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Water is an essential element in the human body. Irrespective of the season, it is always good to drink loads of water. There are numerous benefits of drinking ample water in every season. The liquid helps in carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells. Drinking water has lots of benefits. 

It helps flush bacteria from the bladder, normalizes blood pressure and aids in digestion. Now that the summer is here, we tend to lose water in the form of sweat due to heat and humidity. It results in us getting thirstier with the advent of the season. It calls for a replacement or additions into the drinkware set of the household. 

It is crucial to choose the right kind of drinkware for healthy living as water and all other liquids afford them as serveware. Furthermore, the material used in the serveware should be eco-friendly as well as food-safe. 

Glass Tumbler for juice or water

Ellementry provides a plethora of drinkware options for choosing. The platform is a one-stop solution for options of earthy as well as contemporary and food-safe drinkware items.

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Moreover, they are unique and sustainable, naturally. The drinkware items such as jars and bottles available are of the highest quality and are oriented towards individual household tastes and needs.'

Different materials are used to make these important drinkware items. Two of the most eco-friendly, hygienic ingredients are terracotta and clay. 

Benefits of terracotta water vessels

They are quite appealing because they resemble the differently shaped, clay pitchers previously, known as Ghada or Matka. Evaporation occurs when water is stored in a clay container because clay is permeable. 

terracotta water carafe

At the microscopic level, clay has small holes through which water seeps out and receives energy from heat to create gas, which then evaporates, causing the water to cool. A clay bottle is always a great option. Terracotta is made of clay through a refined process and possesses the best qualities of clay kitchenware

The ingredients of the eco-friendly material, Terracotta are rich with therapeutic properties. These properties make terracotta a must-have in kitchenware items.

Ellementry provides different drinkware made of Terracotta: 

    • Terracotta water tumbler: We've reshaped the matka into a contemporary avatar so you can take it out of your kitchen. While retaining the natural cooling of good Indian clay, this 100% nature-born, sustainable and food-safe drinkware is handcrafted to blend into your modern lifestyle beautifully. 
    • Knurl terracotta tumbler with wooden lid: While retaining the natural cooling of good Indian clay, this 100% nature-born, sustainable and food-safe tumbler is handcrafted to blend into your modern lifestyle beautifully. 

Terracotta is naturally alkaline, and when it comes into touch with acidic water, it restores the right pH balance. Terracotta helps aid restore the pH of the body. 

Apart from the wonderful terracotta drinkware options, glass is another eco-friendly, food-safe drinkware ingredient. The benefits of glassware in your drinkware set are numerous. 

Glass drinking bottle

Glass bottles are simple to clean and will still retain their clarity when washed or infused with fruit and herb mixes. They are easy to maintain and may be sterilized in the dishwasher at a high temperature without melting or degrading. 

Glass tumblers, jars and mugs help you to keep the flavour healthier for you and the environment. The Ellementry glassware ensures high standards of food safety and aesthetic appeal. They come with numerous benefits of glassware. 

Ellementry Quoise glass set of two (short):

This glass tumbler is a proper expression of indulgence and refinement. They are handmade and give an elegant touch to the design of this Quoise Glass Tumbler set of two (short). It is perfect for having shots, juices or mocktails.

Ellementry Bubbles glass water bottle with wooden stopper:

This glass water bottle is ergonomically fit snugly into your hands. It comes with a beautiful, natural finish wooden stopper that seals your water in. This is one of Ellementrys glassware unique feature of fusion while maintaining food safety. 

Glassware such as glass jugs, glass tumblers and mugs maintain liquids at a constant temperature. Also, these glassware items absorb foreign flavours, smells, or colours. That means any household can utilize these glass tumbler for hot tea in the morning and then fill it with delightfully cold water in the afternoon. 

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