It will sit pretty on your table and will make the food look more tempting. 

A one-bowl meal is balanced in both macro and micro-nutrients. The meal satisfies the soul incredible and does not ask for too much space as well. Buy yourself one of these bowls and serve your family some tasty one-bowl meal. Let them also try having entire food from just one bowl. 

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