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Wine coolers are the most potent way of storing wine at a suitable temperature. There are so many benefits of owning a wine cooler that would inspire you to buy one soon. Apart from storing the wine, wine coolers are helpful in slowing the ageing process of the wine.

 A wine cooler is the most affordable and suitable equipment for any home in organizing a wonderful party at home. Pamper your guests by providing chill wines at your home bar with the privilege of owning a wine cooler at your home, which, is a matter of comfort and convenience at your doorstep. Due to their dual function of storing wine and other foods, they are also called wine refrigerators. 


  • Ideal Temperature for Storing Wine


Stocking wine in refrigerators is not a wise idea due to the less temperature prevailing inside the fridge being 50 F. Such low temperatures may ruin the taste of the wine and, reduce the growth of full flavour potential.

A wine cooler is beneficial in providing a stable temperature to the wine in maintaining the quality of the beverage. Consistent temperature is crucial to retain the age and taste of the wine as the extremely high temperature will lead to earlier ageing of the wine while extreme cold will inhibit its growth.

Also, wine coolers run with a steady temperature throughout the day, unlike fridges that are prone to temperature fluctuations due to the opening and closing of the system often to avoid causing any discomfort to the wine. 

The dual temperature wine coolers are ideal to cool any type of wine which, is observed as a major benefit over refrigerators that make the wine much cool if stored in it.


  • Storage Needs


Wine coolers are perfect for storing wine for many reasons. They store the wine to retain the original flavour to keep it consumable even after a few months. The wine cooler provides great chillness to the drink by giving an improved taste to it for those wine lovers.

It is important to store the wine at the proper temperature to keep it cool to fulfil the cravings of the guests by providing a delightful drink for them at your home.

It is advised to store wine in thick bottles to avoid contamination of the drink.


  • Protect the Wine from Natural Light with Wine Coolers


Wine is sensitive to natural light so that extended exposure to natural light can alter the flavour of the wine. Such wines have a plain and undeveloped taste.

Some advanced wine coolers like King Bottle USA come with thick doors to prevent the wine from such adverse effects. 


  • Elimination of Compressor


Wine coolers are free from compressors that make it vibration-free unlike refrigerators. The major benefit of compressors over the fridge is that they preserve the wine from getting old and, the wine remains undisturbed slowing the ageing of wine. This makes the wine good enough to be stored for a long time and stays fresh too.


  • Provide Dedicated Wine Environment


Storing wine in wine coolers maintains the viscosity of the wine for a long time as they are preserved in a dedicated wine environment. There are fewer chances for anyone to break your wine bottle as it remains in a private place where there is limited access for people to grab an ice cream or juice bottle, unlike the fridge. Wine stored in a wine cooler gently sticks to its side and stays fresh in the quiet place with maximum coolness, and free from natural lights. This avoids accidental disturbance of the wine leading to the betterment of the wine. Make use of wine-friendly beech wood shelves to reap great benefits for your wine at your home bar.


  • Store Other Drinks Too in Wine Coolers

Enjoy the comfort of storing other non-alcoholic drinks like juice, soda, water bottles, and energy drinks in the wine coolers, as it will keep the drinks preferably cool enough without making them too cold at the same time.


  • Spacious to Store More Wines

Wine coolers come with an extended space to store more wines that are capable of serving many guests at the same time. Make use of the partitions to store and cool the desired beverages at the idle temperature.


  • Portability

This makes it a great option for business people who take their wines for outdoor and social gatherings. Due to their small size, they are easy to move and install in any available space in the parties.


  • Chilled Glasses

A wine cooler helps store wine glasses to keep them at the optimum temperature. Pour wine in the wine glasses and, store in the cooler to serve chilled wine with so much warmth to the guests.


  • Eco-Friendly

Since the wine coolers use a thermoelectric mechanism for cooling there is so much energy saved which, in turn, helps to conserve the environment. There is no toxic emission of chemicals generated out of the cooling process, which makes it the most reliable medium for storage purpose.


  • Inexpensive

Wine coolers are available at less prices when compared to other systems and, it can perform beyond the idea of storing wine. It helps in storing food and beverages at the right temperature too.


  • Low Maintenance

Wine coolers apart from being cost-effective require a low-maintenance plant. It is because the wine cooler operates with a simple concept and, the parts are not costly too. Since the refrigerators are larger units and, serve the purpose of storing all kinds of food items, they cost more and require more maintenance too.

Pros of Wine Coolers at Ellementry

Ellementry presents you freakish varieties of wine coolers that are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting of the wine. At our store, you can find exclusive coolers that are made of metal to accommodate in any party table. 

We do provide wine buckets with stands and handles that are idle for small parties or home bar. It is because coolers with handles help in carrying around the wine smoothly to serve the guests. On the other hand coolers with stands are designed to sit comfortably on any space be it a party table or dining table.

Wine coolers apart from adding a refreshing top to your wine also avoid spilling of the wine as it melts. 


Buy quality wine coolers from Ellementry to enjoy a perishable beverage with that added coolness at your comfort in the home. Our wine coolers are user-friendly and, perform the job like a pro delivering a fulfilled and enjoyable wine experience for the guests. 

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