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Your kitchen is your most prized possession and the only room in the house where you get to showcase your culinary skills. So, imagine this, you have recently renovated you’re your kitchen with a quartz countertop and it looks absolutely stunning. 

But you usually chop veggies and use your counter to for kneading dough. Now, this is not a feasible idea, as continually using your countertop for meal preparations can dampen the glow of the quartz. 

Now, this is a dilemma! What should you do? 

Well, we suggest you invest in a classic looking cheese board! That's right, a cheese board is a very cool item, which can make food preparations very easy. On that note, today, we are going to contemplate whether you should invest in a cheeseboard or not! 

Are You Ready? 

Cheese Boards: To Invest or Not to Invest  


  • Maintaining Simplicity 


When there are guests coming over, or you simply want to decorate your platter for the Instagram, cheese boards can be handy!  

These boards are very easy to set up if you have a well-stocked pantry. Therefore, if you suddenly find out, you have guests coming over, you can use a cheeseboard easily to make a delectable meal or two. 

Now, for setting up the cheeseboard, you should stock up your pantry with some fruits, dark chocolate, an assortment of cheese and meat. Additionally, you will need basic everyday things like granola bars, raisins. 


  • Beautiful Food Aesthetics 


Everyone today loves visual food aesthetics. The food presented in a classy way automatically looks visually appealing. Hence, people want to eat food. This is why many restaurants and fancy diners practice presenting food that looks good. 

Now, this doesn’t have to be practised solely in restaurants. The food bloggers practice this art at home too! So, if you have an Instagram food blogging page, you can use your platter to present aesthetically appealing meals. 

Simply, follow the algorithm of Instagram and take your food pictures against an aesthetic backdrop. Once you do, you can post it with good hashtags and get numerous likes for the item.  

However, since you are investing in a good-looking platter, it is necessary that you buy a good cheeseboard. You can pick ones made of mango wood or teak as these provide natural wood compounds. What's more? Certain hand-crafted ones feature beautiful designs, which are ideal for food aesthetics. 

You can check several online stores for these beautiful cheese boards. However, if you are looking for suggestions, you can check out online stores like Ellementry for your cheese boards! 


  • Focus on the Needful 


The best part about cheese boards is that these can be prepared before time. All, you need to do is the prep up the ingredients and leave them. Before your guests arrive, you can set up your cheeseboard within 15 minutes. 

This helps you focus on what is important and prevents you from cooking a hassle induced brunch or dinner. What's more? You can also set up the cheeseboard in front of your guests to exhibit your culinary skills.  

Additionally, with your cheeseboard almost full, you can focus on other things like cooking lunch or setting up your home bar for the guests. 


  • Everybody Loves it! 


Every met anybody who says no to a cheeseboard. Neither have we! Most people enjoy these beautifully crafted boards which are styled intentionally with assorted ingredients! These are fun to set up; what’s more? You can set up the cheese board with a little help from your family. 

As a result, decorating the cheese board is an ideal way to spend time with family. What's more? The cheeseboard will help your guests warm up too. For having it, both host and guests need to dirty their hands. 

For example, guests would need to take a loaf of meat and dip it in cheese for eating from the platter. This way, your guests will lose their inhibition to appear perfect and you all can bond well.  

Apart from that, if you manage to decorate your cheeseboard and present it really well, your guests will undoubtedly praise your food presentation skills. Therefore, cheese boards are everybody’s favourite! 


  • Diet Restrictions Accommodated 


You can experiment a lot with your cheeseboard; hence, it is quite easy to accommodate various dietary needs easily within a cheeseboard. Therefore, suppose you have guests coming over who have a few diet restrictions, you can use your cheeseboard to customize some of these. 

For example, you can easily include gluten-free bread, or dairy-free items and fat in your cheeseboard. This will help you meet the needs of your clients and help win them over. Additionally, when your clients see how thoughtful and creative you have been, they will instantly prise your hospitality and develop a warm attitude towards you. 

What's more? The cheeseboard allows you ample room for creativity. So, find your guests taste, and look up some authentic recipes to try for cheeseboard experimentation! 

Moving on, now that you are aware of the multiple reasons to invest in a cheeseboard, time to address the few types of cheese boards you can get for your kitchen! 

Cheese Board: Types 

  1. Teak Oval Cheeseboard  

If you want to invest in a stylish but multipurpose use cheese board then ensure to pick the cheese oval cheeseboard.  

This one features a natural wooden cheeseboard made from authentic teak wood and is very durable too. Available in the market at a price less the Rs 1500, this one is also very durable. What's more? The oval shape of the platter looks very chic and stylish, so it is ideal for a modern kitchen. 


  • Mango Leaf Cheeseboard 


The mango leaf cheeseboard is quaint, pure and looks very minimalistic. It has beautiful wooden textures that depict fine craftsmanship. 

You can get this one from any reputed online store in your locality. However, if you are looking for a good online store that sells handcrafted items, pick Ellementry.  


  • Butcher Cheeseboard 


If you are undertaking heavy-duty cutting and kneading, then you should invest in the butcher board. This one is quite thick, and ideal for cutting meat and other strong products. Now, this board may be priced a bit higher, but it is quite strong and resistant to wear and tear. 

Let's say, this is the butcher board is the one you will tell your grandkids about! 

Well, now that you know all there is to know about these cheeseboards, don’t you think it is wise to invest in these? What’s more? You can buy these boards from any reputed online store. For best results, you can check out stores like Ellementry! Now, happy shopping and experimenting!

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