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Nature is strong yet subtle in every way. It is an essential part of our livelihood and well being. When one is distressed, it gives more answers that are needed to tread on the right path. The natural elements make the mind calm and soothe the soul. So, it makes complete sense that human beings must stay connected to their roots. 

The one who is consistent with the environment always finds peace, even in the most uncertain or distressing situations. Humans today are living in a modern world, in a concrete jungle and a fast-paced life. It can be daunting to forge a link with the natural world. 

Ellementry understands what people are experiencing today and what they are looking for. If you cannot go to nature, the brand has bought the essence of creation to you with its stunning serveware assortment, which is inspired by the hues of the earth. 

Serveware Wooden

Yes, you can bring home natural products that connect you to your roots. The calming embrace of these items will show you what true bliss is. When you have the below-listed dinnerware items on the dinner table, it will be a great conversation starter. 

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Your natural way of living might also inspire others to follow in your footsteps and bring a change into their lives as well. Planter pots, environment-conscious decor items and beeswax candle is a great start, but it is time to move a step forward. Let us explore what more options you have to make your home a space devoted to Mother Nature. 

Aqua Rustic Collection

Have you ever looked at the sky and felt getting lost in its majestic beauty? Do you also drift with the big blue floating clouds? Does the brightness of the sky fascinate you? If you ever experienced any of these feelings, you are highly attracted by the heavens above and its elements. 

Aqua Rustic Serveware Collection

Bring that calmness and touch of earth into your home with the aqua rustic collection. The colour is not only a representation of the sky but also of serene waters. The assortment has a lot to offer. Ceramic jar, mugplatter, dessert plate, serving bowl and more, there are so many things that you can bring home to make your set complete. When your dinner table is dressed with these bespoke elements, everyone will only leave the table impressed. 

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Rustic Sage Collection

When trees around are thriving, bushes and shrubs stand strong, and when the grass is greener than usual, the mere sight fills the heart with great joy. Many experiences that their mind is levitating and entering some other blissful dimension. 

So why not bring that calming embrace of Mother Nature into our homes? The rustic sage compilation supports the green colour palette. Serving bowl, pasta bowl and other dinnerware items are perfect for every evening of getting together. 

Frangipani Collection

Most people love flowers and consider them as a blessing from nature. You will also feel mesmerized by the freshness that the floral patterns bring. Artists from Rajasthan, who have come forward due to their brilliant talent, handcrafted and hand-painted the set, so that you get nothing less than the best. 

The dark brown shade in a medley with the floral prints adds an element of freshness and forges a connection with the earth. Glass cloche with a wooden platter, salad bowl, roti box, wooden tray, lazy susan, cutlery stand, and more, frangipani compilation has it all to make your home a natural oasis. 

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Fleur D'or Collection

Another assortment that is inspired by natural elements and flower power is the fleur d'or collection. Unique, mindful, sustainable and accurate preservation of cultural heritage is what the inspiration behind this anthology has been. The timeless beauty of the environment comes straight from the wood that is the key material used here. 

It is an attractive tableware choice among the millennial generation. The sophisticated charm and natural touch make this set both a delightful and attractive choice. Every piece is further coated with 100% food-safe lacquer, handcrafted with love to delight you every day. Bring home salad bowl, tray, lazy susan, cutlery stand and cake stand, because they deserve to be a part of your chic modern home. 

Amber Love Collection

There would be hardly anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a bright sunny day. Such a day fills one with positivity and high energy. If you desire to start your day on that note, bring home the amber love anthology. The serene beige colour on the outside and intense yellow shade on the inside will fill you with the energy that you need to seize the day. 

Don’t wait and bring all the colours of life into your home. Ellementry will assist you at every step to achieve your desired results. 

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