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Your home is your shrine. It is a place where every corner, window, door, curtains and even pillows define you. A home is a place where your soul finds its desired peace away from the usual hustle-bustle of life. 

When every piece of furniture, light and décor item is brought together by you, with all your heart that’s when a house becomes a home. Ellementry’s exclusive and handcrafted collection of kitchenware and decor items makes every corner personify elegance and reflect your true self. 

A home is a place where one unleashes his hidden self. 

Each household item speaks your personality. The colours of the walls declare and decide your mood. Some like to keep them subtle, while some like to go bold in it. 

Some people like to experiment, while some like to keep it simple. In any case, one reflects his perspective of life with his home. 

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You do not label any place as HOME. Home is where the heart rests. It is where you be yourself and finds the perfect definition of 'Love'. 

Ellementry, with its perfect and beautiful products, fulfil your desire to decorate every corner of your home with the best. Each of its items is designed and handcrafted by true artists, reviving the true value of culture and tradition in your home. The brand offers a wide range of kitchenware and decor pieces so that you can choose what suits your taste and personality the most. 

Frangipani collection

The entire collection is made from mango wood, and to add to its beauty, artists have done some simply beautiful artwork on each of its items. The collection includes a wooden serving tray, salad bowl, cutlery stand, roti boxplatter, glass cloche with wooden plate, candle holder both large and small, oval platter and lazy susan. 

The entire collection can add charm to your lifestyle and kitchen. The mango wood is especially hand-carved by artisans to create these beautiful pieces of art. All of the items are 100% eco-friendly and very convenient to handle. Each item is worth boasting.

Frangipani Serveware and Home Decor


Modmax Wooden coffee table

An ode to French art deco style, modmax wooden coffee table is a must for every home, especially, if you are going for an “elegant luxury” style. As coffee is a stress buster, serving and drinking it on a beautiful, handcrafted table adds to its taste and pleasure. 

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The table is wonderfully crafted, and attention to detail is to die for. The wooden table is perfect for spending a relaxed afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea. It also provides enough space to store books, magazines. Keep a small decor pot in the middle and a book on the table to enhance its beauty. 

Terracotta Baking Dish

If you are going for a nature-friendly approach while decorating and selecting kitchenware and décor items for your home, Ellementry is a perfect one-stop destination for this purpose. The brand is well-equipped with nature-friendly products like the terracotta baking dish. 

Terracotta Baking Dish

The dish is 100% oven friendly and is appropriate for slow cooking on low heat. Its surface allows heat to spread evenly all over. The utensil is perfectly safe for food items. Before use, soak it in the water overnight, and it’s good to go. By adopting this, you will also be one step forward towards sustainable living. 

Enigma rose gold cutlery collection

Fine dining is not about fancy places and fancy food. It’s about the efforts we put in to bring together those moments with our loved ones. To enhance the moment’s beauty, decorating a table with refined elements will make the evening memorable. 

Ellementry’s enigma rose gold cutlery collection, which includes spoon, fork, knife, wooden ladle set, is the perfect manifestation of the word refinement. Their colour represents luxury and the fact that these are handcrafted and nature friendly represent our cultural values. 

Each of the items is perfect to attract the guests' attention. Now serve with pride and smile with Ellementry’s beautiful stainless steel cutlery set. 

When each of the items is handpicked by you, home speaks of you in every way. Ellementry, keeping cultural and traditional instincts alive in their products, allow you to bring home the values and morals you grew up with. 

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