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Tea without sugar is pretty difficult to imagine for many of us but it can be a habit for many people. If you have the habit of dissolving sugar in tea while giving it a boil, then it may be the time to rethink. As tea etiquettes may expect you to serve sugar separately, it is the time to buy sugar pots. Today we will share with you all about tea etiquettes and suggest you sugar pots to buy. 

Why You Should Always Give Sugar Separately? 

You must have observed in the restaurants and hotels that sugar is served separately in sugar pots. It is the right way to serve tea and there are various reasons behind it. 

  • Not Everyone Likes Sugar In His/Her Tea

You will be quite amazed to know that many people like their tea without sugar. For some, this may be difficult to digest but people who do not like sugar in tea believe that tea is meant to be bitter like a beer, and it is an acquired taste. They also say that if you add sugar to sweeten it, you are destroying the taste of tea and tasting sugar only. The point is that tea lovers belong to different cultures so each culture has its own way of making tea. People not only use sugar to sweeten tea but also jaggery. Each tea lover has its own way to make it’s tea taste better. So we should always use sugar pots while serving tea as we don’t know how our guests like their tea. 

  • Tea Doesn't Need Sugar To Taste Good

According to science, tea doesn’t need sugar to taste good. It is a myth that we need sugar to make the tea taste good. We understand that for some the thought of drinking tea without sugar might send shivers down their spine. The researchers from University College London and the University of Leeds examined tea-drinking habits of 64 men who usually drank sweetened tea with sugar. The participants were asked to either stop adding sugar or gradually reduce the amount of sugar in their tea. The Result of month-long analysis by the researchers showed that a spoon full of the sweet stuff is not necessary to enjoy tea. Hence, sugar should be served separately in sugar pots as people may want to use a little or may not want to add sugar at all. If you have made up your mind to buy sugar pots, visit our Ellementry website to purchase one. Make sure you buy a stylish and beautiful sugar pot as for those who would like to add some sugar in their tea, will definitely get an impact based on how you serve tea to them.  

  • Sugar Is A Taste Enhancer For Tea 

Sugar acts as a taste enhancer for some. It may or may not be an important ingredient of tea. Some take it as just a taste enhancer like lemon, honey, etc. Others take it as an important taste enhancer without which it is almost impossible to drink tea. Here the need for sugar pots arises. Go and grab your sugar pot for the tea party at home as milk pots and sugar pots are necessary when it comes to tea etiquette. Our Matt silver sugar pot is one of the classy sugar pots to buy. It is handcrafted in brass which is a very durable material. You can entertain your guests with its sleek design, and enjoy its shiny look.  It’s these characteristics make it one of the best sugar pots to buy. 

  • Tea Etiquettes Demand Sugar To Be Served Separately

Tea Etiquettes demands milk and sugar be served separately. In the food industry, it’s not just about the preparation of something but it is also about how you serve people that dish or a drink. Each has its own demands to serve. So is the case with tea. And the particular style is adopted by most of the restaurants and hotels. 

Tea Etiquettes To prepare And Serve Tea  

Tea is something without which people cannot imagine starting their day, especially in India. Tea Etiquettes demand following rules to be followed when it comes to serving and preparing tea.

Rule No. 1  It’s better to serve or drink Indian tea 

Ou Indian tea has a great liking from all over the world due to its refreshing taste. Once George Orwell, an English novelist, and essayist has said, “Anyone who has used the comforting phrase,’ a nice cup of tea’, invariably means Indian tea’. There are various qualities in our Indian tea. We cannot ignore the benefits of herbs used in its preparation.  

Rule No. 2 Tea should be made in a teapot

Tea should be made in small quantities. So it should be made in a teapot. Tea kept for very long becomes tasteless. It is always better to make it in small quantities and consume it as soon as possible. Teapots used should be made of china or earthenware as use of other teapots results in inferior tea. 

Rule No.3 Teapots should be preheated

The teapots should be warmed beforehand. It helps in the slow cooling down of the tea. 

Rule No. 4 The tea should be strong enough

As per the research about the taste and preferences of people for tea, tea-lovers usually like stronger tea.  Serving your guest the tea of his/her taste is an important tea etiquette. 

Rule No. 5 Pour the cream off the milk before using it for tea.

Creamy milk gives a sickly taste to the tea so it is always better to get rid of cream before you use milk for your tea. Very rarely people like having a creamier tea. But these statements are not true for all the cultures and countries. It is a generalization. In India, many people like creamier tea. 

Rule No. 6   Pour Tea into the cup first and then milk.

Pouring tea first and then milk helps to regulate the amount of milk to be poured. There are higher chances of putting in more milk if we pour the milk first. This practice also helps to balance the taste of the tea as per one’s preference. 

Rule No.7  Always use separate milk pots, and sugar pots 

Since by now, you know why you need to use separate milk pots and sugar pots, you are ready to choose a beautiful tea set with a sugar pot. Do not forget to look for sugar pots and milk pots from our Ellementry website. We offer one the best sugar pots to buy. When it comes to tea etiquettes, we offer a wide range of our products. 

Do not forget the above rules which are an essential part of tea etiquette. Enjoy your perfect cup of tea along with your friends and family by brewing it with love and care! These tea etiquettes will add a charm to your tea party and will make it more memorable for you.

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