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You have recently been intrigued by those unique fruit picks everyone seems to be buying. But you never really understood the purpose behind using these fruit picks. These simply look like handcrafted gibberish used for god knows what purpose. 

But fruit picks have many uses. Rather, apart from eating fruits, we can use these fruit picks for a whole lot of purposes. Now, if you feel you cannot believe us, we will tell you. However, first, we are going to discuss some quintessential reasons why you should opt for eating your fruit with a fruit pick

Let's Get Started 


  • Avoid that Mess 


If you are a stringent follower of diet and healthy life, chances are you spend a lot of money on buying fruits and vegan stuff. However, eating fruits with your hand can result in a mess. This is especially true when you are snacking. 

For instance, when you are binge-watching a good show on Netflix, and you crave sweet nothings. At that time, you know if you give in to the sugar rush, you can gain weight. So, the most important thing you do is, you eat something healthier to combat this sugar rush. 

We suggest you eat some berries and seasonal fruits. Now, having these sweet fruits with your hand can cause a mess, so this is where your fruit pick can help you out. You can take the fruit pick and pierce it into the skin of the fruit and eat it with ease. 

Similarly, stress can contribute to binge eating. So, if you are working from home and constantly hungry, you can use a fruit pick and eat a bowl full of fresh fruits. This will save you from creating a mess in your worktable and you can easily finish your work and satiate your cravings too. 


  • It Looks Classy 


The second reason to use your fruit pick is that it caters to good table manners. Fruit picks are slender oval shaped long sticks, which are mostly made of pure natural wood. Each fruit pick generally comes with a dimension of 13 cm x 1.25 cm x 0.5 cm each while the stand flaunts a dimension of 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 6 cm. 

The stand comprises of wooden fruit picks held together in a cute and artsy holder. Now, when you are using this fruit pick to eat your fruit, it’ll prevent spillage, and showcase good table manners. Therefore, suppose you have guests coming over at your home, you can then serve them a cheeseboard with fruit picks so that they can use these to eat cleanly. 

Moreover, when your guests see you using these fruit picks, they will also follow you and prevent a sticky mess. On that note, if you are considering investing in fruit picks, we suggest you opt for a teak natural wooden fruit pick stand. 

This stand comes for less than Rs 900 and is made of pure natural wood. It is firstly, handcrafted and secondly, it showcases beautiful texture and smoothness. You can find this sort of fruit picks from online stores like Ellementry. 


  • Children Friendly 


These fruit picks are children friendly if done under supervision. However, it is advised that you keep toddlers away from these fruit picks. On that note, children are often taught table manners from a young age. 

So, if you have a child, you can teach him or her how to properly use cutlery and the fruit pick. Simply, place the fruit pick in front of your child and first start with explaining him/her the safety precautions. Ask the child to not probe anyone with the fruit pick and keep him/her informed on the necessary safety measures. 

Once done, make your child eat their fruits and greens with the fruit pick. This will save your child from messing up your home, and you won’t have to clean up later.  


  • Presentation for Social Media 


You know, people mostly go to restaurants for uploading stylish pictures on their social media. But, as a blogger, you should know there is room for an ample amount of room for creativity. Therefore, if you are stuck at home during this pandemic of COVID-19, you can still creatively present the simplest of food items for getting licks on Instagram. 

Simply, opt for fruit photography with exceptional presentation. For more insight, we have this simple example for you.  

Place your table against a crisp white background. Next, keep a table against the background but ensure to work on lighting. Once you have the right set of lighting set up your table with a good presentation. You can place candles, platters with freshly cut fruit, a honey bowl along with your teak fruit pick stand to radiate an aesthetic essence.  

Now, when you artfully capture this shot, you can edit it and post it on your social media. This will give you time to learn something new and you will be less bored. What's more? A few more followers on social media won’t do you any harm! 

Well, these reasons sum up why it is best to eat your fruit with a fruit pin, however, this is not the end yet! 

Today, we will tell you a few more things you can do with a fruit pin. 

Here goes! 

  • You can host a romantic anniversary with the help of the fruit pick. Simply arrange for some champagne, fresh fruits, whipped cream and a fruit pick pin. You can use your fruit pick to dip the fresh fruits into the whipped cream and feed it to your spouse. 
  • You can also use this fruit pick to eat portions of savoury dishes like kebabs, and pork chops. The reason being these fruit picks are quite sharp and can easily cut and slice through well-cooked meat. 
  • You can also use these fruits picks for table decorations. If you have a dinner table, you can use a cake stand along with some fruit pick pins. Simply, place the fruit pick pins over the cake stand along with some containers and plans containing condiments. Once you do, your cake stand presentation will look glamorous. You can even post images of these on social media and enjoy a gala time being quarantined. 

On that note, now that you are aware of why it is ideal to use a fruit pick for eating your fruits, why don’t you invest in fruit pick holder? You can check out various online stores and buy a handcrafted wooden fruit pick. For best results, you can check out websites like Ellementry.  

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