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We all know that the trends follow a circular motion. Whatever is in fashion today will not be there tomorrow, but it will surely come back after tomorrow’s trend is over. This does not only apply to apparel, lifestyle or accessories, but also our daily practices. What we use today might not be used soon but might be used again in the distant future. The same has happened to ‘Terracotta’. Once used by the people of the ancient Indus Valley and Harappan civilizations, Terracotta is increasingly making spaces in our houses. In the form of sculptures, gardening or cooking pots, Terracotta has made its mark.

In Italian, Terracotta means ‘baked earth’. As the meaning suggests, it is a sort of clay, which once moulded into the desired shape, is baked for approximately two hours. The temperature range is 600 to 1000 degrees Centigrade. This process of producing Terracotta has given birth to many of the properties that make it so desirable today. These are as follows:

  1. Porous in nature

The first and foremost property of Terracotta is that it is porous. Due to the baking of the Terracotta at such high temperatures, it becomes porous. This property makes it a perfect choice for planting trees as the air gets circulated quickly. Also, the food made inside the Terracotta pots or utensils is considered to be more tasty and full of aroma. Apart from this, the nutritional value of the food also remains intact.

  1. Strong

Although Terracotta is still an earthy material, it is more robust than most of the Earthy materials like clay. Since it is baked for such a long time in fire, it becomes firm; so strong that it can be used as a utensil to cook food and for building structures.

  1. Fire resistant

Another remarkable property of the Terracotta is that it is fire-resistant. Well, one can prevent most of the fire accidents if Terracotta tiles have been used while building homes and other structures.

  1. Easy to clean

Terracotta is very easy to clean. One can brush off the light dirt with warm water and a soft cloth or brush. If the spots still remain, then they can be washed with a mild detergent. A word of caution here is not to use any ionic or hard soap while washing. This might leave a residue which can destroy the effectiveness forever.

  1. Insulating properties

Terracotta has insulating properties. It means that it can survive extreme weather conditions. It is used in roofing as an insulator to keep the homes hot during the cold weather conditions. For the same reason, it is also used in pots to keep the food warm as it retains the heat inside the pot. Find your suitable food storage terracotta pot on Ellementry’s website, to make sure the food retains its temperature.

  1. Ecological material

As it is made up of all the renewable and earthly components, it is an environmentally friendly material. In today’s times, where we all are facing pandemics, ecological imbalances, and unexplained climate changes, saving the environment has become one of the goals of development. In such conditions, terracotta is a boon. 

One, it is not made up from any hazardous chemicals and does not release any kind of gases while decomposing. It is entirely organic. Apart from that, it is reusable. For instance, broken pots can be used as a tray for new containers. In addition to this, it is recyclable as well. Broken and smashed pieces, called grog, can be used to make fresh Terracotta products again.

  1. Glazed Terracotta

As we all know, Terracotta has pores in it, but glaze can fill these pores. One can glaze the Terracotta to make it waterproof. This waterproof Terracotta has its utilities. It is used as a drainage material. The strength of the material makes it capable of flowing large amounts of water. Hence, glazed terracotta jugs are the perfect kitchen accessories. Take your pick from Ellementry’s website!

  1. Multiple uses

One striking feature of Terracotta is that it has numerous applications. It can be used for many purposes. It can be used as a roofing material. Tiles are made out of Terracotta and used in building the structures in many places of the world. Other than that, it is a good choice for kitchenware, as the food made is healthier and hotter. Hence, containers like terracotta roti boxes are available in different styles on Ellementry’s website. It is also used as a gardening pot, to plant trees. Apart from this, it is used in making sculptures and showpieces to make them stay for a long period.

  1. Healthier cooked food

Whenever food is cooked inside Terracotta pots, it becomes much healthier, as compared to any other utensil. Since it is made out of baked Earth, several minerals such as potassium, sulfur, etc. get transferred to the food, which makes it a better diet for the human body. Also, a low amount of oil is used while cooking in it. The nutrients are the food remain intact, which makes this a largely preferred modern container. Find your choice’s terracotta containers on Ellementry’s website to keep your food hale and hearty.

  1. Best for indoor plants

It must be noted that the pots made from the Terracotta clay are the most appropriate choice for planting indoor trees for the reason that they can retain the heat.

  1. Easily available

There is no doubt in saying that Terracotta is readily available. One can conveniently find it at a nearby potter shop or on global online or offline stores like Ellementry. Sometimes, it is also cheaper than its substitutes.


The above properties of Terracotta make it extremely desirable to use. One thing that is to be kept in mind is that in the end, it is a type of clay only, and materials made from that are less stronger than our regular materials. Therefore, care needs to be exercised while using it. 

For instance, using it as a utensil in the kitchen, one must pay attention to the temperature of the flame. One must not increase the flame to cook food quickly as this will result in cracking of the pot.

However, this does not mean that we must not use terracotta. Benefits exceed the cost. It is also a beautiful substance, apart from being handy, practical and useful. It adds an aesthetic value to the kitchen, to the home, and to the Earth. Nowadays, we all must think to make the Earth a better place to live, and increased use of Terracotta can contribute a hand in achieving that goal. 

Every Indian household has grown up with this piece of Earth. Terracotta ghadas or roof tiles, our baked earth has sheltered us with goodness. At Ellementry, we bring back culture and age-old traditions passed around the table for generations in our country. And we reimagine them to fit into our everyday lives. Our Terracotta range is a great example. As it’s porous, it breathes and keeps anything that it stores fresh. Join us as we bring forth the revival of Terracotta!

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