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From small family get-togethers to big events, it is crucial to give a little attention to your tables for improving the dining experience. After all, a well-set table can improve the culinary experience of the diner by making the dinner table look appealing. 

However, did you know that you can use serving bowls instead of normal dishware to set your tables?  

Wait, what? That's right, serving bowls can be your table’s hero if you just know how to use these rights! But, before addressing this topic, let’s discuss why to substitute normal tableware with serving bowls

Serving Bowls vs Dishes: Which is Better? 

Normally, when we eat, we use plates and smaller bowls for dining. But that is so last decade. This time, most people are choosing to invest in serving bowls. Why? Because a serving bowl is multi-purpose. 

For example, if you have kids who are whiney about eating, you can feed them the necessary greens in serving bowls with rice, and curry. This serving bowl will look smaller, help food look denser and will aid in portion control.  

Additionally, serving bowls are very attractive and feature contemporary and old-school designs that are ideal for Instagram food bloggers. Apart from that, as you can store and serve multiple types of dishes in a serving bowl; you can also control the food budget by serving smaller amounts. Moreover, these serving bowls also aid in making a table look appealing and minimalistic. Thus, if you pick serving bowls for your table, not only will it be cost-effective, but also you won’t have to do too many dishes. 

On that note, now that you are aware of why to use serving bowls, time to address the tips to set a table using one. 

Tips to Set Your Tables with Serving Bowls  


  • Pick a Colour Theme 


Picking a colour theme is very crucial when it comes to setting a table. Suppose you have a wooden glass table, then you can pick ceramic bowls if you wish to contrast. Ceramic on wood will look dainty, pristine and very pretty. Moreover, for short informal dinners, ceramic bowls are ideal! 

Now for an informal dinner party, the best way to set this table is to use smaller bowls combined with bigger ones. In the small bowls, you can keep condiments, spices, sauces and more. In the bigger bowls, you can serve bowl recipes, for example, teriyaki chicken rice bowl. The teriyaki chicken, arranged smoothly beside the rice bowl, will look glamorous and appetizing.  

Additionally, you can pick a crisp white cloth to set the table, before placing the dishes intricately on the tablecloth.  

Nevertheless, suppose you have a grand event that has more than 20 people included, you will need to work on your table more. 

Pick a good decoration colour as per the purpose of the party. After that, accordingly, pick a tablecloth that can match the furniture you have. Next, decide on the recipes and cook the items, you think will satisfy your guests. Next, depending on the colour theme, either pick wooden bowls, ceramic bowls or terracotta bowls. Now, decorate these as per your choice. You can place food in coloured patterns, or sequence to make it look appetizing. 

  • Pick your Bowl as Per the Dishes Served  

Let's say you are to serve dinner to your family on a movie night. Now, the mood of a movie night is jovial, relaxed, happy and clam. However, your family might not be the type to order pizza and indulge in unhealthy eating. 

But, not eating good food, will undoubtedly make the movie night dull. Therefore, you can set the mood by cooking something delicious and serving it in an even appealing way. Now, depending on this dish you cook, you can bring out the right serving bowls.  

For example, if you’re cooking Chinese, then you should opt for setting the table with ceramic or porcelain as these materials are ideal for featuring Chinese delicacies. Place the dishes on the table and add some side dishes and platters to include the starters and condiments. Additionally, ensure to place forks, spoons and other tableware for enjoying the meal cleanly on a movie night. 

  • Add a Few Centrepieces 

If you are throwing a brunch party for your office colleges or relatives, then you can add a centrepiece or two around your table to make the culinary experience divine. This is especially a trend among millennials when throwing a large dinner party. 

You can add vases, sculptures, and other attractive centrepieces, which can enhance and improve the mood of the table. Among these centrepieces, it is best to add flower vases or vases that have lemons, and fragrant flowers present in these. Beside these, if you place your wooden, ceramic or glass bowl, the table will look aesthetically appealing and beautiful.  

  • Pick the Right Kind of Bowl ware 

 Last but not the least, invest in the right kind of bowl ware when you are considering a dinner party. For larger gatherings use plenty of small to medium-sized bowls as these help in making the dinner table setting look bigger. Additionally, smaller bowls mean, you can serve lesser portions without looking like a miser. This will help you save up on spending extra money on condiments and dishes. 

For smaller gatherings, like personal family dinners, use larger bowls to make the table look spectacular. You can also keep a separate platter for serving snacks and starters. 

Well, there you go! These sum up the right ways to set a table using serving bowls. On that note, now that you’re aware of these tips, let’s quickly review some additional information. 

Extra information: 

  • If it is a formal event, ensure to serve good beverages. For office parties, you can use your home bar and serve liquor like whiskey or wine. 
  • Additionally, for bigger events, it is best that you also partake in napkin art. Napkins are crucial for giving the dinner table a formal and proper look. You can ask your cook or do individual napkin art. For example, a popular form of napkin art reflects origami art. 
  • For a romantic dinner table setting, add a candelabrum or a candle stand to make the setting peaceful and relaxed. 
  • Lastly, opt for serving desserts in a glass or porcelain bowl ware as these are easy to clean and will make the dessert stand out more. 

There you go! This additional information will aid you to set a table impeccably. Now, depending on your requirements, buy the right kind of bowl ware that will suit your needs best. You can go for ceramic if you want a microwave-friendly bowl, or you can opt for mango wood bowls if you want something stronger. Simply, ensue to pick a trusted website when it comes to investing in a bowl. For you, we suggest you check out stores like Ellementry! 

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