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Tables are used for different types of functions at homes all over the world and are an essential part of the home décor and furniture items around the household. Tables have to be covered by different types of clothes and linen items so that they can be protected. There are different types of tables that require soft linen items that are used for dining tables, side tables, coffee tables, centre tables, cabinets and even bar carts. You must visit Ellementry for various table linens for your tables

Table Linens

Table linens are needed for all types of purposes during a meal and they are useful yet have to be decorative items. Table linens are needed for different types of tables but primarily used for dining purposes and dinner tables. Most types of table linens are soft, delicate and beautiful materials in different patterns and shapes and then there are some types of table linens that are essential for dining and must-buys.

Table Linens – The Major Elements

When people buy table linens, there are many aspects of the table linens that have to be considered while making the right choice. There are many table linen items available in different types of colour schemes and patterns. Best table linens are available in different textures, price points, themes, usage requirements and materials, so making the right choice is essential. The shape of the table also plays an important role in deciding on the table linen to buy. The theme of the décor also plays an interesting role in deciding on which types of table linens to buy:

Designs and Styles of Table Linens

While looking for table linens to buy it is essential to understand the different themes, décor styles and designs that influence the decision. The table linens are available in one colour or monochromatic styles, in pastel shades and also in bright colours. Elegant tableware includes light colours and various shades of light pink, beige, grey and white among other pastel shades.  The designs and styles depend on the location of the table, whether the table is situated indoors or outdoors, or whether the setting is rustic, contemporary, plain or classic and elegant and also depends on the season of the year. Many patterns like floral patterns, ethnic prints, geometric designs, and even food-related designs and pictures are part of the design of table linens.

Table Linens – The Must Buys

Various types of linens are useful and are needed for different types of tables and settings. Table linen is needed for household tables, at restaurants and hotels, for buffets and also for parties and special occasions. There are top websites like Ellementry that offer different types of table linens in a variety of designs and materials.

The following are some of the top table linens which are must-buys:

Table Cloths and Table Covers

Table covers are an important element of most dining tables and other types of tables around the house. Table covers protect the tables from the food and the items that are kept on the tables and also dress the tables to make them look decorative and pretty. Table cloths are available in different designs and styles for large tables, round tables, oval tables and also for small intimate square tables. This type of table linen is on the top of the list for the types of table linens to buy especially online. 

Table cloths and covers are available in different shapes and sizes in soft and pastel colours as well as contemporary and modern bright colours. Table cloths and covers are used as protective materials for tables and are available in various materials like satin, cotton, polyester, taffeta and organza to name a few. Table cloths have to have a certain degree of thickness to them to hold their place on the table so that they do not fly off or slide because of the elements. You must check out cotton table covers on Ellementry.

Table Napkins

Dining tables are used by most people while eating meals and important table linens to buy include table napkins. There are different types of table napkins available in the markets that are used as protection for clothes while eating meals and also to wipe the hands and mouth while eating.  They are an essential buy and available in different shapes and materials. These table napkins are usually available in a set and can also be personalized. They are available with beautiful designs, embroidery patterns, and ruffles and also in some fancy cases in an anti-wrinkle variety. They have to work well with the décor as well as the table cloths and table mats but are a very useful aspect of table linens. These napkins are made with a material that is of the soaking variety as their main purpose is wiping food and beverage items. Check out napkins and napkin rings on Ellementry.

Table Placemats

We at Ellementry sell different types of table linens including table placemats. Table linens are a wonderful way to dress up and decorate a dining room where table placemats serve various purposes. They look pretty and attractive and add to the décor, they help in setting each place for the dinner party and guests and they are used to basically protect the table from the glasses, plates and food while having the meals. There are many types of table placemats available online which include placemats made of different materials. Plastic placemats do not add much to the elegant décor and are generally used for the kid’s table. Stylish placemats are available in materials like silk, jute; cotton, delicate lace and polyester, all are used to make placemats.

Table Runners

Some of the best table linens available to make a dining room decorative are a wonderful part of the table linens, table runners, that can be bought online. Table runners are narrow and long table cloths that do not cover the entire table but are just placed in the centre from one end to another.  One table runner can be used and a design of multiple table runners can also be made.

Generally, table runners are used with placemats and are available in different colour schemes and designs. Table runners are available on top home décor website and we at Ellementry offer a great choice of table runners online at good prices. Table runners are not very wide and can be used horizontally or vertically on the table. They have many design elements like lace, tassels, are triangular, rectangular, oval or tapering at the edge and are available in different patterns and styles. A bold table runner works well with other slightly understated and plain table linens and it is a definite must buy.


Best table linens are easy to buy online and are a must buy to add to the overall décor of the household. There are different types of table linen items as mentioned above and all of them do not just add to the décor but also serve specific purposes especially on the dinner table. Table linen is a type of home décor item that can be bought in different styles and designs and usually, people buy different sets of table linen items for different seasons, table settings and styles of décor. Table linen is made of good quality materials and is an essential part of designing an interior décor of the home and is considered as must-have items for the household. Visit Ellementry today to buy the best of the table linens.

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