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Thank god, candles aren't restricted to candle-lit dinners any longer. And for that matter, not limited to festivals like Diwali and Christmas, either! Today, the new-age interior decorators are bringing them straight to our tables at weddings, family dinners, a usual cosy home setting, and even to our garden spaces!

Talking specifically about the scented candles, which is a total rage, we think they've heavily impacted the table décor concepts worldwide. We can finally say that they are no more associated with only spirituality, which was a typical case earlier.

Treat this blog as your step-by-step guide to decorating centre tables at home, weddings, restaurants, workplaces, or any other space of your choice using fragranced candles. But before that, let's learn some interesting facts about them!

Scented Candles for table decor

History of Candles

According to sources on Wikipedia, the Romans first made the true dipped candles from tallow, around 500 BC. Later, the European took the use of natural fat, tallow, and wax to make them. However, some theories believe that the earliest surviving candles originated in Han China around 200 BC. These Chinese candles were made from whale fat and lasted longer than its competitors.

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As time progressed, candle-making soon became a profession, and an important craft, the candle-makers (chandlers) would go house to house to make candles for the families used to keep the kitchen fats saved for that purpose. Also, because anything like beeswax was expensive, spermaceti, a waxy substance produced by the sperm whale, was used to make high-quality candles. Well, that's quite a piece of knowledge.

Significance in Modern Era

Scented candles are famous for their aromatherapeutic and holistic properties. Depending on the fragrance they ooze, they're believed to provide emotional balance along with the well-being of the body. For example, smells like Lavender and Lemongrass can genuinely relax your nerves and make you feel fresh. On the other hand, anything with eucalyptus and peppermint can release the muscles' stress and fight cold and cough. Some citrus smells are so strong and effective. They can actually help you better your concentration skills!

What does the research say?

According to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, it was proved how scents could bring in some significant physiological changes in the human brain. This is because the scent has a complicated relationship with the brain and can cross the blood-barrier to travel to the central nervous system. Do you know how we tend to like some smells and hate others? It's mostly because we have got a memory attached to it that we may or may not enjoy remembering. So, you now know how powerful and triggering a scent can be to enhance and affect our mood and health.

Coming to the topic of table décor using scented candles, we've rounded some ideas for you that can be executed with the help of a couple of more decorative items that are quick to find in the market and are also budget-friendly!

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Let's begin with a step-by-step guide to styling your table, keeping in mind some popular themes and everyday occasions.


The Classic White

This is one of the most popular yet timeless ways to style any table – bring in all the whites. You can begin with spreading a white/off-white cotton/linen sheet on the table followed by placing a white-coloured glass jar in the centre, with a pillar candle inside it. Around it, place many white carnations or roses, circularly enveloping the candle. You can either leave it only there or place one white flower each along with your guests' cutlery. For this theme, check this one out from Ellementry. 

Fine Futuristic

If you like all things edgy and metallic, this theme is for you. To do such a table setting, all you need is a black table cloth. In the centre, place a candle or two and surround it with an actual table mirror. Simple, right? Or else, you can use some Christmas-y glitter balls and casually throw them around. We have this modern gold candle jar with a very futuristic motif on it at Ellementry, like it? 

The Coastal Charm

So what if you aren't having a beach wedding? Work the ocean-theme by bringing sand, pebbles, and glass candles together. Get a big glass jar and place a candle, preferably in turquoise, blue or green colour (check out something similar at Ellementry) inside. As fillers, randomly place pebbles of all sizes on the table and fill in the sand.


If it's a wedding reception or the birthday celebration of your beloved woman, you can try this theme, that's all about everything shiny and glittery. Candles, when paired with mirrors or sequined fabrics, exhibit the most glamourous scene at any party. In this case, the jars of the scented candles that you're looking for can be of glassy texture or in the shades of gold or silver. Have a look at this one from Ellementry! It's our eminent mosaic gold wax-filled glass votive.

Keep It Simple, Silly

If you aren't someone who likes to keep it simple and sophisticated, this might be of some help. All you need is a table cloth in any print or motif and place a single candle jar in the centre. This is the easiest way to develop a simple setting as it takes just two materials for a stunning table makeover.

Neutral Approval

Suppose you've got a vintage wooden table, no need to place any cloth to hide it. Put the candle jar in the centre and voila! A newspaper by its side will being in the old-world charm in your everyday life. This tinsel-green candle bowl from Ellementry can add this earthen-touch to your living room.

Flower Power

This one, on the other hand, can have a floral-printed table cloth. You can pick a candle for the centre having the fragrance of the flower drawn on the cloth sheet. Get your hands on this pretty frangipani wooden candle-holder from Ellementry here.

The Flashy Festivities

Festivals always bring out the best in us, so why not to our homes? This year, make sure even your house feels those festive vibes by redoing the space in many colours and lights. For starters, get flowers in all colours, old twigs from your garden, and some ribbons in various hues. Put the candle jars in the centre and leave colourful flowers and twigs tied together with colourful ribbons placed alongside the cutlery to arrange them. This maroon-coloured glass-bowl from Ellementry can be a game-changer in this décor type.

For Long Table Feasts

Hosting a family dinner? This one needs many centrepieces, keeping in mind anyone in the gathering is allergic to any particular kind of fragranced flowers or scented candles. In this case, you can bring various scents to the table and place the placards accordingly, to be safe. Since there will be many colours on the table already, we suggest going with a rather plain candle jar

We hope this step-by-step guide will help you make your 2021 smell good and take your parties a notch higher! Visit Ellementry today to buy different kinds of scented candles and jars.

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