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Widespread remote work has led to longer working hours with uncountable emails and virtual meetings. For some people, it is more difficult than working from the office. It can get extremely stressful sometimes. So, organizing a luncheon with some of your close friends and colleagues would be a nice stress buster. It could help you be more productive than usual. Everyone can't go on a trip. But, organizing an intimate lunch or a brunch could be something that you can do to enjoy your weekend or holidays. 

Ellementry, a lifestyle brand of handcrafted homeware products, is the one-stop destination to buy all the cutleries and crockery for fancy lunches and dinners. 

A luncheon is considered one of the most elegant affairs that one can throw. It is simple yet sophisticated. The mid-day event is perfect and suits everyone’s schedule as well. But, not everyone can pull off a fab luncheon. There are certain things that the host has to keep in mind. Conventionally it is lunch but with a twist of luxury. You must respect the luxury and organize the vent keeping it in mind. 

To ensure your luncheon goes off without any disturbance, here are some tips to execute your luncheon well: 

Set up a theme 

There is no party without a theme. Every social & formal gathering must have a theme. Consider it like the must for a luncheon. You can keep it fancier like “royal tea” or a little casual like “A Sunday in the park.” It depends on you whether you would like to keep it formal or informal. 

The perfect venue

Luncheon is meant to be organized in open spaces. Other types of events look better in indoor spaces; a brunch or a luncheon is perfectly suited for outdoors. Winters are here; a park or even your lawn or balcony would be the perfect setting for an intimate brunch gathering.


It is the most crucial part. Make a list of what goes on the menu for luncheon. Do not forget to consider the food allergies of your expected guests. Luncheon is supposed to be lighter, so plan accordingly. 

These are the top 3 tips to organize a perfect luncheon at home on weekends. The holiday season is coming up. It could be your way of cherishing those happy and stress-free moments with your close ones. 

Along with a perfect menu, theme, and venue, the cutlery and crockery you are going to use are also important. Here are some aesthetic cutleries to illuminate your luncheon with elegance: 

Aura silver serving set of two

Aura Silver Serving Set of 2


Every Indian household uses a common-looking serving spoon. You may not think about it much, but your servewares truly make the difference. They have the power to create the right mood for the event. Serving yourself from a beautiful set of cutlery gives a distinct satisfaction. Give the same to your guests with this Aura silver serving set of two by ellementry. The spoons are stunning to look at 

Aura silver cake set of two

 Dessert is very much anticipated after every meal. You cannot miss that. Whether you wish to serve brownies or cake to your guests, make sure you have the appropriate cutlery to serve. Use this aura silver cake set of two by Ellementry. It will help you cut the equal slices of the cake and put them without dropping them on the guests’ plates. 

Aura cutlery set of four

Aura Silver Cutlery Set of 4

If you plan to have a fancy and formal luncheon, a usual table setting can ruin the whole theme. You have to keep it fancier. It must have all types and sizes of plates and spoons that are required to have all sorts of meals. In short, the table setting must be as formal as your clothes. Get this aura cutlery set of four to grace the table decor with elegance. It has a fork, a butter knife, and a spoon to have anything and everything. 

The right set of cutlery from ellementry can do wonders for your luncheon or brunch set-up. Get the right size and colour only at

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