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Tea, Coffee and friends; what else does one need for a happy life? The company is all about strong aroma and cathartic moments that you cannot help but appreciate as you relieve all your tensions as you take a sip. The feeling is fulfilling, like everything around has settled down and there is happiness everywhere. Humans have reached a point where even spending a day surrounded by people and connected with technology 24/7 feels insanely alone. So, moments spent with loved ones over tea or coffee teaches us how we have forgotten to cherish the good moments of life. Let’s relive those moments once again with ellementry by inviting some close friends over. It has been a long that you have laughed your heart out.

You should not wait for good moments to arrive. You must create them. How hard is it to organize a tea party for your friends? Such social conventions have an important purpose. They create an emotional anchor. Sharing your thoughts, opinions with some over tea served in ceramic cup  has a magical effect. They make a positive and happy experience that activates your happiness hormones making you more communicative. Your mind instantly forgets all the stress and start creating positive memories. 

You are living in a fast-paced world, my friend. It does and will always demand more. The ritual of drinking tea and coffee is a therapeutic exercise of “Being here.” When you are in good company, nothing else matters. You simply let everything be as you speak your heart out, enjoy your beverage, and laugh with your most cherished person. 

Here are some hypothetical situations that might help you understand the benefits of having a cup of steaming tea and coffee with friends: 

You invite a friend over coffee served him handmade glassware. You talked about everything, you laughed, even cried and exchanged opinions. All of these moments are going to stay in your mind. They will create an emotional anchor that you can think of tomorrow if you are having a rough day. Repeating those moments is enough to keep you light-headed. 

Sipping tea or coffee over a good conversation with your best bud relaxes your muscles. Caffeine makes the mind receptive, communicative and open for all the positive thoughts and emotions. The moment you laugh, your endorphins do the rest of the work. You might have a pretty hard day. But, at that moment, you start feeling better and every problem begins to seem relative. 

Now, won’t you call this magic? Let the same magic unleash with you as you prepare delectable tea and coffee for your friend using these beautiful storage containers by ellementry: 

Four square sugar containers with wooden lid


four square sugar container jar

Last few months have deprived people of good company. If your friends are finally coming over for coffee, then you must ensure that each ingredient is stored in nice-looking containers. After all, you are meeting the after almost a year. Make sure you make a good impression. This four-square sugar container by Ellementry will add an element of elegance to your kitchen. The storage can is made of galvanized iron and is 100% safe for edible items. The wooden lid with Sugar engraved on it makes it look more youthful and trendy. Your friends might ask you where did you get it? 

Four square coffee containers with wooden lid

Four Square Coffee container jar


Not everyone can brew an outstanding coffee. You can be one of them but your friend might be an expert, and what if she proposes to make them for all of you? Are you going to hand her coffee kept in an oddly designed rough box? Obviously not, as you can store your favourite drink in this classy container by Ellementry. Let your coffee beans settle in the deserving container. Can’s wooden lid is airtight that will ensure your coffee powder or coffee beans remain fresh for long. 

Four square tea container with wooden lid

four square tea container jar


Tea is the favourite beverage in every Indian household. The drink is prepared at least thrice a day, and it is certainly more than just a drink in this country. Tea is a medium to celebrate, appreciate, enhance the value of a relationship. Store your tea leaves in this four square tea container to make them extra special. 

All three containers in your kitchen will give a contemporary look to your cabinet’s décor,  and these containers don’t use excess space as well. 

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